The End. (a hunger games fan fiction)

*this is an exerpt from the story*
Tears rolled down my face. My voice dead, my mouth still in a wide 'o' from screaming. My ears were ringing, as I grasped for my life. I was going to die. I screamed for my mother, for my best friend. For anyone to answer. And all I got was nothing. As I grasped the air, I could feel my life slipping through my clenched fingers.
*Sorry if it's not as long as you would like. This is going quicker than I expected.*


10. Ten

I open my eyes. I see That Gabe and Chase are standing in front of me, Joyce and Seda in a sleeping bag.

"How many days have I been out?" I ask, surprising everyone. Seda and Joyce are up, Seda wagging her tail, Joyce giving me a hug. I stand up, and suddenly Chase has toppled over me, squeezing my middle. Gabe gives a faint smile, but then resumes his position.

"You've been out a day." Seda answers my question from before. 

"Chase, would you come with me?" I ask, dragging him behind the tree.

"What happened to the Career?" I ask, my eyes wide and worried. 

"He passed by us. But when Gabe and I found you, you were covered in blood, and Seda and Joyce were next to you, trying to mop it up with leaves." He answers, adding a bit more.

"And what's with Gabe?" I ask, remembering his solemn face.

"Gabe's district partner died. She's the one the Career killed. And it didn't help when you almost died. He told me that you were the only one he trusted. It hurt a little, but I understood why. Even Joyce and Seda trusts you." He said. I faintly smiled, happy that I could be trusted.

"I don't believe that." I quickly say. Then I heard rustling, a bush slightly shaking.

"Watch out!" I whisper, pointing to the bush. He looks behind him, and slowly takes out his knife. I do the same. And suddenly, we're confronted my the District six female tribute. And she's only twelve.

"Do- don't hurt me!" She squeaks. "I- I heard you guys. A- and I've wanted you as an a-ally for- forever." She stutters. Either she has a condition, or is completely terrified by the sharp knives.

"Me or him?" I ask, making sure. she points at me, and Chase gives me a knowing look.

"Sure! C'mon! You can camp with us!" I say, holding her hand and leading her to camp.

"You find girl?" Gabe asks, pointing to the little girl. I nod my head. "What her name?" 

"M- my n-name is A-ashwood." She replies, stuttering again.

"Hey, aren't you the six girl?" Asks Seda. And suddenly Ashwood is right by Seda, looking at her tail, her ears, her paws, and teeth.

"You're so pretty. A- and so t-tall!" Ashwood is saying. Defiantly a condition stutter. 

"Thanks I guess? And who's the new kid?" She asks.

"Oh, yes! I a-am the f-female t-tribute from d-district s-six." She says, smiling.

"hey! You got that ten, didn't you?" I ask. Her blue eyes are an icy color, but still wide with wonder at all our supplies.

"Fast legs." I say, lifting up my leg. She smiles, her golden- blonde hair falling in her face.

"Y- yeah. I- I got the T- ten." She laughs, her cheeks turning a pale rose color. 

"Here! I bet you need water!" I say, handing her one of our water-skins. 

"T- thanks!" She says. She reaches for the water, when I see it. A knife whiz zed past my face, hitting Joyce in her chest. And we're running. I hear the cannon, claiming Joyce dead, and take off sprinting. I can tell that Ashwood can't run fast, so I pick her up and run for my life. I hope someone grabbed supplies. Because I didn't.

"Ash. Ashwood! ASH!" I yell at her, her eyes closed. There has been no cannon for her death, she had just fainted, but I needed company. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Who was that girl? The one who died?" She asks. I can hear Seda screaming for me in the distance.

"She was... A friend." I say. Tears are rolling down my face, cutting through all the dirt that has collected on my face. 

"O- ow! You can let me down." Says Ashwood. I slowly let her down, realizing that my nails were digging into her side.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" I say. I'm down on my bottom, my head between my knees. I'm trying to keep from crying, but tears keep welling up in my eyes.

"Hey. I kn- know th- that we ju- just met, bu- but it's gonna b-be all right." Ash comforts me, patting my back. I hear footsteps, Ash and Seda's voices on and off. Then Chase. I feel someone sitting down, and look over my shoulder. Gabe.

"It's all right, girl." He says, trying to comfort me.

"Will you ever call me my real name?" I ask, tears still running down my face.

"it will be alright... Ivy." He try's again. I continue crying, but knowing that someone is trying to help is better.

"I- it should've been me! The knife was meant for me! Not Joyce!" I say, exasperated.

Seda walked over and talked to Gabe for a second. He got up and walked over to where Chase and Ashwood were sitting.

"Hey. You know, I only trust you. Gabe is a brute, you never know when he's going to turn, and Ashwood is too smart. Chase can easily hurt us, but you. You can hurt any of us, outsmart any of us and you have the best score. But you have a different personality," she says, then turns to a whisper, just in case. "It's like you can't be apart of their games. Like no matter what, you won't give in."

I copy her whisper. "I can't, and I won't." I say, and smile.

"I envy you. I-I will kill if I have to." She says, like it is the worst confession made. And to me, it almost is.

"What about me?" I ask, concerned.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that." She says, her eyes looking at her feet.

"I won't kill. I would rather die than kill. Not for me, but so I can't be apart of their games." I say, making it clear. I've stopped crying, but made a mental note to sleep with one eye open. 

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