Never Alone

After 4 rough years of middle school, Kaelee goes away with her family on a vacation and Justin spends the summer with Ryan and Chaz. School starts and things don’t seem to change, they are still as close as ever but Justin can’t ignore that Kaelee’s body has developed. Then he enters the talent show for back to school night and everything changes, Justin lands the girl and Kaelee feels left behind. So she moves on, and finds new love... at least she thinks. The girl who stole Justin from her, steals from Kaelee once again and she feels alone once more. A 'grown up' Justin and Kaelee meet again in their Junior year. Justin is in awe of Kae's perfect body and beautiful face. With his hair cut, low voice, and undeniable good looks; Justin is irresistibly sexy. Kaelee struggles with her true feelings for Justin; whereas he tries to tell her the truth and win her affection.Will Kaelee forgive him for leaving her, and has Justin really learned from his mistakes?


17. Last Straw



That was the last straw, any worries I had about fighting and its consequences were out the door. Hope bounded back fast, arms wailing like crazy. We both fell to the ground pulling at each other’s hair. I got a few more good punches in before she rolled on top of me and start hitting back hard. I only allowed for her to get a couple of hits in before I shoved her hard and jumped up. Justin grabbed me by the arms and tried to pull me back. I yanked hard and his grip fell from me.

“Kae, you need to stop. Just walk away. It doesn’t matter anymore.” He pleaded with me.

“She started all of this. She isn’t going to stop.” I yelled. “She isn’t going to win this time.”

I turned to see that Hope was standing too. We were both panting hard, hatred in our eyes. She lunged forward carelessly, it was the perfect mistake. I stepped to the side at the last second and threw a couple of punches, Hope bonded back fast. She wasn’t going to give in. People had crowded around us and the bell had rung. Hope literally leaped onto me and we fell once again. I kicked her off of me and moved to get up. She kicked me in the stomach hard; I doubled over and had to take a moment to catch my breath.

“Lee! Come on. Let’s get the fuck out of here. You’ve kicked her ass enough. I think her nose is broken anyway.”

“Shut up Anna!” Hope said. She shoved Anna, who fell back onto her butt. Hope turned back to me and kicked me once again. I thought I was going to throw up, this had to stop. I stood and stumbled forward. I slapped her hard across the face then kicked her in the calf and she stumbled to the ground. I wrapped my arm around her neck in a choke hold.

“Yeah! Kaelee! Choke her out! Kick her ass!” It was Ryan and Chaz yelling back and forth. “You got this! Kill a bitch!”

“Dude! Shut up before you get your asses kicked and we all get suspended.” Justin hissed. He hit them both hard, and they immediately shut up. I ignored them all and focused on Hope.

“This needs to stop Hope. It’s over; this stupid rivalry is over. You’re done with high school so be done with trying to ruin everyone else’s lives. No one cares.” I said as she struggled to break my hold. Even if she was a cheerleader, I had been taught to defend myself against people stronger than me since I was a little girl. Hope was definitely not someone stronger than I was; she kicked like a little girl.

“Girls!” A voice shrieked from across the hall. I let Hope go and turned to the teacher. She stumbled and struggled to catch her breath. I held my hands up as a motion of surrender, but Hope wasn’t finished. Hope strode forward and punched me across the face, hard. I stumbled backwards and lost my footing, I fell back. Before I could fall onto the floor I felt arms wrap around me and pull me back up. I turned around to see Justin behind me.

“I told you that you would never fall again.” He whispered. I tried to smile, but I was too angry to even fake one.

“Thanks.” I said softly and took his hand.

“What is going on here?” The teacher asked. I recognized him as a senior math teacher. He had subbed in my class during his free period a couple of times.

“It was Hope! She just attacked Lee like a wild UGLY beast!” Anna shouted her hands flailing. “Hope started it all. She’s been doing all sorts of shit like this since freshman year!”

“Language!”  He shouted. “Regardless, that isn’t what this looks like to me. Both of you will come with me to the dean’s office… No, all of you will come with me. “

Justin wrapped his arm around my waist. We all walked there together; Justin, Ryan, Chaz, Anna, and I. Hope was trailing behind with her fake Barbie doll clones.

“Are you okay, Kae?” Justin asked worriedly.

“Yeah she hits like a bitch,” I tried to give him a reassuring smile.

Anna patted me on the back. “That’s my girl. No one hurts a badass like you.”

“That was awesome Kaelee! You totally kicked her ass!” Chaz said excitedly. Justin glared at him and he shut up. We walked into the office and got wary looks from the secretary. She told us to take a seat while the teacher explained what he saw to the deans. There were four total, they all filed into one office and listened to the teacher speak.

“I am so screwed.” I said to myself.

“It was self-defense.” Justin said optimistically.

“That’s not what it is going to look like. It was stupid for me to do that. I wasn’t thinking; I just snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore.” I put my head in my hands and sighed.

“Everyone knows it was though. If you get in trouble, we’ve got a ton of proof. Besides, those posters have your name on them.”

