Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


26. missing


I don't know what happened to me after he got me but after I woke up again , my body was full of cuts and filled with bruised . It looked like a bad painting with only blue , purple and red . The colors were bright on my white skin and he told me he loved it .

He sickened me , I didn't want to show him my weakness but whenever he would kick , slap or cut me I couldn't keep the tears away , I couldn't stop my tears . I tried too , believe me I did .

He had a mate , her name was Victoria . She seemed to have a gift of hiding , they would have trouble finding us . I sometimes heard them talking about another vampire who used to be with them , Laurent , he left when they heard there plan to get me apparently .

I hope the Cullen's found him , he might've been able to help at least a little bit .

I was freezing , it was summer for crying out loud . I think if I would be able to watch in a mirror, my lips would be blue .My fingers felt numb from the cold .

When he carved in my skin in front of Edward and his family , I couldn't keep silent anymore . I screamed and cried , even I didn't want to . He was carving letters in my skin ,thank God I couldn't see it myself .

After he ended the call he threw me against the wall again , my head knocking to the wall harshly .I blacked out again and I was scared for what he was going to do with me .


I was at my breaking point . I wanted to search for my Bella so bad , but Alice had seen Charlie coming over to talk about her disappearing .

When we told Charlie he almost fainted , Jasper tried to handle his emotions but he couldn't . Charlie had the entire police unit from Forks , Port Angeles and Seattle on her case .

I was happy he tried so hard but we all knew it wouldn't help since James' a vampire after all . We found out that he didn't work alone , his mate's name was Victoria and their friend , Laurent had left them right before they took Bella , he tried to help us but he didn't know much .

'How's Edward ?' Charlie asked while entering the house , walking through the hallway towards the living room . We all looked miserable , it wasn't faked , trust me .

'Oh my God , that Edward boy looks bad . I hope he'll be okay . – Charlie

'Is he going to be okay ?' Charlie whispered in Carlisle's ear while looking over at me , I pretended that I didn't heard them .

Edward dude , you look like a nervous wreck . – Emmett

Edward , calm down , we'll find her , we'll do anything to get her back . – Carlisle

Edward control your emotions before I faint ! – Jasper

It'll be alright Edward , her future hasn't changed . – Alice

Son , I promise we'll bring her back even it's the last thing I'll do . – Esme

I'm so sorry Edward – Rosalie

'You don't have to be sorry Rosalie ' I murmured at her , she didn't had any blame on this , she really loved Bella , she changed us all so much .

She smiled at me , the smile didn't reach her eyes .

'Why are you sorry Rosalie ?' Charlie asked , sadness reached her eyes . ' Like I told you before , Bella asked us if she could go to this bookstore while we would go to a different store . I shouldn't have let her go alone . I should've been with her .' She was dry sobbing before running to her room , a little too fast for humans but Charlie didn't really notice it . Emmett quickly got up and ran after her .

She really feels bad , it isn't even her fault . - Emmett

Wow , good runner . Poor girl , she doesn't have to feel bad about . – Charlie

'Let's go to my study Charlie .' Carlisle murmured while guiding Charlie to his study . Esme sat down next to me and rubbed my back , her head resting on my shoulder .

'I'll be okay my son ' she whispered , I think that if we were humans we would be crying nonstop.


I was regaining consciousness but I couldn't move yet , so I just lay there and listened to my environment . I could feel my body hurting and aching but not as bad as when I blacked out . I was still very cold .

'How dare you do this to an innocent human !' A strange man shouted , he probably was a vampire since he used the word vampire .

'She's our food !' James shouted back , I heard Victoria huff . 'Since when do we play with food ! Even though they're our food , they still shouldn't be threatened like this !' Another man yelled back .

I wanted to smile and cry at the same time , there were vampire's here who wanted to help me . Who didn't want James to continue this torture .

'She was Edward Cullen's mate ' I could hear a smile in james' voice . Like that actually matters , just because I'm his mate doesn't mean I'm special .

'Really , why does it matter ?' A third voice asked , I wanted to cry out of joy , but I couldn't move yet.

