shes the one

I guess you could say I have a thing for her, but I'm not so sure.
there's a lot I don't know of, and a lot to find out.
how will it end for us? I'm afraid we have to wait and see..


3. chapter three

it's a cold December day and sadness lies within everyone's eyes in this weather. but nothing can keep me down as today, I have double English! the one lesson I'm rather close to Everleigh and get the chance to observe her actions. I'm always happy to be in the same room as her

and to be honest, I think I'm so lucky to see her each day and be In the same room as her.

she doesn't talk much.

in many aspects, she's a lot like me

each day I watch as she walks into school slowly, with her head down following her feet as she makes her way into the building.

I notice her sadness deepen each day just by takin note of the way she walks..

at first glance, she's happy. she's got everyone fooled, but not me. I take the time to stop and look beyond her mask unlike the others, I see straight through that little act of hers.

and honestly, it breaks my heart to see her come in each day putting on her happy show despite the pain she hides deep inside. she's so strong, an I admire her so much.

I understand if you find this peculiar as I don't even know anything about her and I said I wasn't going to make any assumptions as it's not my place, but that's what I'm going to have to do, I mean, what else can I do?

one day I'll build up the courage to talk to her, but not yet, I'm not ready. so until this day comes, I'm just going to have to continue this way

whether it's fake or not, she presents the most spectacular smile to the world. my eyes are always locked onto her when she smiles, her teeth, wow.

anyone would kill to have her teeth, they're all perfectly in line and straight an let me tell you, they're the most shiny shade of white you could ever witness.

lately, I've just noticed her slyly creeping into the library on her own to get any homework done. let me tell you, she's a sneaky little genius! always pulls out the best levels, I'm so proud of how well she does.

you see, I looked into all this depression stuff, yet again I'm just assuming she's got it. but most people with depression struggle in school, lack co

sometimes she disappears within the bookshelves for an entire lunch, she appears to find peace within books, I believe they keep her seeing and stop her from losin herself.

but that's nothing.

the work she produces in art is just wow.

there's truly no words for it

she some how manages to reflect her beauty through her drawings, they really express the inner Everleigh.

it's clear to see she enjoys art and that she's relaxed when able to release her emotions with no limitations, nothing stopping her.

I hope she wants to be an artist or something along those lines because anybody would be daft not to buy her art work!

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