Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


4. Chapter 4

I want stay with my father because he is the only one I have left but I don't want to stay in a room with his other 10 kids. I just want to pretend like my mother was the only woman and I am his only child that he loves dearly, but that is impossible because they are all his kids too. They all have a much greater connection to him than I do.

Instead of staying in this room with his kids I walked downstairs to go join the party. I hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a red cup and downed it. I have always wanted to try alcohol because people always look like they are having fun when they drink it. It tasted like cherries and man it was strong. "Hey beautiful, I don't remember ever seeing you here before." I turned to see hot male werewolf. "Umm hey, and I'm not from around here....I ... was..." "Hey are you another one of Xavier's siblings because you look a lot like him. Dang his parents must have got it on a lot with a bunch of different people." The male said and I laughed. My father claims that all his kids are his siblings, wow what a poor excuse. "Wanna go dance?" "Umm yea but Xavier cant know I'm down here or I'll have to go back upstairs." I said and grabbed another cup and downed it. "Well you sure do like cherry sours." The male said and led me to the dance floor. He pulled my back to his front and began to grind on me, after I got the hang of it I started to have fun. "Oh by the way my name is Zander but most people call me Zayn." "I'm Artemis but most people call me Artie or Art." I said and turned so I was facing him. He latched his lips to mine and placed on hand on the small of my back with the other on the back of my neck. I tangled my hands in his hair and let him have entrance into my mouth. All too soon I had o pull back for air, my face was flushed. He ran his fingers over my cheeks and then he started trailing kisses over my collarbone up to my jaw and back down. A small moan escaped my lips and he chuckled against my neck. "Artie, you are beautiful and any man would be lucky to have you." Zayn said. He kissed my cheek and then made it back to my lips. The kiss was long and full of lust, but I'm not ready for something like that so I pulled away. He looked at my eyes and must have seen that I wasn't ready because he smiled and placed a soft kiss to my lips before pulling away. "I'm sorry, I just got so lost in her lips. But I would never do anything to hurt a girl." Zayn said and took me back into the kitchen. "Its ok its just that I have never done any of this before. I just recently became a fallen. I've lived in heaven since I can remember. I've never kissed a guy before and I've never danced like that. I have never even drank before tonight." I said and he smiled at me. "It's okay no need to be nervous I'll keep you safe." I smiled at him and grabbed another cup. " I'm just trying to have a good time and forget about that super painful fall I took yesterday. Thank you for understanding" I said and hugged Zayn.

We talked and drank more, and before I knew it I was the one pulling him in for a kiss. His lips tasted like cherry and vanilla. I tried to pull him closer and he chuckled it the kiss, but moved so I could deepen the kiss. He was sitting at a stool with his arms around my waist and I was standing between his legs with my hands in his hair. "Artemis! What the hell do you think you are doing?!" I heard someone yell so I pulled back and turned around so that I was facing the voice I was still between Zayn's legs and he still had his arms around my waist. And who was the voice you might ask? Well it was none other than my father or brother as Zayn thought. "Umm hey Xavier I was just umm..." I said and stopped because he looked pissed. "Hey Xav me and Artie are just having some fun. It was just a kiss, besides I would never hurt a girl and she is sweet. Just relax." Zayn said and Xavier shot him a glare before turning his attention back to me. "Artemis get up stairs right now and Zander you had better never even look at her again!" Xavier said and pointed to the stairs. "No! Xavier I'm not listening because you don't control me! I just met you today and my mother always did say I acted just like you! But I don't think so because I don't go fuck everything that walks. I hate you because look what you did to my mother and me. I should be in heaven at my mother's side, but no Jasom hated you and look where you got me! I'm a fallen now and I have lost everything because of you! Zayn did you know that Xavier is really my father, just like all his so called siblings are really his kids. He is a manwhore so many young innocent woman lost their lives because he got them pregnant and they died having his kids. Xavier has been a fallen for 789 years now." I said and Xavier stood there quiet. Luckily for him no one but us heard because the music was too loud. "Now I'm leaving and I might or might not come back. I said and unwrapped Zayn's arms from my waist but he wrapped them back. "Xavier you are such an asshole now wonder why no woman wants to be with you for more than a night." Zayn said and led me to the door. We walked out of the house, and he put one arm around me.

......................Author's Note..............

This is the 3rdtime I have wrote this chapter because my computer keeps getting kicked off, so I hope you guys like it. I'm going to spend more time writing today because I have a snow day so yes. The name Zayn has nothing to do with One Direction. I was looking up names and I liked Zander, it means defender of man. My name, Alexis, means the same thing. Plus Zander is going to have a big role in the story.

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