Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


11. What?


Carlisle and I were talking when suddenly we heard a car coming closer towards the house . Carlisle frowned as did I . The children weren't supposed to be home yet and we weren't expecting any friends .

When the car neared we noticed it was our Mercedes , Alice at the driver's side with an unknown girl next to her .

Carlisle and I didn't say anything , we just looked at each other with a confused look . Alice gracefully jumped out the car and helped the other girl out .

Oh my , she was covered in what seemed was a salad and her hair was dripping a bit . It looked like her clothes were wet too . But that wasn't the only thing we noticed on her , far from it . She was thin , too thin .

I looked at Carlisle and suddenly I knew who she was .

'Carlisle , that's Isabella Swan , Charlie's daughter . ' I explained .

When they entered we could see that Isabella wasn't directly paying attention to us , she was looking at our beautiful home .

I suddenly felt really sad for the child .

When they finally reached us , Alice introduced us . She also explained what happened at school , I could see Isabella blushing and I felt sad for what they did to her .

I offered her something to eat and she was embarrassed to say that she couldn't eat much yet because of everything that happened .

Alice was beaming next to her , she found another victim again . I know my daughter likes clothes and all the makeover things a little bit too much . But if it is what makes her happy , I'm happy .

When I reached the kitchen I heard Carlisle behind me .

'What are we going to give her to eat ?' he questioned . When I opened the fridge there were all ingredients to make a salad . We looked at each other and sighed , Alice .

'It's not healthy ' Carlisle murmured . I looked at him , confused .

'her figure , how thin she is . I'm pretty sure she doesn't get enough rest either . With all she can eat , she won't have enough energy for the day . So she needs more sleep but I think she's having nightmares too , because everything that happened to her was traumatizing . '

'She'll get better , I can feel it ' I said confidently .

Carlisle snorted ,'what are you Alice ?' .

We both laughed until we heard Alice giggling and bouncing off the stairs with Isabella carefully behind her . She was looking at her feet .

'here's your salad dear , I hope you like it '


After Alice practically dragged me upstairs I had to fit more than 15 shirts . When she finally found one she said it was "just" for eating .

I had a feeling she's the kind of girl that wears multiple outfits a day . She was so energetic , but I like it . She's a really nice person , a very good friend .

When we got back to the kitchen I saw Esme smiling at me kindly .

'here's your salad dear , I hope you like it ' she smiled warmly and waved me over to sit at the big table .

Alice joined me and I asked her if she wasn't going to eat . she said she already ate at school .

I saw Esme smiling when I took a bite from her salad . Man , it was really good . I found it weird to have her around but also nice at the same time . At home , I'm the one who takes care of my parents. I cooked , cleaned and made sure that everything was paid back in Phoenix with mom , and with dad I cook and clean . It's always been like that , my mom had terrible cooking skills and my dad just can't. He tried but doesn't have the skills either .

I don't mind it but it's nice to have a change , Esme made me feel younger , she made feel like a kid . It makes me happy because I never felt like that . She feels warm and good , she has a big heart .

I love my parents for who they are , don't get me wrong but , Esme is different .

'Bella , mom , she likes to be called Bella ' Alice said .

I didn't even notice that Esme tried to ask me a question .

'I'm sorry , I was daydreaming for a bit ' I murmured while blushing .

'It's okay Bella , are you finished ?' she looked at the plate . It was empty , it's been a while since I actually finished a whole plate .

I was proud of myself , it wasn't something big , but I ate an entire salad which was really good for me .

'Yes , I am . It was really good .' I ensured her .

'Thank you dear ' she answered proudly while walking back to the kitchen .

I like it that she calls me dear , mom and dad mostly call me there "baby girl " , but I'm the who's taking care of them . I don't mind it but it can get a little awkward at times .

'BELLA !' Alice was yelling while snapping her fingers in front of my eyes . ' wow , there's actually somebody home .' she smiled .

I blushed and mumbled ' yeah , sorry .'

'you're a lot like my brother .' she answered while again pulling me upstairs . 'Which one ?' I asked . That one made her laugh quit loudly .

'Edward , he daydreams all the time . ' she said ' he usually tries to block us out .'

'Why ?' I asked .

Her eyes widened for a moment before she quickly said ' nothing .'

Strange .

'Come on , let's play Barbie Bella ! ' she squealed .

She started with getting all the vegetable out of my hair and quickly putting up . She said she would fix it later . She made me try on shirts , tops , sweaters , blouses , pants ,skirts and dresses .

How is it possible that she still has all this energy .

After two hours she finally screeched 'make up and hair ! ' while quickly putting me down in a very big chair in a huge bathroom. This bathroom was bigger than my room .

She made me kneel over the sink while she quickly washed my hair . We both laughed when we saw some carrot and lettuce fall out .

I was happy Alice liked me , she's such a wonderful person , she didn't even look at me when she asked me to took my clothes of so she could dress in me in all her clothes .

Even my doctors stare at me because I look like zombie .

She dried my hair and curled it . She applied some light make up and pulled me in front of a mirror .

'TADA ! 'she screeched .

I froze , I looked good . I was still thin of course but it didn't look unhealthy anymore . Because of the makeup I looked healthy .

I was wearing a thin , blue blouse . It wasn't tight but it also wasn't lose . I covered half of my shoulders but it still didn't look naked . I was wearing a very skinny black jeans and some flats under it . I loved it .

'Thank you so much Alice ' I said softly while pulling her in a hug . She hugged me back and whispered ' you're welcome ' in my ear .

'I knew you liked it ' she smiled . 'Oh , my brothers and sister are home ' she beamed .

I frowned , 'how did you know that ?' , she looked at me wide eyed . ' I euhm heard it .' she said while walking out of the room and screaming ' stay here , I'll be right back !'

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