Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


31. Pain


I really wished I could read her mind , we were all concerned about her , we were calling her name and shaking her shoulders but she wasn't moving .

She was frozen , her eyes unfocussed . Like Alice' when she gets a vision . I was worried , could she also see the future ?

Suddenly she blinked a few times , trying to focus her eyes . They stopped when they came in contact with mine , she smiled brightly . I could see the happiness in her eyes ,I could see hope , she looked better than ever .

My hands were caressing her face , stoking her soft skin slightly . I couldn't help myself , it was like my body decided to act on its own .

We were standing rather closely , enjoying each other's presence . I knew she probably didn't even remember me but she looked so happy and satisfied .

There was something different in her eyes than before . She looked at me , intensely .

'I remember ,' she whispered , not a single word could explain how I felt at that moment . I didn't care what she remembered , if it's some happy moment from us , my name , our first kiss . She remembers !

The biggest and goofiest smile appeared on my face , I didn't care we had an audience they were somewhere far behind in my head .

I stroked her cheek , all I wanted to do was kiss her , but I couldn't do that yet . I didn't know what she remembered , and it would probably be too soon her .

Aro coughed , 'Edward ?' , as soon as he said my name Bella froze as her gaze went from total happiness to furious and raged the next second .

When Bella froze , so did Aro .

Her eyes were filled with hatred and disgust , her teeth were showing as she growled at Aro ,her back was arched slightly and her breathing was shallow . some of the guard members moved in front of him .

Edward her emotions are really bad , she's ready to kill him . He must've done something bad to her . –Jasper

I knew lying to her would bring him to that , he shouldn't have done it in the first place . Aro and his sick obsession with gifts and power . – Felix

I really hope I get the chance to rip her little head off , I'm Aro's treasure , not she. – Jane

Edward try to stop her ! – Esme

Esme's voice was filled with concern for her daughter , she still was a new born with very strong emotions and for whichever reason she was really mad at him , but I had to stop her .

I pulled on her arm , trying to pull her back but she just pushed me back with one swift move . She was strong , even for a new born .

'Bella he's not worth it !' Emmett shouted at her , Bella turned to him . Emmett flinched back when he saw Bella's murderous glare , she looked at everyone in the room before straightening her back and slowly walked towards Aro .

She looked in control but as soon as she was in front of Aro , the growling and hissing started again . 'How dare you lie to me !' she yelled at him , I was confused , I thought she'd never heard from us before .

The guard wanted to take her but Aro stopped them . 'Well well , seems like little Isabella Swan is a fierce one .' He said while looking at her from head to toe , which made me very angry and possessive .

Just as I wanted to jump in front of Bella so I could protect my mate , Marcus got up , confused , I had heard from Carlisle that he was the one who never talked . According to the guard's minds , he had spoken a few lines since Bella arrived .

'What do you mean my child ?' He asked , his voice sounded dusty and old . His gaze was confused and curious .

'Aro lied to me !' she growled , Marcus got closer and almost touched her , he stilled his hand just a few inches from her skin . I frowned , why wouldn't he touch her ? It was supposed to be a supporting touch right ?

Bella looked at his hand and back at his face . She relaxed a bit but was still very tense and her gaze hadn't changed yet .

'What did he lie about ?' He asked her , he looked back at his brother , confused . Aro looked at the ground , like he was busted .

'I was reading a book from the library .' She said , still hissing slightly ,' I was reading sense and sensibility .' I smiled , when I read everyone else's mind , she had been reading that book almost non stop . She really loved it , human and vampire . It still annoyed me that Aro was still under the protection of a shield .

'I bounced on the name Edward , and I felt something , a good feeling .' she said while looking at me , her gaze changed for a second but returned to being furious .

'I asked Aro if it was possible that I knew that name , but he said no .' I was furious , how could he ! he didn't have the right .

Marcus' hand dropped and he looked at Aro , disgust and despise were the glares he gave him . 'Brother , how could you ! We agreed on telling her whenever she asked something .' Caius said in disapproval .

'She didn't had to know , she could be mine ,she would've been . She's worthless anyway .' Aro said looking down at her , everyone gaped at him and I growled .


My jaw had hit the ground when Aro had said that Bella was worthless . Edward immediately sprung into his defensive mode . It's a natural instinct to us , we protect and defend our mates no matter what .

