life long nightmare

a girl known as Terra Bridges only wanted to be loved and only wanted a family to care for her. but then she gets something she didn't want that scars her and its up to a certain blonde to heal her.


3. Hospital

Terra POV

     I woke up and i realized i wasn't in my house of hell anymore. i could tell by the ceiling i was at a hospital. i looked over next to me and i saw a brown curly haired boy with hazel eyes. he then said, "are you awake dear?" i nodded my head and he smiled he then said, "you know you wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for one of my mates Niall Horan, he saved you." i looked around but i didn't see anyone besides the boy sitting next to me. he then went on, "Niall and the boys are talking to a nurse outside of the room. oh and i almost forgot I'm Harry Styles." i nodded and as i did a blonde boy walked in. then Harry said, "so yeah this is Niall the one who saved you." i smiled at Niall and he did the same back then a police officer walked in. the police officer then said, "boys i have to ask this girl a few questions, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room for a bit." the boys nodded there heads and right before they left Niall whispered to me, "its going to be ok." i smiled and then Harry and Niall left the room. now it was just be and the police officer. he then asked me, "what's your name dear?" i responded with, "Terra Bridges." he then asked, "how old are you?" i then said, "I'm 17." h then ask, "who do you live with?" i looked at the ground and responded, "my abusive sister and father." he then asks me with no hesitation, "where's your mom?" i then say, "she died when i was 15 then my sister and father became abusive towards me after." he nodded his head and then asked, "do you have any other relatives" i shook my head and then he said, 'well that's all i had to ask you, thank you for your cooperation." i nodded my head then he left, i didn't like talking to be abut my life me makes me feel vulnerable.

Niall POV

       The police walked out and came directly to me and said, "well her name is Terra Bridges and she has nobody to live with do you have anybody that could take care of her?" i then looked at the boys and they nodded cause they know what i was thinking, "she can live with us and we'll take care of her." he police nodded and handed me a form. he then said, "this form has all of her information like her name and age, you just need to sign that you'll be taking care of her." i signed it and he nodded his head and left. the nurse walked up to me and said, "you'll be able to take her tomorrow." i nodded and thanked her, today has been a weird day but I'm happy that Terra will be with us instead of wherever she was before. the police never told me what really happened to her but I'll just wait until Terra is ready to tell me herself.

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