Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


9. The Cullens


They were sitting in corner of the cafeteria .

There were five of them . They weren't talking , and they weren't eating , though they each had a tray of untouched food in front of them . They weren't gawking or pointing at me like all the others .

They didn't look anything alike . Of the three boys , one was big – muscled like a serious weight lifter , his muscled scared me off . He had dark , curly hair . He looked pretty protective , I could see it in the way he had his arm around the shoulder of one of the girls . I could also see it in the way his shoulders stood , it looked like he was ready to jump up and fight . Yeah , he really scared me off .

The girl who the man had his arm around was beautiful , and that was an understatement . She had a beautiful figure , the kind you saw on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue , the kind that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem just by being in the same room , including me . She had this look in her eyes which scared me off .

Another boy was sitting next to the blond girl . He also looked really protective about girl he was holding hands with , his shoulders were tense and he had a pained look in his eyes . He was taller than the other boy , leaner but still muscular , he had honey blond hair .

The girl he was holding hands with was the opposite of the other girl . She was really short , shorter than me . She was pixie like , thin in the extreme , she was as thin as me , maybe a bit healthier but not much . The difference between the two of us was that she looked gorgeous , breathtaking . While I looked sick . She had small features . Her hair was a deep black , copped short and pointing in every direction . I liked it .

The last boy was extremely beautiful , he looked like a Greek God . He was lanky , less bulky but you could still see muscles beneath his shirt ,he was breath taking . I think my heart skipped a few beats . He had untidy , bronze-colored hair . He looked more boyish than the others . He looked bored .

They were all so different and yet , they were all exactly alike . Every single one of them was chalky pale , the palest of all students , paler than me . They all had very dark eyes despite the range in hair tones . They also had dark shadows under those eyes – purplish , bruise like shadows .As if they were suffering from a sleepless night , or almost done recovering from a broken nose . Though their noses , all there features were straight , perfect , angular .They looked so different than everybody else , they were all devastatingly , inhumanly beautiful . They were faces you never expected to see except perhaps painted by an old master as the face of an angel.

'Bella you okay ? ' I heard Angela whisper to me .

'I'm fine , just dozed off , I'm still tired from the flight ' I murmured .

She nodded and we got our lunch .

Angela had a sandwich , a slice of pizza , an apple and milk . I still can't eat much , so I just took a salad and a bottle of water .

'Is that all you're going to eat ?' Angela asked when we sat down on an empty table , we were sitting rather close to the inhumanly beautiful people I just saw .

'euhm , well , I can't eat much yet ,' I murmured while looking at her from under my lashes , ' you know , since what happened back in Phoenix .' I didn't think she actually heard the last part .

I looked down at the table when I felt Angela's hand on my hand .

'it's okay , you'll get better , I'm sorry I asked ' she said while giving me a small smile .

'no problem ' I smiled back at her , I got a friend , I've never been happier in my life !

'Angela , can I ask you something ?' she looked up from her food and nodded curiously .

'who are they ?' I asked while moving my eyes towards those five persons a few tables away from us.

She giggled nervously , ' those are the Cullen's , every single person in this school wants to befriend them , I think everyone but us tried . ' she giggled , 'but they stay on their own all the time . '

'the boy with the blond hair is Jasper Hale and the girl who's holding his hand is Alice Cullen . The girl with the blond hair , is Rosalie Hale , Jasper's twin sister . she's together with the big one , Emmet Cullen , Alice's sister and the boy with reddish-brown hair is Edward Cullen .'

'They don't look like each other ' I murmured .

'that's because they aren't related , they're all adopted by doctor Cullen and his wife . The hale's are foster kids . Everyone says that doctor Cullen's wife can't have kids .' she explained .

'That's really kind of them , taking care of all these kids ' I said .

'I agree ,' Angela smiled ' they're all together , Emmett and Rosalie , Jasper and Alice I mean . Everyone is making such a big thing over it .' she rolled her eyes .

'why ?' I chuckled , ' it's not like they're related .'

'Tell that to the entire school population ' she laughed , ' I'd rather not ' I giggled nervously back .

We laughed silently together .

'Aw ! Would you look at that , it's the pity party !' Jessica was standing at our table with a bunch of what I like to call "popular kids" , in front of our table .

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