My life next to r5

When a girl who is in a band fall in love with her best friends brother. Would one of them fall for a Lynch of a Ratliff or one friend with a Lynch and the other with a Ratliff read to figure out!!!!


1. L.A Baby

Rosalinda's P.O.V

Hey I'm Rosalinda and I live in Vegas and in in a band called "Dont Stop Dancing" and in this band is my friends well I sing, write music, and play all instruments and Desiree sings, the guitar is played by Juan, the bass is Marcos, the piano and keyboard is Adrian, and drums by Roberto he's weird oh and theirs our manager she's been my friend for a long time her name is Vanessa. "Vanessa when are we going to go on tour I can't wait for another week" Desiree says "HOLD ON DES IM LOOKIN, IM LOOKIN............... WHERE LIVING TOMORROW AND WE HAVE TO STAY IN LA SO WE CAN CONTACT ANOTHER BAND DO WE CAN PLAY TOGETHER FOR A CONCERT!"Vanessa says "ok." So where all packing "combat boots check, tutus check, blue clothes check red clothes check, green clothes check, pink clothes check, knee high converse check, low converse check" I say doing my check list on the colors we all love. "IS EVERYONE READY TO HIT THE ROAD" Vanessa says from the living room "READY" we all say "let's go" Vanessa said going to the van. 

8 hours later in the van

Rosalinda's P.O.V

"Where here finally my bum hurts from sitting in the van for to long" 
Roberto says while getting out of the van to the house my mom bought us before she died. "Wow so your mom lived here Rosa this house is huge" Juan said " yeah she lived here let's unpack." We were all done unpacking when the doorbell rang "I got it" I said opening the door "hi I'm your neighbor my mom invited you over for dinner and desert today" said the blond girl "thanks my name is Rosalinda you can call me Rosa or Linda whatever works for you" I said and she started laughing "oh and I forgot my name is Rydel you can call be Delly" she said "that's is a nice name Rydel, see you at what time?" " oh yea um..... when ever you want to come over" "ok bye" I said whirl closeting the door. "Rosa who was at the door?" Des said "It was our neighbor where coming over for dinner and desert today when were dome unpacking ok" "ok." I went up to my room and start to unpack and then I grabbed my painting tools and started to paint drawing on my walls some where pink,blue,green,dark green,yellow, and red I was interrupted by Desiree, Juan, Vanessa, Marcos, Adrian, and Roberto looking around my room "May I help you" I say looking at them "no just looking" they all said "are you ready to leave next door for dinner and desert?" "Yeah" they all said.

We all walked next door but I brought my skate board cause I hate walking next door. Des knocked on the door and Rydel answered and said "Hey come in and Rose if it's fine with you, you can put your skate board in my room if you like" "Sure where's your room?" "I'll take you there you guys wanna come in" "sure nice house" "thanks" we all walked in and Rydel showed me to her room and told me to place my board next to her bed "you like the color pink?" I asked her "Yea it's my favorite color and I'm a tomboy to just like you" "how'd know I was a tomboy" "well you brought a skate board and not have pads on that's why" "oh ok" we both headed down when her mom and dad can in "hey Delly who's your friends" her dad said "this is Rosalinda, Desiree, Juan, Marcos, Roberto, Vanessa, and Adrian" Delly said "Are you guys in a band?" her mom said "yea where all in the same band and Vanessa is our-" I was cut off when we all hear loud music coming from the basement I think so we all headed to the basement.

Riker's P.O.V

"1 2 3 rock" I said when mom, dad, Rydel, and other people came in "boys can't you be quiet You where saying Rosa" mom said "oh and Vanesa is our manager" she said "wait wait wait your in a band?" I questioned her "yea why" "cool cause where in a band the one who plays drums is our family friend" "ok what name is your band?" She questioned me "'s.......... called......r5 and yours?" I said struggling "oh nice mine is Don't Stop Dancing and struggle much blondy" and all I hear is a wave of ohs so I called Ross to the Conner and asked "Dude the reason I did that is because she cute and hot" I told him "ok but what if she is out of your style?" "so it doesn't matter she's probably friends with Rydel" Ross left to talk to her I really didn't know what he saying but I think is what I told him gez he can't keep a secret. 

When they where done she was coming to me and said "Really you think Im cute and hot I was thinking the same thing to you my name is Rosalinda" "that's a pretty name for a pretty girl my name is Riker do you pl-" I was cut off of the yelling of Rydel "Delly what was that for" Rosa said before I could say that "oh it's nothing" "really nothing to scream about" I said "yea well bye" she left and Rosa asked "what where you going to tell me" "oh yea do you play an instrument?" "I actually do I play all the instruments that are in this room" my mouth fell to the floor cause this is the first person that can play all these instruments "is something wrong" she asked "yea that's way to many instrument for a girl like y-" I was cut of to the saying 'cool board Rydel' so we went to Ryder's room and they where touching this rare board no one could get but then someone said "hey leave my board alone" I turn around and see that is was Rosa's board "this is your board it's awesome where you get it" Ratliff said " mom bought it for me for my 15th birthday I could give each of you one of those rare boards if you want" she said we all said "that would be great" "Riker you where telling me something in the basement"Rosa said "oh yea it was that you play to many instruments for a girl like you" so she went to the basement and grabbed my Rockys guitar and started to play the solo in the 'Best Song Ever' song and everyone came into the basement to see and Rocky said "Riker you let her grab my guitar"
Rosalinda's P.O.V

I see Riker getting yelled so I stopped "MY GUITAR" he said "HEY ITS NOT HIS FAULT HE DIDNT TELL ME YOU SHOULD BE MAD AT ME AND NOT HIM" I yelled at him and he came closer to me "What are you going to do to me put lip stick on me haha your just a little girl" "I'm not a little girl I'm 20 years old and my name is Rosalinda who can play every instrument in the world and all you can do is play a guitar and trust me you don't want to see the other side of me and of you don't believe me ask my band boy don't get on my nerves" all you can hear from Rydel say "Rocky just got smacked by a girl" that made him turn red and I said "Rocky's your name that's cool that's why your always angry" "what do you mean" "well your name Rocky in another language is angry" "oh" so we all went to the living room and Rydel introduced me to everyone else "this is my mom and dad Stormie and Mark and brothers Ross, Riker, Ryland, and Rocky and our family friend Ratliff" "hey" we all said "this is Juan,Marcos,Adrian,Roberto, Vanessa, and Desiree" I said and they all said "hello"

Riker showed me around the house and asked me "when do we get to meet your parents" when he told me that I ran and I heard someone say "Were is she going" I didn't now who it was and went home with tears in my eyes and ran up to my room. I hear a knock on the door but I didn't answer and the door was lock and a familiar voice said "Rosa can you open the door it's me Des" so I opened it while cleaning the tears out of my eyes "how come you didn't tell us you didn't have parents how did you get raised" I finally answered her question "when I was little I lived in New York my parents died when I was 5years old" I tell her the story "how........but..........what" is all she came say and the book I got was from my family from planet jewels "Vanessa was also from here" I didn't notice that Desiree was face-timing the other and I was so embarrassed it was a good thing that only Ratliff and my band where listening to me. Desiree had to leave back to the Lynches.


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