Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]

**READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could finish the stranger put duck-tape around her mouth. "It's time to___you." The person said darkly. Ciela barely heard what the person said,too worried If her parents cared that she's gone. Ciela felt other presences around her. People in white cloaks appeared out of no where when the torches had been lit. One of them approached with a knife. Ciela's eyes widened in fear,"Don't worry child,this won't hurt a bit,well not for us of course,"Ciela heard before everything turned black.


6. 6;Elizabeth Midford

(After Ciela cut off the engagement with Alois)
 Alois then frowned a bit,
"What a shame,my darling. We could have been happy together-" 
"Keep your damn Ciel." Ciela sassed standing up. 
"Wait princess,but we spent so long-"
"I'm sorry Hannah." Ciela said before exiting out the doors with Sebastian,Sebrina,and Ciel. 
-back at the mansion-
"Young master,Miss Elizabeth is visiting today with her maid,Paula." Sebastian informed Ciel as he was changing him into his evening outfit. 
"Oh Christ no...Might as well prepare for dinner,Sebastian." Ciel sighed bobbing his head back in annoyance. He stared at the ceiling then asked,
"Where did Ciela and her maid go anyway?"
"I see you're worried about Ciela,but she went to the palace in disguise to tell her parents(*Note* Lets pretend the queen has a husband but she's still dead and he remarried)about the engagement cut off." 
"When did that happen?" 
"While you were in your office running around,throwing things,yelling "Yes!" Sebrina told me where she was heading so I let them go." Sebastian replied,straightening out Ciel's clothes. 
"I-I you must have been hearing and seeing things..." Ciel mumbled blushing in embarrassment. 
"Alright,I'll prepare dinner now." Sebastian declared,standing up from his position and walking out the door. 
Ciel stared at the ground,he heard the door open. He looked up and Ciela was there,scratches all over her face and a stuffed animal in one of her hands. She acted like nothing was wrong and she sat next to Ciel. 
"What happened to you?" I asked turning to Ciela.
"My damn cat happened. After I told my parents about the engagement I left something important there and my cat jumped at me. It hates me." Ciela explained playing with the stuffed animal.
"Oh,sorry for asking...Is that the important thing you went for?" Ciel asked,pointing at the stuffed animal. Ciela nodded,
"By the way,were you screaming 'yes' while Sebrina told Sebastian where we're headed?" 
"I-I,it's fiancée is visiting." Ciel lied,really he was just screaming yes because Ciela and Alois weren't engaged anymore. 
"So why were you so mad about Alois saying those things?" 
"It's because I hate it when I'm clueless. And I'm always left out because of it. It's not fun being left out..." Ciela admitted laying down on the bed. 
They heard a knock on the door,it revealed to be Sebrina. 
"Young mistress and earl,dinner is ready. Earl,your fiancée is here." Sebrina said before walking back down to the dining room. 
"Great I'm hungry." Ciela said standing up from the bed. Both of the teens walked down the stairs and to the dining room. Sitting in one of the chairs was Elizabeth Midford. She had a happy face on until she saw Ciela. 
"Good evening Miss.Midford,and maid." Ciela bowed then sat at her seat. Ciel came in behind Ciela and Elizabeth got all happy again. She stood up from her chair and ran to Ciel. She hugged him roughly making Ciel further more annoyed than he already is. 
"Oh Ciel! I haven't seen you in ages my darling!" Elizabeth giggled letting go of Ciel.
"Elizabeth...You wrinkled my clothes." Ciel grumbled sitting down next to Ciela. In front of them (on the other side of the table)was Elizabeth.
"Why don't you want to sit with me,Ciel?" 
Ciel ignored her question and Sebastian brought out the food. He placed it on the table mats and let the children enjoy their dinner. 
"So you're Ciel's fiancée I've been hearing about?" Ciela said looking at Elizabeth. 
"Yes that's right,until we're 18 we get to finally wed with each other. Everything will look so cute for the wedding!"Elizabeth exclaimed daydreaming about her and Ciel waltzing on the ballroom dance floor. 
"Oh what a dream!" 
Ciel rolled his eyes and continued eating. 
"She's one of those girls..." Ciela said under her breath.
"Excuse me?" Elizabeth said snapping out of her daydreams.
"Nothing. It just seems funny how a cousin daydreams about marrying her cousin and wanting to dance with them like they're their prince. And act all cutesy for them." Ciela continued,her food was getting cold. 
"So what? He's also happy about this engagement. I don't suppose you could ever relate." Elizabeth said her final sentence before returning back to her dinner. Elizabeth was fuming with anger the entire time while Ciela ate in peace. 
"Who are you anyway,you act nothing like a lady," Elizabeth pestered Ciela with this question. Ciela was wiping her mouth as soon as she finished,she smirked with the napkin still on her lips. She put it down,
"The princess of Britian." 
Elizabeth's eyes widened,
"That must be a joke. Sure Ciel is the guard dog but how could someone like YOU be the princess." 
Elizabeth's maid,Paula pat Elizabeth on the back,
"Please mistress calm down." 
Elizabeth calmed down. 
"Not cute at all..." 
In the corner Sebastian and Sebrina were talking about something,
"I never expected you to be a maid at all 'Sebrina'."
"It's simply what my young mistress calls me. But I am a maid,indeed."
"So you have finally made a contract?" Sebastian questioned Sebrina making her nod,
"Ever since you left I've been making many contracts,but Ciela is the trickiest so far. She wants to avenge her brother and her best friends' death,"Sebrina continued," But I know that's not the case. She wants to avenge the person she loves' death or disappearance. Until she finds out he's not dead,she's a few steps away from her soul being mine." Her demon eyes appeared for a split second. Sebastian smirked at the maid,
"Sister how you impress me." 
After dinner,Elizabeth went home. By the time Ciel finished with his paperwork for the Funtom company it was bed time for the teens. ~ Ciela laid down on the bed,tired out. Personally she didn't like Elizabeth one bit. Ciela hates girls who act all cute,she finds it disgusting. She closed her eyes and slept. {Short chapter sorry :3 Next chapter will be good I swear}

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