Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


13. Ice Cold


We were all shocked . We couldn't keep the secret now anymore . I didn't even see it ! We were all looking how Jasper and Emmett practically dragged Edward out of the room who was still growling and snarling at Bella . Suddenly we all seemed to realize that Bella was still in the room , we slowly turned around and saw a terrified Bella . Her heart was beating way to fast , her eyes wide open and her breathing shallow . She was pale white and wasn't moving , she was frozen . She saw everything of course , what were we going to say to her ?

Edward is going to feel terrible , he's going to blame himself so badly . He didn't want to , we all know that . Edward respects humans just as much as Carlisle . It were his instincts and guessing from what just happened , Bella was Edward's singer . Emmett had met his too , a while ago , she didn't survive unlike Bella .

Esme , Rosalie and Carlisle were looking at Bella too . It was quite , nobody wanted to speak , nobody knew what to say to her , what to tell her .

Bella got out of her frozen shock and started walking quickly towards the door . Nobody moved until she was outside , I ran after her .

'Bella come back ! ' I begged her .

' No' she replied , surprisingly calm .

'Bella .. ' I started . 'I said no Alice ! I don't know what's wrong with your family but I don't even know . I'm going home , now .' she firmly .

I was shocked . I always thought that Bella was shy , that she didn't had the confident to talk back . I guess I was wrong .

Of course she knew that there was something wrong with our family , every normal human being would know that after seeing what just happened .

'Please Bella let me explain .' I begged her again .

She slowly turned around ' Only the truth , no more lies . '

'I can't tell you . ' I whispered , I couldn't tell her . We're not allowed to tell humans . I wanted to explain so badly , but when I asked her to explain , I realized that I couldn't .

'I thought so .' she murmured and started walking towards the forest .

'were do you think you're going ?' I asked her .

'Home .' she snapped at me .

'let me take you , you won't find your way back through the forest .' I said calmly .

'I don't want to talk Alice ' her voice sounded different than a few seconds ago .

'we don't have to talk , I can be silent . ' I murmured while looking at my feet .

She sighed and walked over towards the car .

'not a word .' she said .

I sighed , she was my best friend . We didn't spend a lot of time together and we only knew each other for a few hours but she was my best friend . I could see she was really upset and confused , but I didn't talk to her . I wanted to respect her wishes , maybe tomorrow or when she's ready .

When I pulled over at her house , she wanted to open the door I grabbed her arm gently .

'Bella , I'm really sorry for what happened . But please don't push me away from your life , you're my best friend . '

She looked confused and emotional , she needed a good rest . 'I don't know Alice , I'll have to sleep about it . You know , progress everything that has happened . I don't even know the truth Alice ! Do you know how annoying it is to know something isn't right but you don't know what it is !' She was at a point of screaming and crying at the same time .

'I know Bella and I really want to tell you , but I can't . Please don't tell your dad Bella .' She looked at me puzzled and nodded .


I couldn't wrap my mind about what happened . Alice is the only friend I have apart from Angela , why would she lie to me ? She said she couldn't tell me the truth , is it that bad . Maybe there psychopaths or did Dr. Cullen make an army of murder machines . Maybe he tried to make superheroes but something went wrong ?

I had to look happy because Charlie would be home soon .

Crap , I forgot my salad at the supermarket . I looked at the big clock on the wall , 5.30 pm , I could still go to supermarket . But I didn't had my truck , I sighed .

When I looked outside out of nowhere my truck was standing in front of the house . I grabbed some money and my jacket and went outside . After I locked the front door , I went to my car and I saw my keys in the ignition. I frowned but didn't complain , I had my car right .

I quickly drove to the supermarket trying to forget about the Cullen's .

I was thinking about which type of salad I would pick when I suddenly heard Angela's voice behind me .

'Bella , what are doing here all by yourself ?' she asked .

'Charlie wanted to eat pizza but I can't yet so I'm just picking up some vegetables to make a salad .' she nodded when suddenly a boy wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her a small peck .

Angela blushed instantly , ' Bella this is Eric my boyfriend , Eric this is Bella .' she was still blushing .

'nice to meet you , Angela has told me lots about you Bella .' Eric said , ' I can't believe what they did to you , I'll be back at school tomorrow , I'll be there for you too .'

I blushed and murmured at thank you .

I ended up buying some dandelion , lettuce , onions , carrots , tomatoes and some chicken . I ordered dad's pizza .

The doorbell rang I quickly gave the man his money and took the pizza , when I wanted to close the door dad arrived .

'just in time I see ' he smirked .

I putted the pizza in front of him and I took my home made salad , Charlie looked at me , his eyes were confused .

'why aren't you eating any pizza Bells ?' he asked .

I sighed ' it's still too heavy for me dad ' , his eyes widened .

'why didn't you tell me ?' he said , he was feeling guilty . ' Dad it's nothing , I really like salads '

Suddenly I saw pity in his eyes . ' Bella , I heard what happened at school .' he whispered .

I froze , ' it's okay Bella , I just .. are you okay ?' I nodded quickly ' Alice Cullen helped me .'

'I heard ' he said .

We finished eating and I did the dishes . I went to bed around 11pm but I couldn't sleep , I kept thinking about the Cullen's over and over again .

When I woke up again it was 4am and I wasn't tired anymore . I sighed and quietly tip toed to my desk and took my laptop to my bed .

I made a list of how the Cullen's are different from us :

They are pale white

They're skin is ice cold and hard

They don't seem to eat

They are inhumanly perfect

They have the same eye color

They all have dark shadows under their eyes

They are faster than normal humans

They're stronger than normal humans

They have a better hearing ? ( Alice said she could hear her brothers and sister arrive when there was no sound at all )

They hiss , growl and snarl ( animalistic ? )

They have a secret

I was shocked at the results I found on the internet . But I also wasn't , It all said vampire .

Did you like it or did you expect something else ? I hope you'll like it

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