DeathNote 2014

*Inspired by DeathNote* Orphaned at a young age, Nero Kagami was raised in England by his adopted parents. He always knew he was adopted, and had always been curious what happened to his parents. The revelation that arises - and the mysterious notebook that he picks up - leads him to seek further answers and, ultimately, retribution.
But there is someone else in the background, who may have the means to stop Nero before he's even started...


5. Support

Chapter 5 - Support

How To Use The Death Note

“If the time of death is written within 40 seconds after writing the cause of death as a heart attack, the time of death can be manipulated, and the time of death can go into effect within 40 seconds after writing the name.”

“The human who touches the DEATH NOTE can recognise the image and voice of its original owner, a god of death, even if the human is not the owner of the note.”


The next day…

JM sat with Mary in the library, sitting cross-legged on one of the few cushioned seats. He had asked Mary to join him after having a bad feeling about Nero.

He didn’t know why, but he felt like Nero was going through some difficult times, and also felt obliged to be there for him, even if Nero did not want any support. As he had never been good at empathy, he had asked Mary to join him, his suspicions of her feelings for Nero telling him that it would be a good idea.

Glancing at Mary, JM reached into his pocket and pulled out a fresh packet of chewing gum. ‘Gum?’ he asked.

Mary started, having been sitting rather awkwardly in the silence. ‘Huh?’ she exclaimed, fortunate there were not yet many people in the library.

‘Would you like some gum?’ JM repeated, waving the packet slightly.

‘Oh…sure,’ Mary replied, taking a strip from the packet. She unwrapped it and put it in her mouth, watching JM suspiciously.

Something JM noticed.

‘Are you okay, Mary?’ JM asked, smiling. ‘You seem to be looking at me funny.’

‘Yes, I’m fine,’ Mary replied grumpily. ‘I’m just getting impatient.’

‘Hm…you seem the type…’

‘What?’ Mary cried, jumping to her feet. ‘What do you mean I seem the type? You think I can’t wait for things?’

JM looked up at her a smiled. ‘I’m not sure. Please, sit down. Nero is at the door.’

Mary looked to the door and saw Nero pulling it open, a rather dark expression on his face. She blushed and dropped down into the chair, her arms folded and legs raised up in front of her.

‘Hey, Nero!’ JM called, waving to him. ‘Fancy some gum?’

‘What is your obsession with gum?’ Mary muttered.

JM chuckled and chose not to reply, aware how easily he was offending Mary – something he did not intend. Instead he chose to focus on the true objective of the morning: Nero.

Nero shuffled over to them, his bag hanging heavily off his shoulder, and his clothes strangely untidy. ‘Sure…I’ll have some gum…’

JM proffered the packet to him and waited until he had taken the strip. ‘Please, Nero. Sit down.’

Nero gave him a strange, dark-eyed look, and then slumped down, placing a hand to his head.

‘You look tired, Nero,’ JM observed, sitting in the position his friend – he regarded Nero as a friend at least – had suggested the previous day.

Nero stared at JM, and then glanced at Mary, as if wondering why she was there. He then looked back to JM and shrugged. ‘I…I didn’t sleep well…’

‘Why not?’

Nero frowned. ‘What does it matter? We’re not friends.’

‘That’s a shame. I want us to be,’ JM replied, smiling. ‘I don’t offer gum to just anyone.’

‘Wait, what?’ Mary cut in, leaning forward and dropping her feet to the floor. ‘You mean…’

JM chuckled and rotated on the seat. ‘Indeed. I don’t really have any friends. I’d be happy to call you two my friends, though.’

Nero scoffed and Mary blushed, much to JM’s amusement.

‘What’s wrong, Mary? Is it strange that an outcast such as myself wants to be friends with a popular girl? Not that you’re that popular, though…I mean, everyone over there just puts up with you,’ JM commented. He looked at Mary for a moment, aware he may have offended her – again – and noticed how the redness of her blushing was gradually being replaced by the redness of rage. ‘Oh…’

Mary struck JM across the face, tears in her eyes. ‘You think I want to be friends with you after saying something like that?’

JM rubbed his cheek and smiled. ‘Do you want honest friends or…them?’

‘He has a point,’ Nero muttered, almost trying not to get involved.

His input seemed to change Mary’s mood rather suddenly, as her face gradually returned to its original colour. ‘He does?’ She looked away for a moment and then sighed. ‘I suppose he does…but, Nero…’

‘I’m not your friend…at least not yet. Given time, maybe…’ Nero interrupted, not looking.

‘I was just wondering…why didn’t you sleep well?’ Mary continued, unshaken by the interruption.

Nero looked up at this point, and almost intentionally made eye contact with Mary. ‘I just found out what happened to my parents. Why I was adopted. They were…’

‘Murdered?’ JM asked, interrupting Nero rather shamelessly. ‘I’m right, aren’t I. Come on, you can tell me.’

Nero frowned at JM. ‘Yes…yes, they were murdered.’

To JM’s surprise, and likely Nero’s, Mary jumped up from her seat and wrapped her arms around Nero, squeezing him tight.

‘Oh, Nero, you poor thing! It’s always the good guys!’ She looked at JM. ‘Why is it always the good guys?’

JM looked back at her, confused yet silent. ‘Is this a genuine outburst…or do you just want him to love you?

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