Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


37. Mad Bells

I haven't been able to upload yesterday , I had a stomach flu and because of that I wasn't able to eat , so I fainted in the shower and well , you know what I mean I just haven't been able to write .


'HOLY SHIT DUDE ! THAT'S ALMOST FREE PORN ! ' , we were shocked by the sudden noise since we were quite busy and hadn't had any sound for a long time .

Bella immediately sprung into a defensive mode and crouched down in front of me , hissing at our family , at Emmett in general . Bella was only a few weeks old so she was very protective plus the fact that she felt the need to protect her mate .

'Yo , Bella calm down !' Emmett yelled which only made her worse . She growled , showing her teeth and clawing her hands , arching her back .

Everyone immediately stepped back , scared , they finally realized that she could be very dangerous in this mode .

Carlisle took one step forward which made her growl even more , 'Bella ,' he said calmly while she hissed at him ,' relax , it's just us .' his hands were in front of him , he was bowing his head so it looked like she was bigger than him .

Bella's posture still didn't change ,

Edward , we better get out of here , soon . She's really mad Edward , it's the new born thing plus she has the feeling that she has to protect you . And Emmett didn't really help with his screaming .- Jasper

I shook my head , afraid Bella would get scared or even madder at the sound of my voice . Everyone was stepping farther and farther away from her .

Edward , we all had this specific period in our relationships , she isn't herself right now , she doesn't realize it's us , it's pure animalistic. -Carlisle

Again I shook my head at him , I couldn't just leave the room and leave her alone . I knew for sure she was going to be scared and embarrassed about what happened ,what still is happening .

Emmett's mind was screaming of guilt , he felt like he was guilty because he was the one who had screamed to her , twice .

It wasn't entirely his fault of course , every vampire had it , normally in the first few days of their lives. Carlisle had helped me through mine and we helped the others through theirs . We didn't realize Bella still had to go through it , since she wasn't days but weeks old .

Newborns are extremely dangerous and when this happens they don't know or remember anything ,it's like someone's possessing you , everything turns red and black eventually .

You don't recognize anyone , so you could practically kill your mate without realizing it .

I slowly got closer to her , step by step , even slow for a human . I was behind her but she could clearly hear me .

'Bella ,' I whispered , I stopped when I was just an inch away from her . I could feel the rage and protectiveness radiating from her body . I gently placed my hand on her shoulder , she didn't relax , just kept hissing at the others .

'Bella , it's me , everything's fine .' I murmured in her ear , she didn't let go , she kept hissing and growling .

I was worried , we'd seen this all , everyone had it . We had helped every through it but no one was like this , no one was as bad as this .

I didn't think , I just did . I turned her around and pressed her against my chest .I could hear everyone gasp .

Edward , let her go !- Carlisle

Edward , we don't know what she's capable of !- Esme

Edward she isn't herself !- Rosalie

Her breathing was rapidly , uneven , shallow . She didn't answer my embrace , she kept still , not moving .

'It'll be okay, we'll be fine my love . I promise everything will be fine , I love you .'

After a few seconds her breathing changed , her tense posture disappeared and her head fell against my chest .Her breathing was controlled and even , her eyes were closed .

It's working Edward , you're doing a great job. -Jasper

That's impossible-Carlisle


Her knees were wobbly and her entire body started to shake , just half a second later she fell to her knees , with me still holding onto her falling to the ground as well .

I pulled her one my lap , rocking her back and forth while shushing her , whispering kind and loving words at her .

Everyone was looking at us , their eyes wide , not breathing . Shocked emotions spread over their faces , Carlisle stood at front , unknowingly protecting his family for what might come or happen.

I looked down at her face , her eyes were closed , it looked like she was asleep. Her breathing was peacefull and relaxed .

I frowned at the sight of her , I lightly nudged her ,' Bella ?' I murmured at her , she wasn't responding .

'Bella , can you hear me ?' I said a little louder . I gently laid her down , she still wasn't moving , 'Bella,' I yelled while shaking her harder .

Carlisle was on my side instantly , 'Carlisle what's happening ?'I asked desperately , ' I don't know son , I don't know .'

Carlisle wanted to check up on her but he had no idea how , she wasn't human , she didn't had a heartbeat , she didn't have blood running through her veins , he couldn't do anything even though he was just as desperate as I was .


Red , that's all I could see , the color red and after that blackness . Nothing more nothing less , I couldn't hear or see anything , it felt like I was locked up in my own mind . I didn't understand what was happening to me .

Suddenly all my energy was forced away from my body , just gone out of nowhere , I couldn't open my eyes , they felt heavy just like my head . My head felt like someone was actually hitting on it , with a hammer .

I heard voiced but I couldn't separate them , I couldn't hear who was yelling at me , I couldn't hear what they were screaming to me . Someone was shaking at me , nudging me , probably trying to wake me up .

Their touches felt faint , like I only felt them later and fainter than I was supposed to . It felt like someone was trying to wake me up , but I was still deep asleep even though I knew it wasn't possible .

The voices came closer and their touches felt deeper , my head didn't feel so heavy anymore , it was like I was drowning and slowly was edging closer towards the surface of the deep cold water .

I couldn't understand all the sentences , I understood some faint words but that was it . I could see some faint colors above my eyelids , sunshine perhaps or just some light but as soon as it came it was gone .

What was happening to me ?


Carlisle had his bag next to him still unsure what he could use or what would work on her or for her . My family slowly inched closer , still afraid of her , afraid of how she might react .

She took a deep breath but didn't move , Carlisle flashed a light in her eyes , they didn't react , but that of course meant nothing .

She suddenly blinked and everyone apart from me inched back immediately , backing up against the walls .

'Bella , can you hear me my love ?' , she closed her eyes again and took a deep breath , scrunching her eyes and nose . It reminded me of when I had watch her sleep as a human , she would always look like this while waking up .

'Bella ?' I asked again but a bit louder , she looked up and stared at everyone , confused because they were still backing up against the walls .

She slowly got up and murmured ,' why am I laying on the ground ?' , I was relieved , I smiled brightly at her and took her in a tight embrace .

She returned my embrace , still confused but gladly returning my embrace , ' I'm asking again , why am I laying on the ground ?' she whispered in my ear , she sounded giggly but confused at the same time .

'Has anyone ever told you about .. ' , ' and why is everyone looking at me like that ?' she wasn't looking at me anymore , she was staring at my family who were still backing up against the walls .

I got up and took her with me , 'Bella hasn't the Volturi told you about this ?' Carlisle asked while stepping closer .

'About how you felt ?' , she frowned , ' they were kind of scared of me , the first two weeks but after that they changed .'

'Bella , what just happened to you usually happens in our first few days of our newborn lives . You forget who you are , you don't hear or see anything and when you're in this period , you are very mad and protective , most vampires hurt or kill some people .'

Bella's eyes widened ,' but you didn't !' Carlisle shushed her , she relaxed but turned her face in my chest .

'Can we go upstairs ?' she whispered , 'of course ,' I kissed her hair while she leaded me away from my family .

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