A Christmas Miracle ~1D Fanfic~

It's that time of year again! The time for turkey, snow and presents galore! The time families gather round and celebrate the ending to a perfect year.
But not for Zoe. The lonely, poor orphan who spends Christmas time wishing she had a blanket to keep her warm, food to keep her healthy and a family to keep her safe. All she ever wanted was to feel loved at Christmas time.
Have her wishes been granted or will she stay lonely forever?


3. Chapter 2

The streets began to become frosty and the pavements iced over. Zoe sat shivering in the street, hoping that a miracle would come her way. A couple walked past with a small child. They looked quite wealthy and wore fury coats that kept them covered in the snow. They caught a glance of Zoe sat in the snow and made their way over to her.

The man had blonde hair and blue eyes with a hint of green. The woman standing next to him had light brown, wavy hair and and blue eyes that twinkled as she watched the snowflakes fall. The little girl holding the man's hand had long, golden hair and blue eyes also with a hint of green in them. She was small but tall enough to hold tight onto her fathers hand to stop her from falling on the ice. The man bent down and held out his hand to Zoe.

"You must be freezing young girl?" he asked Zoe.

"Y... Yes sir." she replied, with a stutter.

"May I introduce myself and my family. I'm Niall and this is my wife Heaven and my young daughter Caitlin."

"My name is.... Zoe sir." she held his hand and he breathed hot air onto it.

"Would you like my coat?" Caitlin offered.

"That won't be necessary... but thank you for the offer." Zoe replied kindly.

"Here. Buy yourself something nice." Heaven chucked a pound coin into Zoe's cup and smiled.

"Thank you very much ma'am." Zoe replied.

They walked away and left her sitting with nothing but a pound coin. She was pleased that somebody had noticed her in pain... yet disappointed that nobody had taken her home.

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