one shots! :)

in the title lovelies!


3. niall horan

    i look around the air port for my best friend niall and my ex harry , who broke up with me a weak ago , by phone, for some clevage showing oldie.

 i look the crouded dublin air port for the fermillar blond , you see me and niall have a plan, to try and make harry jelous. to make him want what he cant have.

"looking for me?" I heard ,his oh so sexie acsent stoud out from amoung the croud of others.

"niall!" I squeal and run into his arms.

 I stand on my tip tose and wisper"time to comence phase one" in his ear . i look at him up and down he did look preety good today. his hair was down flatt and he had on his fav. tee that sais"free hugs" and his snap back.he noded slightly and then nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck and kissed it.

"niall" I draged out"that fells good , but not hear" i say, and look over to see a fuming harry.

"what are you doing"he asks angerly

niall dosent answer he only looks me sraight in the eyes and kissed me passionetly , is bright blue eyes where laced with passion and truth. hear I was , mia autem , kissing my best friend at an air port like we ment it. we had our own forbiden love. I kissed him harder as i saw harry leav in a huff , but we had no intetions of stoping . 


      He brought me into the faimly restroom a took my v card ,and  took his.we loved each other .

~~~~~the next month~~~~~~~~~~~~

"nial!" I shout to my boyfriend of one month.

"yah, babe" he sais walking into the bathroom where i was , now crying on the floor.

"niall, pregnant" i sobed 

he pulled me into his chest and wisperd 

"its alright , youll make a grat mom and ill be a great dad"


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