“Yeah I know Justin. How is this helping?” I asked sarcastically.

“Because, it proves that you are the victim. With the video cameras they can prove that it was Hope.” Justin whispered. Hope was sitting across the room with her groupies glaring at us. I noticed that Jodi was just looking at the floor, crying.

“Okay, we are going to speak to you four at a time, one for each dean. This is a very serious matter, and we would like to get it sorted out so that we can get other matters under way. Today seems to be a day of trouble.” The head dean said standing in the office doorway. The other three called out names; Ryan, Chaz and two of Hope’s friends. They followed a dean and stepped into their offices. Justin took my hand and reassured me once more.

With the Deans, Chaz:

“Okay, Chaz. You witnessed this fight so I need your statement. You do know that you can get into a lot of trouble for just standing around a fight. It’s called instigating.” The head dean asked.

“I know what it’s called and that’s not what I was doing.” I said, lying through my teeth. I knew what I had been doing but in all reality, I didn’t want them to fight. I just couldn’t pass the opportunity, but wasn’t going to let him know that.

“Then what were you doing?” He asked. I sighed and leaned forward, looking at the dean seriously.

“Honestly, I was with Justin. His girlfriend had disappeared after seeing all those posters. Hope had terrorized Kaelee since freshman year. We knew it was her from the start. We went to find them, thinking that Kaelee was going to confront her about it and she did. Hope took it too far; she shoved and hit Kaelee. She started the entire thing. This goes way back, way before today. Hope bullies a lot of people; she is the source of it all.”

“Okay well start from the beginning.” The dean said. I sighed and recounted my entire morning for them.

“As soon as I saw the posters and papers all over in the school I knew I had to find Justin and Kaelee.” I started.

With the Deans, Hope’s friend 1:

“Hope didn’t do anything.” I blurted out. It wasn’t really true, but she was my friend.

“Hold on. I haven’t even asked you anything yet.” The second dean said. “Okay Chrissie, you are Hope’s friend right?”


“Okay, now I need you to tell me what you saw and nothing else. I don’t care if you don’t like Kaelee or anything like that. I just want to know the facts.”

I crossed my legs and sighed. I was going to tell them what I saw, with a little twist. I was not going to get on Hope’s bad side. I had seen what she could do to people. I did not want her to ruin my life. I could not wait to get away from her. I was so glad that I had gotten into the college I wanted. I shook my head. Hope thought that I was just some stupid blonde bitch. I scored and 29 on my ACT, good enough to get me to the school of my choice.


I could tell Kae was nervous. She was shaking, and I didn’t know how to help her. I just held her hand like I had in eighth grade. It was different now though, Kaelee was stronger. She was surer of herself and she wasn’t going to let this bring her down.

“I just don’t want my parents to be mad at me.”

“Even if they are mad, I think they will understand that you did what you had to.” I said softly. I hoped that what I was saying would be true. The way Kaelee acted was out of self-defense, she wasn’t the one who started any of this and I was going to make sure that the deans understood that.

“Okay, I need to see Jodi.” Said the female dean, she had been talking to one of Hope’s friends. After Jodi had disappeared into the office, another door opened and Chaz stepped out. He shook the dean’s hand and sat down.

“Ryan, come with me please.”

“Yes sir!” He saluted the man as he stood. The dean shook his head unimpressed and walked into his office. Ryan closed the door behind him.

“God, this is taking forever.” I muttered.

“You’re telling me.” Kaelee whispered. Across from us, Hope was filing her nails as if she didn’t have a care in the world. “What good is it going to do if she does get in trouble, I mean she’s done with school. There isn’t much punishment that they can give her.

“You’d be surprised.” I said. But honestly, I didn’t have any idea. I just wanted to keep her optimistic.

With the Deans, Ryan:

“Now Ryan I would appreciate it if you weren’t going to horse around during this. It is a serious matter and I just want to get it over with.”

“Trust me, I know it’s serious. Hope was messing with my friend, that’s not something we are going to take lightly. None of us would; I know what it looked like to the teacher, but that wasn’t the half of it. It was a lot more than that. More than just some chick fight in the hallway one morning. This sort of thing has been going on since we were freshman. Hope is a big bully sir, she likes to think of herself as the queen bee but she is just a bully. She has some sort of grudge against Kaelee, which no one understands and she hasn’t left her alone since the first day of freshman year.”

“Okay, for now let’s just talk about today. I’ve gathered that the posters and papers were about Kaelee. Tell me what you saw.”

“Okay. I was with Chaz in the morning and when we saw the notes we took off for Justin and Kaelee, but Justin was alone. Anna said that Kaelee had gone to the bathroom, but she wasn’t.” I started there.

With the Deans, Jodi:

“I know how girls can get; I mean I was a teenager once. What was this about?” The woman asked me. I sighed and wiped my eyes. I felt like a complete idiot.

“I swear I had no idea.” I started to cry again. “I had no clue Hope was going to do that. She spent the night and I guess she must have taken my old yearbooks and used pictures from it. I’m sure that if you searched her locker, book bag, or even her house you would find it.”

