Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


35. Kiss

I'm so sorry that I haven't uploaded last week ! I was so busy , I didn't even had time to do some of my homework , anyway , thanks for the birthday wishes ! I have lots and lots of new ideas for new fanfictions but I'm going to finish this one first before started another one I hope you'll enjoy .

Previously : 'Edward can I ask you something ?' I was really nervous for this part , 'anything,' he whispered .


When Bella had entered my room I was very nervous and when she bit her lip I couldn't stop myself from looking down at her lips and licking mine .

She remembered the song , it was one of the songs I played when she came over . I miss cuddling and kissing her , I miss being able to spontaneously grab her or touch her .

She remembered a lot , not everything . She remembered the memories , not the feelings . I was scared , what if she would never love me again , what if she wouldn't be able to remember everything , or remember her feelings .

I didn't really care if the old Bella would never come back , as long as we could be together . I never wanted this life for her . I didn't want her to become a monster like me , but seeing her as a vampire now , makes me believe that she must have a soul . Such a pure and good creature has to have a soul .

I was tense around her , I didn't know how to act and how to react around her . I didn't know how she would react to certain things , at some levels she still was the same Bella as before .

Still shy , still a booklover , she still wants everybody else to be happy ,still stubborn , still kind and lovingly .

We all tried to get her full memory back , we showed her photo's and video's . We went to places where she had spent a lot of time when she was human .

We told her everything , she didn't remember a thing from Forks high school , but she did remember what happened to her in Phoenix , she was furious when she remembered .

'Edward can I ask you something ?' her sweet voice sounded really nervous , she didn't look at me , she looked at her fingers which were fidgeting .

'Anything ,' I whispered , the tension in my room was high . She took some deep breaths before she continued .

'It's not really a question , it's more a request .' Her face looked ashamed , I'm sure that if she would've been human , her heart would be beating out of her chest and her cheeks would be blushing furiously .

'I've been thinking about asking you this for a while ,' she paused and looked up ,'All I see in my head are my memories , I can see how I felt , I can see how much I loved you .'

She stopped , staring deeply into my eyes ,' But it's not enough Edward , I want to feel how much I loved you and I thought .. ' She stopped .

'You thought .. ?' I asked her again , being really curious since I still can't read her mind . The room was very quiet , everyone had left after Esme came down after Bella's breakdown . Alice had had a vision but she refused to show me , so she forced everyone to leave .

She sighed ,' I thought that if we would kiss , I might remember some of it .' she murmured , I'm sure that if I wasn't listening well enough I wouldn't have heard her .

Her gaze dropped back to her hands ,I couldn't move , she wanted me to kiss her . She practically asked me to do the thing I wanted to do when I first saw her back in Volterra .

I took her face in my hands and caressed it gently , stroking her soft , creamy skin . Her eyelids fluttered and her breathing became more shallow as I inched myself closer to her . I could sense she was nervous , but this is what she wanted .

I gently pressed my lips against hers and immediately felt her relax .


Edward gently took my face in his hands , his fingers were caressing my face lightly , like I was made from the most breakable glass on earth .I could see the love he felt for me in his eyes , I could see that he wanted me to be happy .

My eyes fluttered and my breathing became shallow , I never felt like this before . My whole body felt tingly , like butterflies were not only flying in my stomach but everywhere in my body . His cold fingers left a slight burn on my skin which made my body ache for more .

I didn't know , didn't understand what was happening to me , but I didn't care . I was the first time since I was changed that I felt like this , I felt whole again .

When his lips touched mine very slightly I relaxed immediately , I felt home . I felt warm , comfortable and giggly all at the same time . Was this what I had felt when I was human , it surely felt spectacular . A sudden wave of love and other feelings I had never felt before crushed over me , nothing else mattered anymore , nothing else but him .

Edward pulled back , his hands returning next to his body . I ached for his hands on my body again , I wanted him to touch me , to kiss me again .

When Edward looked into my eyes , I saw that he was very nervous but whatever he saw in my eyes made him smile ,his gaze changed and it looked like fireworks exploded in his eyes .

He had the biggest smile and I felt myself smile in return , I felt truly happy and satisfied but still aching for more .

Our smiled disappeared , I could see my eyes in his and I noticed the same glare in my eyes as I just noticed in his , love and hunger . Not hunger for blood , hunger for each other .

I didn't know who made the first move but less than half a second later we clung to each other . His lips moving franticly against mine as I returned the favor .

