The Replacement

Few but some, kids have been replaced when they were born to feed the devils wife. This happens every 7 years but 1 year two kids in the same neijhborhood got taken away so 2 new people come in. Jasmin and Michael, now they have to stop the devil and his horrible wife.


5. Slumber Party!

When Wayne pulls away I just stare at him. A smile comes across my face. He gets up and helps me off of the ground.

"Wayne, mom said if we come home now, Jazz can stay."

"Well lets go then."

All of a sudden I get a text from Wayne:




about what?

The kiss got carried away

its ok



k ;p

doesn't mean we are dating tho



I turn my phone off and start lauginhg. WE walk in and their mom greets me with a hug.

"Thanks for letting me come over Mrs. Hemmings."

"No problem the boys talk about you all the time and you are just so sweet!"

"Aww thanks."

"Come on, jazz-a-rooni!" Carlos says.


We walk into their room and its totally destroyed.

"Where am I sleeping tonight?"

"We all are going to sleep in the living room."

"There is only one couch, then a floor."

"Ill share the couch with you!" Wayne exclaims.

"Ok,fine. You going to be ok on the floor Carlos?"

"No im getting the couch! You guys can share the floor."

"Fine what we watching?"

"MAMA!" They both yell.

Their amazing mom makes us popcorn and goes and gets us some monsters from  the store. I go and get the blankets out of the walk in closet. All of a sudden the door shuts while im inside. I know who is in here with me ......


"What I thought that you were lonely."

"Well i'm kind of, but thanks for the offer."

"Welcome." He says this sadly.

I grab him and gently kiss his lips. We stayed like this for almost a minute. I pull away and I know that he was shocked.

"Was that what you wanted?"


" WE have to keep this between the two of us ok?'

"Fine if only you can do that again."

"real quick."

I kiss him real fast, grab the blankets and get out of the closet. Wayne and I set up a tent out of the blankets. We have a blanket that covers the entrance to the tent. WE get to the end of the movie and Wayne's head is on my shoulder. I kiss his head and pull down the blanket. I take his head off my shoulder and I lay close to him. He wakes up and puts his arm around me and pulls me closer to him. I smile as him and I fall asleep together.




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