“What?” The woman asked astonished.

“The pictures all over the hallway, Hope set it all up. I know she did. Those pictures came from a yearbook from my middle school. Hope moved here when she was a sophomore. She spent the night at my house and stole them from me. I had no idea they were gone until I saw the photos everywhere. She did all of this. She is jealous of Kaelee, she has everything Hope doesn’t; even though Hope does have it all.” I rolled my eyes, Hope was such a bitch.

“Okay, you are telling me that it was Hope who put those pictures up?” The dean leaned forward and placed her hands on her desk. “We will look at the security cameras to determine this. For now I would like you to tell me what you know and then write an official statement for the file.”

“Alright, can I leave my name out of it?”

“Yes of course.” She responded.


Justin’s name was called next. Jodi had reappeared and she sat across from me, I felt her stare. When I looked up, she looked away. Eventually, Hope and her other friend were called. Right now Ryan, Justin, Hope and her friend were in the offices giving their statements. I felt like I was getting ready to be put on some sort of trial.


“Okay, let’s make this quick.” The dean said. He was clearly tired of hearing about this problem. I shook my head. This was serious.

“Fine by me.” I said. “First off I think you guys are doing a poor job when it comes to bulling. There are clear signs of it everywhere and teachers and students alike are ignoring it. The kids getting picked on are too scared to come forward. The jerks here are the ones that run the school. I don’t think that there is enough awareness about it in this school.”

“Mr. Bieber, I think that is enough. We are here to talk about the situation between Kaelee and Hope.”

“That is exactly what I am talking about.” I replied sharply.

“Well, continue then.” He said slowly.


“Kaelee,” Jodi said. I looked at her and glared. She stood up and walked to me. Hope’s other friend looked at her astonished.

“What?” I asked, spitting out the question.

“Uhm…” She hesitated. She was looking to the ground as she spoke, obviously nervous. I sighed and turned to face her fully. “I’m sorry this happened.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said sarcastically.

“No, seriously. I had no idea this would happen. I didn’t even know she took my yearbook. I mean sure I told her what I wrote in eighth grade, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. She stole my yearbook while I was sleeping, I am sure of it. I’m not that girl anymore.”

“Then why do you hang out with Hope?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to be in her group I wanted people to know me and recognize me. She was popular and that was what I wanted.”

“That’s stupid.” I muttered. I felt sorry for Jodi too. Once, that was all I had wanted; for people to notice me. “You were popular.”

“Yeah, but Hope was more popular.”

“She is also a bitch.” I said.

“The price we pay…” Jodi trailed off. “I’m just trying to say that I am sorry for doing this to you. Not only now but in middle school; I didn’t mean for this to happen at all. When she wanted to spend the night at my house I thought to myself; ‘oh my god, Hope wants to hang out with me. She thinks I am cool.’ But really she was using me for her schemes.”

I didn’t have time to respond because just then Justin, Ryan, and Hope’s friend reentered the room. I stood up and followed the head Dean to his office.


I sat outside the office. Everyone else had gone back to class. I stayed behind and waited for Kaelee to come out. I didn’t want her to be alone through this. It felt like forever before I heard the door open and Kaelee stepped out, tears in her eyes.

“What happened?” I asked. I took her in my arms and stroked her hair gently.

“I got detention for the rest of the school year.” She muttered. I wanted to laugh, she was upset about detention.

“It’ll be okay, as long as you didn’t get suspended.” I said. It was lunch time, so I walked with her to the cafeteria.


“Some of the deans looked over the security cameras. You and two of your friends put those posters and pictures all over the school. Kaelee gave us the note from her locker. We have a large group that says it was you Hope.”

“Those are all lies!”

“We have actual proof Hope.” 

"It doesn't matter, I'm a senior anyway," I said crossing my arms smugly. 

"Well then, we'll just have to find another way to punish you."

"Good luck with that," I muttered.

"This is no joking matter, Hope. We do not take bullying lightly," he said sternly. "Your punishment will be that you can't walk in graduation and you have to take finals."

"This isn't fair! I didn't even do all this! You can't punish me for such a stupid thing anyway. I'll still go to graduation, whether you say so or not."

"We will make sure you are not there and if you do show up, security will escort you," he said. "Now, I think we're done here. I will be calling your parents to tell them what you did."

"Whatever, they won't care anyway," I scoffed. I left the room, making sure to slam the door on my way out.

I walked into the cafeteria and all eyes were on me, like usual. I could hear people whispering things about the fight. Some were saying that I lost and Kaelee is better than me, as if. Others were, of course, about how hot I still am, even after getting punched. I was just too pissed to even care, so instead I just went home.

*                                     *                                  *

Hello Lovelies! Hope you enjoyed! Sorry it's been awhile; we were very busy. Half the chapter was sitting in drafts, but we finally found time to finish the rest. Hopefully we can update again soon because we hate to leave you hanging. What about that fight? Not too graphic, but Hope had it coming. Smooches :*

Until next time,

Mary and Rose

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