Bella slowly grabbed his arm , she was confused but she did it anyway . I couldn't image how she felt , she didn't even know any of us . She didn't know her history , she didn't know her past .

She didn't know anything but she just protected us over a feeling she had .

She pulled him back , one hand one each of his upper arms . Her hands looked really tiny compared to Edward's upper arms .

She pulled him back , his growling lessened as she pulled him back and his back bounced against her chest , it was a very cute gesture to see . A mate wanting her mate to be happy , she didn't even know him , but she felt it , she felt that she had to protect him .


When Bella pulled me back I relaxed immediately , my back touched her chest lightly . It felt like butterflies were not only flying through my stomach but through my entire body .

'Are we allowed to leave ?' Carlisle asked , annoyance very visible on not only his face but also in his voice .

Aro smiled darkly , ' but of course my friend .' As I turned around Bella was ripped from my embrace, we all turned away at the noise and Aro was holding Bella against his chest , Bella obviously struggling . His arm was just under her chin , his hand gripping her shoulder . His other hand was holding her thin writs in his behind her back .

Nobody move or talked apart from Bella who was fighting against him ,her face confused me . It wasn't full of hate , if was full of pain as she was gasping for air .


When Aro had snitched me away from Edward I felt the pain , but when he gripped me tighter it felt like I was going to die . I had avoided physical contact , every little touched had hurt me , every touch apart from Edwards .

The pain made gasp for air , I hadn't told anyone apart from Marcus and Felix . I winced at the pain , it made me beg for death . Why did he still want me if I was worthless in his eyes ?

I struggled as hard as I could , I thought he was weak since he needed that much protection . But I am a new born .

I twisted the arm that was holding my hands behind my back in the wrong , unnatural direction and he realized , as he realized I quickly turned around and pushed him to the ground . All of this happened within the same second .

Edward quickly pulled me from him as the guards ran to rise him up . I was struggling in his embrace , I wanted , needed to hurt Aro .

'Enough !' Caius yelled , I was out of breath and relaxed in Edwards arms , he didn't realize me . He just pushed me closer against his chest . My entire back was molded in Edward's chest .

He was shushing in my ear and it relaxed me , I felt calm again .

'I thought you said I was worthless ?' I whispered at him , he looked back at me . 'You are .' He simply said . Somewhere inside me his words hurt .

Edward growled and he pulled me behind him , he was protecting me with his body . I peeked at the rest in front of me , Edward was standing protectively in front of me .

'Can I go with them than ?' I murmured , Aro wanted to say something but Marcus shushed him , ' Yes you can , even if you could control your power . You can go'I smiled brightly at Marcus , he nodded sadly as he glanced at Aro .

Edward grabbed my arm lightly and pulled me outside , finally leaving the castle behind me .

We all were running now , me and Edward ahead . His legs were going faster but mine could push me harder since I was a new born .

We glanced at each other all the time , I didn't even know who the rest of them were but it didn't matter , I knew they cared for me .


We were almost out this little town when two figures stopped us , I pulled Bella behind me again and we were ready to attack but we stopped when we saw Marcus and Felix standing in front of us , their hands raised .

'We come in peace .' Marcus said .

Bella slowly walked towards them and smiled sadly , Felix winked at her and she giggled . I wanted to be furious at him but I couldn't , he was her only friend .

I'm really going to miss her , she was the only fun person around here . I can see she'll be back with her real family now .- Felix

His mind was sad . 'We came to say goodbye .' Felix smiled at her , he held his hand up and Bella closed the distance , their hands were almost touching .

'Bella ?' I asked her , ' Why wouldn't let anyone touch you ?' I asked her while stroking her arm as I stood behind her ones more .

'It hurts ,' She whispered , I looked at Carlisle , worried .' I don't know what happened to me but since I woke up every touch from what you can call living persons hurt .' She smiled as she turned around to face me , 'every touch apart from yours .' she added .

I smiled brightly and we heard everyone chuckle .

Marcus stroked Bella's face so lightly he was barely touching her , I could see a little hint of pain in her eyes though .

'Bella , be happy , you're much prettier when you use that smile .' he smiled at her .

I wish I had a daughter like her ,she's so kind .- Marcus

He turned at me , raising his finger pointing at me , ' you better take care of her .' he warned me . Half a second later they were gone , Bella turned around to face me .

'Let's go home .' I murmured at her she froze and looked down at her feet , sadness washed over her.

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