DeathNote 2014

*Inspired by DeathNote* Orphaned at a young age, Nero Kagami was raised in England by his adopted parents. He always knew he was adopted, and had always been curious what happened to his parents. The revelation that arises - and the mysterious notebook that he picks up - leads him to seek further answers and, ultimately, retribution.
But there is someone else in the background, who may have the means to stop Nero before he's even started...


8. Notebook

Chapter 8 - Notebook


How To Use The Death Note

A god of death can extend his life by putting human names on the note, but humans cannot.”

“A person can shorten his or her own life by using the note.”


12:05 – The Human Realm

Nero absently looked out of the classroom window, past the face of JM who had insisted on sitting next to him. His mildly frustrating acquaintance was entirely focused on the lesson, but Nero could not find the motivation to work. He was writing down answers, true, but he wasn’t exactly paying attention to what he was writing.

‘Hey, Nero,’ Connor whispered from the row behind. ‘Sorry about yesterday.’

‘Back off,’ Nero hissed, refusing to accept such an insincere apology. It was clear Connor was only seeking to steal yet more answers.

To his credit Connor did not push further, and his chair creaked as he leaned back in submission.

‘Anything interesting outside?’ the teacher, Luke, asked, smiling at Nero, frustrated. ‘Whatever it is seems better than this lesson, eh?’

Nero turned to face Luke quite sharply and was forced to refrain from making a snide comment. Instead he shrugged and looked back out the window. The teacher, like Connor, turned away from Nero, not pressing the matter.

It was a good thing, too, as if he had been pressed Nero would likely have snapped, and missed the falling, black, rectangular object. To him it looked like a book: the flapping pages were a giveaway, that was for sure.

He stared at it for a moment and then at the clock. 12:10: five minutes until the end of the lesson. He was curious about the object because…well, what kind of black rectangle just falls out of the sky?

‘Sir…’ he said, standing up.

‘Yes, Mr. Kagami?’ Luke asked, as if he didn’t already know.

‘Can I leave the lesson early? I’ve finished my work.’

Luke stared at the piece of paper on the desk, which was covered in writing, and sighed. ‘Fine. Go on. Lucky for you there’s no homework today.’

‘Thank you,’ Nero said without conviction, already at the door. He did not pause to look back. He knew JM was probably following him. He didn’t need to see him – hearing him chew his gum was enough.

The corridor was annoyingly straight, so he walked faster in an attempt to lose JM. He knew that if he could just reach the door that led outside by the time everyone was coming out of their lessons he would lose JM in the crowd. He had about a minute.

Fortunately the door that led outside was across the corridor from the library.

Thirty seconds and he was almost there.

Students started to fill up the corridor as their classes ended; they gradually filled up the corridor. He risked a glance back and saw that JM had disappeared into the crowd. Satisfied, Nero rushed outside and headed towards where the object had landed, walking parallel to the corridor he had just walked down.

He could see the black rectangle – surely a book – on the ground ahead. Nero could not help but break into a jog. Whatever it was he had a good feeling about it.

The book, for that it surely was, almost stared up at him once he reached it, begging to be picked up. The cover was a glossy black, winking at him as it caught the sunlight; clear white writing jumped forth from the cover in stark contrast, spelling out to words:

“Death Note”.

What…what is this?’ Nero thought, reaching out to pick it up. ‘I better not let anyone see this…

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