The Replacement

Few but some, kids have been replaced when they were born to feed the devils wife. This happens every 7 years but 1 year two kids in the same neijhborhood got taken away so 2 new people come in. Jasmin and Michael, now they have to stop the devil and his horrible wife.


4. 1st hour

We walk in as the bell rings for first hour. We walk to our lockers and grab our math things.

"Jazzy what wrong?"

" My parents hate me, they don't listen to what they promise! Im just fuckin sick of it that's all."

"Wow im sorry."

We embrace in a quick hug and hurry off to class. Mr. Smith stares at us as we walk to our seats.

" Ah, the troublemaker. Another lunch detention for all of you."

" Wow, that's some bullshit." Wayne mumbles.

" Excuse me young man!"

"Yeah you heard him! I'm sick of all of you teachers anyway!"

"Excuse me young lady!"

" What did you fart or something? It sure does stink in here."

" Get out you two, NOW!"

Carlos sits there so quiet as Dwayne and I walk out. I know that he will do something to get out of class. We walk into the principals office and see expulsion slips. Yes! We are getting out of this dump. A few seconds later in walks Carlos and Mr. Smithers.

" Well you guys don't learn your lesson do ya?"


"Well lady and gentlemen's, you guys are outta here!"

"Yes finally I can live!"

Carlos and Dwayne start laughing. He hands us the papers. WE fill out the papers and hand them back to him. We walk out of the office with smiles on our faces. We stop at our lockers and leave the school.


"Yep I need a monster, like now!"

"Lets go then!"

I pull out my phone and text my sister:



got kicked outta school




with the boys?

Rnt I always?

yea dumb question g2g kinda in class be careful I know that ur staying at their house. ill say that you are at Stacys. luv ya bye



"Staying at our house tonight?"

"Duh why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know maybe your going to Stacys?"

I slap him playfully in the arm and then he pushes me down. He offers a hand. I take it but pull him to the ground. Carlos is texting him because I know their ringtones. Next thing I know Dwaynes lips are on mine, and I just go with it.


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