Elounor's Child

Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis' personality, attitude, and his passion for music. They have the perfect relationship and it becomes better when Eleanor gets pregnant. Somehow management finds out and forces her to keep it to herself. They make her break up with Louis causing her to be a single mother. What happens when Louis finds out he is a father? Who in the band helped Eleanor escape and keep her pregnancy a secret? Find out in Elounor's Child.


1. Chapter 1; This is it.

Chapter 1;


"Louis, i'm sorry." I said, sobbing

"Can you at least tell me why?" Louis asked, clearly shocked and confused.

I looked at my hands. What am i going to tell him? I'm pregnant and management is forcing me to break up with you?

"Because, it's too much. The hate, the fame. It's too much for me, Lou." I got up and began to talk away when Louis spun me so i was facing him.

"Eleanor, i love you." Louis said, his forehead resting on mine and our lips inches apart.

I felt his hot breath hitting my face. I can't believe i'm doing this.

I pulled away and exited. Louis was hot on my trail.

"Eleanor, please?!" He cried.

"Louis, i'm sorry! I've had enough. Please, leave me alone. Don't look for me and don't contact me in any way. Goodbye, Louis." I began to jog out of his sight.

Before i turned the corner and out of his life forever, i turned around. Looking at him for the last time.

He was staring at me blankly, tears streaming down his face. He was on his knees and i felt like someone just stabbed me.

"I'm sorry, Lou. I love you." I said, loud enough for him to hear.

I turned the corner and i ran. Seeing him like that will stay in my mind forever.

I hurt the love of my life. Now, on my own, i have to raise my child.

I know i can do it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I ship Elounor but i love Larry shippers! Don't say hurtful things!

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