life long nightmare

a girl known as Terra Bridges only wanted to be loved and only wanted a family to care for her. but then she gets something she didn't want that scars her and its up to a certain blonde to heal her.


5. Protective

Terra POV

    One his eyes were completely opened he realized I put the blanket on him and th he looked at me. It was sort of a sad look though. He then says, "it's really cold in the hospital if you don't have the blanket you could catch a cold." I then say, "but you could to." He stands up and makes me lay back down and puts the blanket over me and then says, "it's not me I'm worried about." Niall seems to be really sweet, but it's not like we're together or anything and he is rely protective. It's kind of sweet though with him being protective like this. I don't have to worry when I move in with the boys cause I know I'll be safe.  I've been waiting forever to feel this safe. Actually since I was 15. But now I'm safe, I have people who care about me. Most people say you can't earn people's love and careness over night. But they are wrong because I did. The next morning I woke myself up even before Niall did. I sat up on the hospital bed and looked over at Niall. I wonder where the other boys are? I wonder where my sister and dad are to. Just the thought of them makes me shiver. That must've woken up Niall to. He jumped out of the chair he was sleeping in and yelled, "boys get in here we get to take her home." The boys walked in with tired eyes and I sighed. Then Niall asked, "what's the matter?" I then say, "you guys could've went home last night, you all look so tired." Before Niall could reject Louis did, "hey listen terra, you may not know what it feels like to be loved but seriously we care about you now and we're going to do whatever it takes for you to feel safe and loved again, got it missy." I tried not to laugh when Louis called me missy. So I just responded, "yes mam,, oh I mean sir!" His eyes grew wide and he said, "did you just call me mam?" He acted serious when he said that and I just nodded my head. He then whispered, "your going get it when we get home." I giggled a bit and the boys all smiled wide when they saw me laugh for the first time. I'm still pretty sad though. When Louis said your going to get it when we get home, it reminded me of my sister when we were little. How much fun we had, how much we loved eachother. Then my life was turned upside down but it's slowly getting fixed with the boys here! I smiled at the thought. Then a nurse walked in and talked with the boys about the stuff they need to have for me so I can live at their house.

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