Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


40. The End

Sadly this is the last chapter!


We couldn't sleep of course which is why we just layed down and enjoyed the silence of the house and our environment . When our family finally noticed what was going on they all quietly left the house , they were happy for us but they didn't want to hear it , which is completely understandable . The way Bella made me feel was different than any other feeling I was ever granted to experience . We weren't just Bella and Edward anymore , we were finally one .

It felt like our souls were connected in every single way , I knew what she needed and she knew what I needed . When I was younger , not that younger but before I met Bella , I never truly believed in soul mates . Of course I saw my family and I heard their thoughts but it never really made a lot of sense to me . But when I met Bella , I finally understood everything my family had been talking about all these years .

I never quiet understood why they could just sit next to each other and stare into each other's eyes for hours and hours without actually talking or moving . But I did now , it didn't matter what you did , as long as you're with your mate .

Whenever I'm with Bell a , I'm different , happier , complete . The way it was supposed to be , I never really understood my family's value of sex , I tried to ignore it when they were thinking about but I definitely know what they mean now . It's the closest you can get to your mate .

Bella was laying in my arms , tightly pressed against my chest with her eyes closed . She liked to pretend to sleep , to close her eyes and try to think about absolutely nothing . I knew she wasn't thinking about nothing though , there was a lazy smile on her face and her fingers were making light patterns on my naked chest .

I buried my face in her hair and the scent freesia and strawberry overwhelmed me , making me dizzy like Bella liked to say dazzle me . I gently pressed little butterfly kisses from her hair towards her face, not wanting to neglect a spot from her beautiful face .

She giggled and leaned into my embrace , pressing her naked form closer and tighter against mine . 'Open those beautiful eyes my love ,' as always her breathing caught and she opened her eyes , which were filled with love and lust .

'I love you ,' she murmured , her voice sounding like wind chimes , it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard . 'say it again ,' I whispered .

She giggled and straddled me , pressing kisses on my entire face , neck and chest . 'I love you ,' she murmured at the end . I gently pushed her back as I lay on top of her , ' I love you too ,' I whispered in her ear . She shuddered as I bit her ear and a moan escaped from her lips .

Dude if you're still naked you're sooo gonna get it !- Emmett

Better stop doing what you're doing Edward , I don't want to go through a vision like that again .-Alice

I sighed and pressed my face against her neck , 'I'm afraid we have to stop my love .', I could feel her head shaking and I laughed .

89 seconds Edward ! – Alice

'Bella , everyone will be back in 89 seconds ,' I murmured against her skin as she suddenly sat up and sprung from the bed , desperately trying to find her clothes . 'Aren't you supposed to get dressed too ?'

'Not yet , I'm enjoying the view .' I murmured , I'm pretty sure that if she would've been human her head would've been as red as a tomato .

26 seconds Edward ! –Alice

I sighed and collected my clothes , when I saw that Bella was dressed I grabbed her from behind and threw her over my shoulder . 'Edward let me go !' she shrieked as I rushed us down stairs . Nonchalantly settling us both down on the couch as Emmett stormed into the house .

'Damn , you guys aren't naked !' he mocked , Rosalie rolled her eyes while holding back a giggle and playfully slapped him against his chest .

Bella chuckled and pressed her face against my chest , trying to hide her face from our family . Suddenly Alice' eyes went unfocused and a vision interrupted her thoughts .

Alice' eyes widened for a few seconds , Oh my God , are you really going to do that Edward ! Pretty pretty please tell me you're going to do that tonight ! – Alice

I smiled at her and nodded , trying to hide the fact that I was extremely annoyed right now . I wanted it to be a secret , guess not now Alice knows it . Jasper frowned at me , confused by my emotions at the moment .

'Emmett did you really think that if they would've been naked they would be in the living room ?' Carlisle asked him trying to hide a smile from is face but he couldn't .

'I don't know , I mean me and Rosie here tried every damn place in the house , even the dining table.' Esme slapped his head and Emmett whined for a bit . 'Language ! ' she hissed while everyone else was rather disgust by the thought of Rosalie and Emmett having sex on the dining table .

'Wait a minute !' Bella yelled , 'You had sex on the place where I've eaten food !' her facial expression was filled with disgust , her nose was scrunched up and her eyes were wide .

