Just a little snippet of how I'm feeling. You should expect by now that it's depressing. I mean, come on, this is me we're reading about. If you know me, please don't comment. Try to enjoy, or learn, you know, depending on the sort if person you are.


1. The Only Chapter!

Fine. Walk away. It's not like I'm human. It's not like I have feelings. I'm just an empty monster, waiting to pounce. Or that's how you treat me, like I'm a strange beast from a foreign land, a scientific wonder, a Bigfoot. I don't blame you, I mean, I don't tell you how I feel, and the times I've tried you've mocked me. So I just expect it now. It gets easier, doesn't mean it hurts less, it just gets easier.

I don't trust anyone anymore, I don't open up to you anymore, I don't feel like eating anymore, permanently full. But they buy me so much food, and I eat it. I eat it until I feel sick. I watch as the weight grows, because of you. I watch as the breakouts get worse, because of you. I watch as I crumble, because of you.

Yet you walk around, living daily life, completely unaware of how I feel. And I sit here, wanting to die, waiting for the inevitable end, for my energy to be recycled. But, I don't blame you. It's not your fault. You don't know how you hurt me; how can you, when you don't take my truth seriously.

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