The Replacement

Few but some, kids have been replaced when they were born to feed the devils wife. This happens every 7 years but 1 year two kids in the same neijhborhood got taken away so 2 new people come in. Jasmin and Michael, now they have to stop the devil and his horrible wife.


6. Games

I Wake up and Dwayne is gone. I get ready to go back to bed when the blanket gets pulled up.

"Wake up u have a soccer game" he reminds me.

"Shit I forgot, I gotta get ready!"

"Wait you still have an hour. I made u breakfast."

"Aw thanks"

"Did you see my brother?"


I eat and we get our stuff around for my soccer game and his football game. I have my shin guards, cleats, shorts, and socks on. I look over at Dwayne and notice that he is wearing my jersey.



I walk up to him and take my jersey off of him and notice he's not wearing a shirt. I look down and notice that im wearing his jersey. I take it off and notice im wearing just a bra.

"Did you plan this?"

"No, you did that last night."

He walks towards me and puts his hands on my hips. I put my hands around the back of his neck. He leans in  and kisses me passionately. He slowly sits down and I match his movements. He goes for my bra latch and that's where we pull apart.


"Im not ready."

"Oh sorry, I don't want are relationship to end."

"It wont! Lets go though."

We get finished dressing and walk into the guys' room and find Carlos asleep on the floor. We smile and walk out the door hand in hand. We get to the field and since we got expelled we play for the Muskegon Big Reds. I get to my team and he gets to his. We win our first game 8-0!My team and I throw on extra cheerleading uniforms and go cheer for our boyfriends. They win! 17-0! I run to Dwayne and he catches me and spins me around. We smile, I kiss his cheek and walk away. The couch has to talk to the team after the game. I introduce Dwayne to my friends/teammates. We say goodbye and head back to Dwayne's house.

"Wanna stay at my house for the rest of spring break?"

"Hell yeah! I'll get my stuff packed!"
He races into his house and packs a bunch of random things that he will need.

" I have to see if Carlos wants to come though. My mom will be suspicious if only one guy is over."

"I think he's staying at Kirsten's."

"Are they dating?"
"Yeah, since last night."

He grabs his stuff and head to my house just down the street. WE walk in and my mom greets Dwayne. WE walk up to my room. He throws his things on my bed and grabs my waist.

"what's up with the knives?"
"I don't know there just cool looking."

I start laughing and lean against him. He loses his balance and falls. I land on top of him. I roll off of him laughing and kiss his cheek. I get up and get my pj's on and crawl into bed. He follows. He pulls me into his chest. I can hear his heartbeat.  I fall asleep inside of his arms.




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