one shots! :)

in the title lovelies!


2. jai brooks

I have had enough. why jai want to keep me from his friends, I don't know. 

"Liz , I'm home" he shouts from the doorway. probably expecting me to come up and hug him, well not today.

I step out of the siting room and walk up to him ,small hands balled into fists.

"why do you hide me from people?"I ask , trying to stay calm.

"what do you mean, Liz?" he asks, setting his bag down on the table

"you don't let me leave, except for school and work, and I've never met any of your  friends!" I yell

I look up and almost instantly want to give in, their where tears in is beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

He was crying , crying over me.

 he looks up and stairs into my boring blue eyes, his hand reaches to stroke my blue ombre hair, running it through his fingers he leans down to kiss me , hard.

he tries to lead us over to the couch but trips on the coffee table and lands on top of me . I pull off his blue polo and trace his abs. his hand moves from my face to the hem of my tee , he gives me one of his 'may I' looks , I nodded .he slowly lifted my shirt and tossed it across the room. I kissed him again, he knew that I wanted to be a virgin until I'm married, so he stops.

"l, the only reason I hide you from people is because I don't want to  lose you , your so beautiful and smart and fun and I'm , " he explains

"but theirs one thing about you I would change" he sais

"and what is that" I ask getting slightly angry.

"your last name "he sais

"what's wrong with my last name?"I ask him

" I think we should change it "he sais with a lope sided smile.

"to what?" I ask my cheeks turning red from anger

"brooks" he explains

"oh  ... jai is this your way of asking me to marry you?"

"yah" he said shyly

"well then, yes"

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