We didn't need to catch our breath , his lips felt soft but demanding at the same time . My hands gripped his hair tightly , pulling him closer to my body .

One of his hands curled around my waist and pulled me closer towards his chest , our bodies were tightly pressed against each other , but it still felt like I couldn't get close enough to him . I was surprised he wasn't in pain since I was pulling at his hair rather hard .

His other hand went to my face and caressed it , not as soft as before . His hands made my body tingly and every time he touched my skin I felt electric jolts running through my body .

His tongue slightly touched my lips as another flashback filled my mind .

My human self was standing in the same room as I was now but there was this big bed filling the room , I could see myself again but I could finally understand what I felt .

I saw myself and Edward looking at the bed with wide eyes as Edward chuckled ,'my family ' he murmured to me .

I was standing at the bed , blushing, touching the sheets as Edward slowly came closer . His eyes were roaming over my bare shoulders , he gathered all my hair to one side and pressed his lips against my skin which made me shiver . I hear my heard sped up , it was a weird thing to see and hear my human self , like watching a movie .

Edward kept kissing my shoulder , suddenly he turned me around and kissed me hard . I moaned , which seemed to please Edward . My hands were entwined in his hair , pulling him closer . My tiny frame was pressed against his , we matched perfectly .

His hands were in my hair and roaming over my body .When my tongue came out he had stopped me.

'Bella , we can't do that yet , I don't know what kind of effect my venom will have on you .' he murmured while human me looked rather disappointed .

Edward seemed to listen to someone , probably reading someone's mind .He looked embarrassed and smiled down at me .

He pressed his lips against mine again and almost immediately his tongue left his mouth, tracing human Bella's bottom lip . I looked shocked but responded immediately , they both moaned at the experience as my vision came back to the present .

'Bella are you okay ?' Edward's face was above mine , I was laying on the black couch . The bed was gone , I smiled when I looked up at him . I touched his face ,' what happened to the bed ?' I whispered .


Kissing human Bella felt divine , kissing vampire Bella felt perfect in every single way . I didn't had to control myself , I didn't had to think about what could happen if I held her a little bit too tight . I didn't have to think about her heartbeat going out of control or having to stop because she had to catch up breath .

When I pressed my lips against hers I felt whole again , I felt home . I was afraid that if I would go too far she would freeze so after pressing my lips to hers , I pulled back . I didn't add pressure , I didn't moved my lips , I pulled back .

When I looked at her I could see what I felt for her in her eyes and on her face , I smiled , I never felt this happy in my life , she smiled back ,I could finally see everything I was aching for , everything I wished for .

We couldn't get to each other quickly enough because within the same second our lips were moving against each other franticly .

I felt home and kissing her like this was pure heaven , she kissed me back ,eagerly and pressed me against her as tight as possible just like I was doing with her .

I couldn't stop myself , my tongue came out and touched her bottom lip , the second it happened she gasped . I pulled back , worried that I had gone too far for her , but she didn't seem to see me . Her eyes were somewhere else , they were unfocused .

I gently laid her down on the couch , cursing myself mentally for not having the big bed here anymore . I shook her shoulder lightly , and whispered her name .

She didn't respond , not when I touched her or talked to her . She suddenly blinked wildly and moved, 'Bella are you okay ?' I asked her , my face just a few inches from hers .

She smiled happily when she looked up and touched my face , ' what happened to the bed ?' she asked me . I took me two full seconds to grasp what just happened .

She remembered the day when my family bought the big bed and placed it in my room without warning me . I had learned that day that I could kiss her differently , that my venom could only hurt her in her blood system .

I smiled at her , she looked in conflict with herself , biting her lip . 'Edward , you said I'm your mate right ?'

I nodded , not being able to talk because my voice wouldn't be steady at all . 'What does it feel like ?' she asked me , she took my hand in hers and caressed it gently . Making light patterns on my skin .

'Why do you want to know ?' , 'When we kissed , I had this feeling inside of me . I felt tingly , like my entire body was filled with butterflies . I felt warm , whole and home . Your touch made me ache for more , I would've begged you for more . I felt giggly and comfortable ,it felt like a sudden wave of love and other emotions crushed over me .'

I stared at her , when she was human she had asked me what it felt like to mate . I thought there wasn't an explanation , I couldn't find the words to explain it , but Bella just did .

I touched her face , she leaned into my touch and closed her eyes ,' Bella ,' I whispered ,' You just explained what mating feels like .'

She froze and looked up , the biggest smile entered her face as I pressed my lips against hers ones more .

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