The End. (a hunger games fan fiction)

*this is an exerpt from the story*
Tears rolled down my face. My voice dead, my mouth still in a wide 'o' from screaming. My ears were ringing, as I grasped for my life. I was going to die. I screamed for my mother, for my best friend. For anyone to answer. And all I got was nothing. As I grasped the air, I could feel my life slipping through my clenched fingers.
*Sorry if it's not as long as you would like. This is going quicker than I expected.*


7. Seven

"Ivy, this is Gabe. He's the other eleven tribute." Seda said, introducing me.

"Pleased to meet you. Seda and I have formed an alliance, and we're trying to find other people to join. But we'll only have a maximum of about six. So, are you in?" I asked. His dark brown hair hung over his eyes, and he had, like a foot taller than me.

"I have no other allies. So, yeah. I knew Chase is joining you, and I think Ivan May want to join to." He said.

"you mean that nine guy? He's to strong. And anyway, he's talking to the careers." Seda snarled.

"You look pretty. Like a fox." He said, pointing to her ears and teeth. I am guessing that Gabe is not too smart. But he can be the brute of the team.

"hey, what about the five girl?" I asked, looking behind the snare station. The girl from five was small, only about thirteen years old. She has short curled and jade-green eyes. Her skin was dotted with freckles.

"She looks like she could use some allies. " Seda said,

"I think we just found our team." Both Gabe and Seda said at the same time. And guess who was forced to go talk to the little girl. Me. I looked the least scary.

"Hi. I'm Ivy. And I was wondering, would you like to be my ally? I have some others who think you would make a good addition. But personally, I think you would make a great addition. Your small, and light on your feet, I've seen you use a knife, and you are very good at camouflage." I said. And that wasn't just talking her up. All those things were true.

"Yes. I would be delighted. And my name is Joyce." She said. I went around, talking to each members of our group separately, telling them our team members, and not to tell anyone we're

a team until we're in the arena.

The rest of the training time passed by. It was now time for trials. Or whatever you want to call them. We each ex discussed what we would do, and all agreed. All five of us have bonded and made an unbreakable alliance. That is, until there's no choice.

hours passed. Until I was the last one. I waited twenty minutes until it was my turn.

"Ivy Kaslik" the announcement was made. I walked into the room. Only a few game makers were watching. First I painted myself as best I could into the shadows and walls of the room. I mean, sure I was caked in resources, but I knew my plan. I then swiftly ran and grabbed a knife. In one quick slash, I had stabbed all the dummies in thief hearts. The few game makers who we're watching had started telling the others to watch me. The room was so quiet, that youcould hear a pen drop. I continued running, swiftly stabbing all the dummies, making no sound or subtle movement as to keep quiet and camouflaged. The game makers were hushed, holding every breath. Until I was done. I quickly stabbed the last dummy, but cutting an x in his face.

"you may leave now, Miss Kaslik." They said. I curtsied before walking out of the room, back to the elevator. As soon as I got back to my room, I took a shower. I redressed, and made it down to dinner.

"Oh, I bet you did lovely on your trial. I hope you do get an eight! That would be phenomenal."

Effie commented.

"Yes. I hope you did well." Haymitch said. The stylists and prep team were giddy as we finished eating and sat down to see the scores. I saw that Joyce got an eight. I smiled. Seda got a seven. Smiled again. Chase and Gabe both got sixes. I still smiled. I wondered how I did, my stomach in knots as my picture was flashed on screen. Suddenly, the whole room was engulfed with cheers!

"A perfect score." I heard Haymitch mutter, still staring at the TV. "H-how?" He stammered.

"All I did was paint myself, stab dummies, and run." I replied. I did the virtually impossible.

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