James stuttered a bit , I couldn't understand his words . ' The Cullen's are different , their eyes are gold .' Victoria screeched .

I heard some people huff , ' that's their life choice , we don't care if they want to live of animals .' I was relieved .

'Jane ,' I heard the first voice murmur , his voice was smooth and sounded a bit childish . 'Yes master,' a childlike voice answered him . She must be a vampire too then . The word master made me want to frown .

Who calls somebody their master ? Isn't that from some far away land somewhere back in time ? Like a few decades ago .

'End them ,' the same firm voice said . I heard some ripping noises and some small screams and suddenly it was all over and I could hear them getting closer .

My heart started to beat faster , I didn't know if I had to be scared of happy that a bunch of human drinking vampires were coming closer to me .

I felt a cold hand shaking my shoulders lightly , ' can you hear me ?' I heard the smooth firm voice say closer to me now .

Another cold hand stroked lightly over my forehead , ' she feels really cold Aro .' I heard one of the voices say .

'I know , I want to wake her first before trying anything .' I now knew that the smooth voice was Aro . I could move some parts of my body .

'She waking up , ' I heard someone shout happily . 'Felix ' I heard Aro murmur .

Every little part of my body ached as I moved it . Every time you get surgery at the hospital and you wake up , they ask you what your pain is on a scale of one to ten . If they would ask me now I would say 23 .

I could feel my eyelids getting lighter as I tried to blink . When I opened my eyes , everything was blurry and I couldn't really focus on any of their faces .

'Can you hear me ?' I guessed it was Aro since I recognized his voice ,I focused on him . He was really white , different white than the Cullen's . It looked like some old paper which was getting transparent , his eyes were blood red . He had shoulder-length black hair and he was wearing some very expensive material of clothes . He some evil look in his eyes which made me shiver .

I couldn't answer just yet , my throat was really dry . So I nodded to him while I looked in his eyes .

'You've got some beautiful eyes my dear .' He said , I smiled slightly and flinched when I felt my body ach .

'Are you in pain ?' One of the previous voices asked me , I looked at him . He had also had shoulder-length hair but his was blonde .

I nodded again while looking at everyone ,' What's your name sweetheart ?' an old crackled voice asked me , he also had shoulder-length hair but it was brown . He looked older than the other ones , he had some crinkles by his eyes and on his forehead .

'Bella ,' I cracked , 'Isabella ,' Aro breathed . I nodded slightly ,' I like Bella more .' I cracked again . Aro frowned .

'Felix , search some water for her will you . Cold and fresh .' I was surprised , why would they care . I was just human , I was their food .

He was back some time later , with a bottle of fresh water .Aro brought it up to my lips since I couldn't do it myself . I drank it down and shivered from the coldness .

I blacked out again and woke up in a much comfortable place , I dreamed about Edward and his family . 'They will want her back Aro! She is young Edward's mate !' Caius screams , ' Maybe she'll wake up after her transformation without any memory of them ' Aro whispered back .

'What if she doesn't ?' Marcus asked , ' I would let her go , I think .' I heard some evil edge in Aro's voice and I knew I couldn't trust him , I don't know why , but I could hear it .

'I don't care ! She's mine .' Aro yelled , I opened my eyes , confused . I was scared of him , I felt like property . I don't belong to anyone but Edward .

'Hello sweetheart .' Aro breathed happily over my face , I flinched back at his closeness .

'I'm really sorry my dear .' He whispered as his eyes showed he was desperate .

His face inched closer as I felt his cold breath on my neck and I screamed when I felt the pain started to run through my veins setting my entire body on fire . I begged them to kill me and screamed one last time before blacking out again .


I gasped after my vision , Edward looked at me with wide eyes .

'ALICE , Edward ! WHAT IS GOING ON !' Emmett yelled in my ear .

'Bella , she's becoming one of us .' I murmured still in a trance . 'Sweet ,' Emmett said , Rosalie slapped him on his chest .

'The volturi has her .' I murmured as they went quiet .

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