life long nightmare

a girl known as Terra Bridges only wanted to be loved and only wanted a family to care for her. but then she gets something she didn't want that scars her and its up to a certain blonde to heal her.


2. Living in a dream

Terra POV

     I hope that one day I'll fin the love of my life. and he'll rescue me and protect me forever. from my family at least, and he'll also love me, and we'll start a family. but that's a just a dream i wish i could live. after my sister and dad stopped hurting me they went to bed. i walked into the bathroom and looked at all my cuts and bruises. I'm really beat up this time, but every time my sister and dad hit me it only feels numb. i am so used to it that i don't feel pain anymore. a 17 year old like me doesn't deserve this pain. i walk into the empty room  that used to be mine before mom died but dad took everything from me. i sat on the ground and looked out the window and prayed and said, "mom if you can hear me right now i wanted to let you know i miss you. and dad and sis hurt me really bad mom. please i need to be rescued please make something happen to save me, anything!, amen." i stooped praying and i saw my dad in the doorway. his face was as red as a hell. he got closer to me and raised his hand he then slapped me right across the face. this time it hurt like hell and i yelped in pain. somebody please rescue me form my unloving family. he grabbed me by my hair and took me out of the room and threw me on the floor. he then yelled, "IM GONNA TAKE A SHORT NAP, AND YOUR GOING TO STAY THERE! GOT IT BITCH!" i nodded my head quickly and he went into his room and slammed the door. i stood up quietly and walked over to the main door that's goes outside. i then yelled, "HELP ME!!!" and i kept slamming my hand on the door. it was locked and only my dad had the key. i had to try to see if i could get someone to hear me, i don't care if my dad beats me or not i have to try!

Niall POV

      The boys and I left the van to go take a look around the city. we all kept walking and i saw a fast food restaurant, i was starving! so i asked the boys, "hey can we go get something to eat over there?" they nodded there heads and we started walking in the direction of the restaurant. i then heard a huge, "HELP ME!!!" me and the boys were startled by the scream and looked around. we didn't see anybody on the street. but then this old house caught my attention for some reason. i then saw a girl show her face in the window and she was bleeding, she hen was dragged from the window by someone and i heard her scream in pain! Louis called the police as i ran up to the house. all i heard Harry yell is, "Niall what are you doing! you could get hurt!" Harry ran to me but i ran faster to the house and pounded on the door hoping for it to answer. the police finally got here and they kicked the door open. nobody was inside though. e all started looking around and then i heard a small cry. i was in and empty room and i looked over and saw a closet. the closet had no clothes or anything in it. i then saw a little door on the roof of the closet and I'm guessing it was the attic. i stood on my tippy toes and opened the attic. that girl was there with her mouth duck taped! i grabbed the girl and she was startled but i didn't care i had to save her! i picked her up and brought her into the room where the police and boys were. I sat her on the couch and the police slowly removed the duck tape from her mouth. she had blood all over her! she also had bruises and cuts to, i felt so bad for her. she then started crying and i couldn't help but hug her, so i did. she cried into my shoulder, i don't if she is a stranger i was going to hug her to make her feel better and i did let her cry on my shoulder. the police called an ambulance over and i was glad she was safe. but i still went on the ambulance with her. and the boys followed behind us in the van.

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