The Replacement

Few but some, kids have been replaced when they were born to feed the devils wife. This happens every 7 years but 1 year two kids in the same neijhborhood got taken away so 2 new people come in. Jasmin and Michael, now they have to stop the devil and his horrible wife.


1. Past

i wake up, its dark, scary, and I feel so alone. The feast is coming up in a few days I think. Then I get to meet my new family. I go to find my bestfriend Michael. I find him by the table where soon the child will be shown before it's eaten.

"Why are you over here?"

" I dont know, but the devils are having 2 kids this year. That means you and I both are leaving. Hopefull we will be together."

I give him a hug of assurance. The devils walk in and I know what time it is!

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