Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]

**READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could finish the stranger put duck-tape around her mouth. "It's time to___you." The person said darkly. Ciela barely heard what the person said,too worried If her parents cared that she's gone. Ciela felt other presences around her. People in white cloaks appeared out of no where when the torches had been lit. One of them approached with a knife. Ciela's eyes widened in fear,"Don't worry child,this won't hurt a bit,well not for us of course,"Ciela heard before everything turned black.


4. 4; Alois Trancy

  Ciela opened her eyes to find she was in a strange room. Then she remembered she had to stay with the guard dog for a while. It still looked dark which meant it was still night time. She felt herself on someone's chest,Ciela looked up and saw Ciel sleeping. Her face turned red and she raised her head off of his chest. Ciel opened his eyes wearily looking at Ciela.
Ciel whispered,his voice croaking from sleepiness. 
"Y-You have a purple eye..."
Ciela said her eyes widened,
"You do to..."
Ciel responded standing up to get a closer look at Ciela. 
"Did you also make a contract?"
Ciel asked going closer to Ciela's face making her fall back.  Ciel looked at her weirdly. 
"Yes,with Sebrina,I'm guessing you made one with Sebastian?"
Ciela responded standing back up. Ciel nodded and placed his hand on Ciela's cheek making her jump,Ciel snickered at her reaction. 
"Calm down. I'm just taking a closer look at your eye. It's weird how we have the same ones..."
Ciel observed her eye closely,confused. 
'Its strange,indeed. Alois had a different contract seal with Claude. How come we have the same contract seal? Could it be possible that Sebrina has something related with Sebastian?'
Ciel noticed Ciela was falling asleep. 
"Why did you wake up so early?"
Ciel asked Ciela who was rubbing her eyes. 
"I'm not sure,I just did,"
Ciela responded laying down on the bed,facing the opposite of Ciel. Ciel laid back down still thinking why she has the same contract seal. Ciel then ignored it and closed his eyes,falling back asleep. 
"Mistress,please wake up."
A voice woke Ciela up. 
"You have to get ready to visit the Trancy Estate,"
Sebrina said having Ciela's clothes ready. Ciela nodded and Sebrina took the covers off her.
Ciela was ready and walked downstairs where Ciel and Sebastian were waiting. Sebastian glanced at Sebrina and smirked. Sebrina looked back at Sebastian,glaring at him. Ciel wasn't in a hurry to meet Alois. He's still confused about the whole Alois thing. They entered the carriage to travel to the Trancy Estate.
As they made it to the Trancy Estate,Ciel didn't look to happy. 
"What's wrong?"
Ciela asked Ciel as they made it down the carriage. Ciel shook his head,
Ciela shrugged,a tall and slim butler and a blonde boy came out of the mansion and headed towards us. 
"Hello Princess Ciela,and Sebrina. And Ciel,Sebastian."
The butler Ciela and Ciel recognized as Claude Faustus,Alois Trancy's butler. Next to Claude was no other than Alois Trancy. But he was kind of different,he wore an eyepatch like Ciel and Ciela do. Alois looked over at Ciela and smiled,Ciela smiled back looking happy. He then glanced at Ciel and made a face. Claude escorted the group to the mansion then the dining room. They were all going to have tea and discuss the wedding. Ciel and Sebastian are there to be Ciela's body guards. Alois held Ciela's hand. Ciel looked at Alois with jealousy. 
'What am I thinking I have Elizabeth. Well I find Elizabeth annoying but she's still my fiancé.And I hate Ciela so why am I getting jealous?'
Ciel thought.
The group all sat at the dining table,Ciela,Ciel,and Alois drinking tea. A maid appeared from the doorway. It was Hannah,she was going to arrange the marriage plans for Ciela and Alois. 
"Now that we are all here to discuss the marriage plan for Ciela and Alois,first we have to discuss the color scheme of the wedding."
Hannah said sitting down. 
"Let's make it yellow!"
Alois and Ciela exclaimed at the same time. Ciel sat there,bored while they were discussing the wedding. After a few minutes it was just the adults discussing the wedding. Sebrina was arguing about how the roses should be red,Ciela's favorite rose. Claude was denying it and saying white roses would be better. Whilst Sebastian and Hannah stood there,expressionless. Ciela sighed,stirring the spoon in her tea. 
"This is such a bore,"
Ciela whispered to Ciel and Alois.
"Wedding plans are boring but you know what would be fun,Ciel?"
Alois responded taking a sip of his tea. Ciela looked confused. But Ciel knew exactly what Alois wanted. Alois continued,
"Having a rematch." 
"Rematch? What's going on?" 
Ciela asked looking at Ciel then Alois.
"I thought you died...How did you become a demon and have all your servants resurrect?"
Ciel said coldly to Alois. 
"Well not all my servants like the three gossiping triplets,I'm only a demon just for us to have you." 
Alois admitted,smirking. 
"What the hell is going on!?" 
Ciela shouted causing the everyone to look over at her. Sebrina came over to Ciela to calm her down.
"Mistress please calm down..."
Ciela glared at both Ciel and Alois.
"I want the engagement off. Obviously Alois knows Ciel and 'wants him' as he says."
Ciela declared,looking up at Sebrina.
"Mistress I'm not sure you should do that...your parents arranged this marriage and they'll be disappointed."
"I don't care. I don't know what the hell they're talking about with all the death,demon,or other shit. I just don't want to be involved with it. I'm confused too much already! Now Sebrina. Go inform mother that the engagement is over. That is my final decision."
Ciela then looked down at Alois then at Ciel.
"Sebastian can we please go back to the mansion,"
Ciel ordered his butler. 
"Yes my lord." 

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