Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


33. New Me

I'm sorry that this chapter isn't that long , I'm really tired , but I tried


Bella had left eight hours ago when it was twilight . Jasper said she felt really confused and that she was in conflict with herself .

We were all really positive , she'd remembered a lot of things . She remembered us in our meadow , Alice driving her home from that horrible day at school and her parents .

She reacted the same at us like she did a few months ago , when we had met each other . She intimidated by Rosalie , a little freaked out from Alice and Emmett . Confused about Jasper but what hurt me the most is how she felt when I had told her I was her mate .

She had felt insignificant , unimportant , ugly and not worthy of me . She insecure and had a very low self-confidence . It was her first day at Forks all over again , she was sort held in Volterra without wanting it and she had to move again , starting everything all over again .

We worked on her confidence for months , it took her the same time to see herself a little different , to actually believe that she belongs with me .

When she had left to think I thought she would return sooner or later , I hoped for the sooner of course .

I was really concerned and the other ones just laughed at me , it was my protective mate side acting up .

I felt lost and alone without her , I felt so out of control . I was pacing around , driving my entire family mad .

'HEY !'Emmett yelled ,' get out of here Casanova and go look for her before I rip your head off .' He said , he turned himself back to his video game and everyone laughed silently .

After that I ran , following her scent and finding her in our meadow , I smiled at myself .


I didn't know how long I was laying here but I enjoyed it , it was so different here . In Volterra it was so dry and warm . It wasn't cold here , but it was wet and a bit chilly at night .

I enjoyed laying in the damp grass , hundreds if it weren't thousands of beautiful purple flowers surrounded me .

The meadow was closed with trees but it was perfectly round , I could see the starts . The sky was almost cloudless and the moon was full .

I could smell a little river a few miles further from here . I was really happy to be gone from them , I hated the volturi , well everyone apart from Marcus and Felix of course .

I was really happy , I remembered Edward and Alice , sort of . I didn't have a head ache , I felt relaxed and in peace .

I could hear someone enter and I could smell It was one of the Cullen's , I think it was Edward . I was completely shocked when he said I was his mate . I could see the love and devotion in his eyes and I wished I could feel the same way about him .

I sat up and opened my eyes , smiling at him , he smiled back , dazzling me . I crossed my legs and he did the same , settling himself down in front of me .

We didn't really say anything ,there was a long silence . It wasn't one of those awkward silences , it was nice , we just stared at each other . Staring each other in the eyes .

'I was worried about you .' He said , his voice made my body tingle , it made me feel absolutely perfect and in heaven .

'Why ?' I asked him , he looked confused , 'because I care about you Bella , more than you'll ever know .' he whispered while looking into my eyes intensely .

I looked down , ' I wished I could say the same ,' I murmured sadly , his fingers stroked my face , 'it's okay , you're perfect just the way you are .' he murmured , butterfly entered my body leaving my body tingly after they left .

I looked up abruptly , ' tell me ,' he frowned , ' tell me everything , how we met , how we fell in love , about your family tell me everything .' I insisted , moving closer to him while rising to my knees , and practically begging him to tell me .

He leaned in and I didn't know how to react , I could see he wanted to kiss me , I saw it in his eyes . But I wasn't ready , I didn't know a thing about him .

He changed his direction to my face and pressed a lingering kiss on my cheek , leaving it behind , burning .

If I was human I would've blushed , furiously .


I could've killed myself at that moment , what was I thinking , she wasn't ready for that yet . I had pressed my lips against her cheek .

'I'll start at the beginning , it all started before you moved to Forks .' I said , she frowned and wanted to say something , but I pressed his finger to my lips .

'Let me talk first okay .' she nodded at me .

'You were living with your mother, Renee , in Phoenix . Your parents divorced when you were only a few months old .'

I'm sure I looked sad and mad when I went on ' you moved to Forks because you were almost bullied to death . So you and your mother decided that it would be the best for you to move to your dad . And there is begins ..'


I listened to him intensely , shocked at what I've been through . Edward and I were close and I hated all those people for almost killing me .

I was shocked and furious when he told me I was kidnapped , listening to the story , we were finally perfectly happy .

I finally had friends and it heard like Rosalie , Alice and I were as close sisters . I wanted to cry , we sat there for ours and ours .

The sun came up and we were both sparkling brightly , he looked beautiful . He got up around noon , 'You ready to leave ?' he asked me , reaching out for me .

I took his hands and everything became blurry again ,

I was walking into the cafeteria and I saw them sitting in the corner at a table , I was talking to a girl with long black hair . We were talking about the Cullen's , I saw the whole salad thing and I immediately hated those girls .

Suddenly the scenery changed and I was walking down a hallway in a different school , I was being pulled inside a janitor's closet . I was trying to get out but I couldn't , days flashed forward in seconds and I saw myself being pulled out and in a hospital bed .

The scene changed again and I saw myself sitting next to my dad in a police cruiser , talking about the weather and my hair .

I saw myself entering the Cullen house, meeting Esme and Carlisle , smiling politely .

I saw myself walking in Seattle with Rosalie and Alice laughing and joking around , I saw myself leaving alone to a bookshop and I saw the other vampire , James take me .

I saw Edward kissing for the first time , I saw many more kisses and cuddles.

I saw Alice making me up , making me beautiful .

And l saw my ugly , skinny body .

I remembered , not everything yet , but most of it .


As she took my hand she suddenly collapsed , her breathing changed . I shook her gently 'Bella ?' I was getting really freaked out .

I shook her harder , 'Bella wake up !' she didn't woke up , so I took her in my arms and ran as fast as I could back home .

They were all worried when they saw Bella in my arms , Carlisle took her and gently lay her on the couch .

She opened her eyes and smiled brightly at me , she practically jumped me and threw her arms around my neck , giving me the biggest and tightest hug ever .

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