Lost but eventually Found..

Yasmin's a regular 16 year old girl, living life, going to school, being a teenager.. Zayn Malik's a 17 year old boii who meets Yazmin on Facebook, he shares his dreams, wishes and everything with Yasmin.. But What happens when he auditions for X factor and gets through? Will things change..? Will he forget her..?


1. Chapter 1: Yasmin's Life.


*BRINGGGGGGG* The alarm clock went off. Once again. The fourth time to be precise. Yasmin slammed the alarm clock against the desk to then realise the time was 10 past 8. She woke up late again!

Yasmin's got a habit of waking up late these days, every since she met Zayn.. Zayn Malik. The 17 year old gorgeous boii who Yasmin met on Facebook. The daii she got the request at first, she was going to reject. She had thought it was a typical boy, looking to flirt and play about with feelings (although Yasmin didn't usually date any boys anyways). But she realised they had many friends in common and decided to accept his invite.

It's been 4 months since they've been properly talking, they've gotten a lot closer now. Yasmin learnt that Zayns a Muslim as well as her, that they both live in the UK and they both have two sisters. They had loads in common, within just a few months they became the bestest of friends, they shared a unique relationship.


Honestly this is just a first story.. Idk if it's soo good or not but this first chapter was quite well.. Blergh .-. This is just the starting, hopefully you guys get into it more In the next few chapters!

Zayns POV in next chapter maybe <3 x

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