My youtube adventure

This is my adventure of a life time I meet famous you tubers and make lots of new friends I learn I have a name and I have a brother! So come along for my amazing adventure!


1. this is the start

I didn't know it yet but I had a name! A real name not that old number on the door or even on my uniform a real actual name! Your probably wondering why I'm so excited to have a name. We'll when I was little my parents left me at the a persons door and the person took me to this mental institution because I wouldn't stop crying. But I was a baby baby's cry when they need stuff.

I eventually got to get off the meds they're give us, but they said they wouldn't let me out on tell I was 18 or a parent or guardian came to get me, so I was stuck there most my life, there was this really nice nurse that gave me a phone and would sneak out to restaurants I think her name was Stacy. Stacy and me would go to the library often so she could teach me how to read write and do other things like that. Stacy loved to post videos on this site called 'we tube' I think or something like that. She talked often about her best friend, Joey. She acted like she was in love with him or something but then other times disliked him.

If you didn't notice I didn't use the word hate. And that's because I don't believe in that word and it is too strong of a word or most cases. I only use the word hate with my parents because they obviously hate or disliked me but they disliked me a lot lot.

The mental institution that I was in was one of the nice ones. They had TVs that only had DVD players and blue-ray players but they say not to have any contact from outside the building. Everyone had a room to them selfs and each had an iPad.

~ sorry for the weird ending and for it being short thanks for reading and I will continue this no matter what but please like and favorite follow me if you want thanks bye!

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