The Unexpected Love

Im guessing you know the story already by its title. I bet its every girls dream to be with onedirection. But not Natalie's dream. Natalie Smith is a 18 year old average girl. Long brown hair, Dark hazel eyes. and has a style of basic trends. Like I said,Just an average teen. she doesnt like them. she is 1 out of 3 friends. Electra is one of my friends. She's one of those energetic fun people to hang out with. She is In love with niall. Batalie doesnt like them at all. To hear the full story,you have to click this.


1. The Persuasive Friend

"Natalie! please come with me!" My friend, Electra said "Oh my gosh! No i dont like some band named One direction! They are a bunch of Fags!"I say as i am starting to get annoyed. "If you come to a concert with me,I will show you how SEXY they are!" She says super excited "! I dont like them! none of them are my type!"I say "Well,we are British." Electra says "Yea. But you like An Irish guy! I can imagine how your baby would look with british-Irish genes in the baby."I joke "WHATEVER.IM MAKING YOU COME TO THE CONCERT WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT!!" Electra yells in my face. "Fine. as long as I dont have to go backstage." "Oh. not to mention,We have backstage passes".She says just to annoy me How fun would this be. ~Hi! I hope you guys enjoyed it! the stuff i said isnt true. i love onedee! . bye
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