Rosalie nodded, a little ashamed , ' And you didn't disinfected the place ?! ' Emmett frowned , ' why would we do that .'

We all just laughed at Emmett's response and Bella's face , ' do you want to go somewhere with me ?' I whispered in her ear , she nodded as she took my hand and pulled us up . Her strength still surprised me even though I knew she was a newborn .

'Wait a second my love , I have to get something first .' she frowned as I untwined my hand from hers and ran up to my room . In one of the drawers on my nightstand was something I desperately needed today .

She was standing at the door , waiting for me . My family was spread around the room all being busy with their own interests . Esme was making another sketch of a house while Carlisle was reading a book about leukemia . Emmett was watching football with Jasper while Alice and Rosalie were busy with online shopping .

I gently grabbed her by her waist and turned her around , she giggled as I pressed her closer to my chest , burying her face under the crook of my neck , she pressed a lingering kiss just above the collar of my shirt . I groaned at the softness of her lips and pressed my lips against hers , kissing her passionately entwining my hands in her hair as she grabbed my shoulders . I didn't had to ask her to open her mouth for me , her lips opened instantly , inviting me in .

We both moaned as our tongues connected with each other when suddenly ,

'DUDE ! THAT'S REALLY HOT MAN , IT'S ALMOST LIKE FREE PORN EXCEPT YOU GUYS AREN'T NAKED !' Emmett yelled through the house , I forgot that my family was still there and I glanced around the room embarrassedly . Everyone was trying to stop their laughter and giggles while Emmett's eyes were wide open and his jaw almost hit the ground .

'I didn't know little Bella was that wild .' he laughed evilly while wobbling his eyebrows . 'Let's get out of here my love .' I murmured and so we ran .


I was really embarrassed but I really couldn't care less right now , I knew Edward was up to something . I knew that Alice had a vision which she was rather exited about , I was really curious when Edward went upstairs and returned with nothing .

I felt free when we ran even though we were with two . We stopped in the meadow , the sun was coming out , shinning beautifully over the meadow making all the colors spring out ,making it really look like it was a magical place .

The trees and the grass looked greener and the beautiful flowers looked like they were alive , moving along with the wind , it was perfect .

I sat down in Edward's embrace , we just sat there for a while . Enjoying each other's company and admiring each other in the sunlight .

I was wearing a strapless top and shorts since it wasn't that cold , the sun was out and I wouldn't get cold since I was vampire . Edward collected all my hair to one side of my shoulders and pressed light but steady kisses on my shoulder , my back and my neck .

I tried to withhold my moan but I couldn't keep quiet , I couldn't sit still either . His touch was slow and determined , it was the kind of mouthwatering , leg shaking touch . His touch went straight through my skin and bones making me melt on the inside .

My eyes rolled back in my head as his hands touched my entire body through my clothes , making my back arch against his chest ,my head resting on his shoulder as he continued to assault my body with kisses .

'Bella my love , I have to do something .' he murmured and I nodded , but I was rather confused when he pushed me off his lap and pulled me up .

I gasped when he went down on one knee and took a little box out of his pocket .

'Bella my love , ever since the first time I saw you I knew that you were different and I knew after just talking to you once that you would become the reason of my existence . You are my oxygen , my force of live . Without you there's nothing , you set my world on fire . I almost lost you once I couldn't even cope with the thought of you being gone . Bella my love , I promise to love you every moment forever , would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me ? '

He glanced at my through his lashes and I was frozen , a dozen of emotions ran through my body at once , I wanted to say so many things , all lovely and cheesy .

'Yes , 'I whispered , a breathtaking smile overtook his face and pure joy rested in his eyes . I've never seen him this happy or satisfied .

He slowly got up and opened the little box , I gasped when I saw the ring . It was beautiful , oval filled with little diamonds .' This was my mother's and it now belongs to you Mrs. Cullen .' He murmured as he took my hand in his hand and slowly slid the ring on my finger . I loved the way he called me Mrs. Cullen , like I was already a part of him .

'A perfect fit , it's meant to be my love .' he whispered against my hand as he kissed the finger the ring was resting on .

He pulled me in the biggest and strongest hug ever and kissed as passionate as ever , feeling everything he'd ever felt for me in that one kiss .

Starting the first day of our blissful forever after .


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