Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


30. I Remember


We finally arrived at the airport and Emmett yelled at more people on our way to Volterra , he was really stressed out and Jasper couldn't really handle him anymore .

As we got closer and closer toward my Bella , I felt better , miserable still , but better . Soon all of this was going to be over and we'll live a happily ever after right ?

When we arrived at the castle, there was a girl who welcomed us , I think her names was Gianna . 'Can I help you ?' she asked us , her Italian accent thick , she clearly knew what we were .

'We would like to speak to Aro and his brothers if that's possible .' Carlisle said , ' One little moment ' she answered while slowly walking towards the big doors at the end of the hallway .

My hands were shaking , Bella was in this building , she was breathing the same air even though we don't need to .

I could smell her freesia , strawberry scent , it was still breath taking , but in a different way . Every single one of us could smell her heavenly scent , I closed my eyes and focused on it , it made me feel so much better , we were almost back together .

I didn't realize I was walking until Emmett harshly pulled me back . 'Do not ruin this Edward ! You'll sit here and wait !' He hissed at me , he was right , we couldn't afford to make any mistakes .

We couldn't tell Aro about our gifts , he would want to keep us . I knew for sure I wouldn't be able to read his mind since he has a shield to protect him .

Carlisle had informed us all about the guards powers , we all realized Bella would be powerful and that that was probably the reason they took her .

On one side I am glad they took her , James hadn't killed her but they also lied to her and kept her from themselves , used her innocence that's the part where I really hated them .

I could rip their heads off and looking at the rest of my family they could do the same . Carlisle had always respected the volturi , he had spend a few decades with them before finding me and the rest of our family . His respect was gone now though , Carlisle couldn't believe he would do that to him , Alice had seen James telling him that she was my mate , he had said Edward Cullen .

Aro wasn't that stupid , he knew that I was a part of Carlisle's family . But I didn't care , I would get my Bella back .

All this time without her , all I could see in my head was her . Her face , her smile , her blush , most of the time Alice' vision about bruised and battered Bella would hunt me .

'You can follow me please .' Gianna said , she walked in front of us , her high heels clicking on the floor was the only sound in the dark , chilly hallway . Her heartbeat was slight out of place , she , like all the other humans had the natural element of being scared of vampires .

At first I was annoyed Bella didn't had that , but I didn't mind it now . It sure would've been weird , my mate being afraid of me .

Gianna opened the doors for us and she turned around to walk back to her desk . I'm that if I would've had a heart , mine would've stopped right now .

Maybe she was in this room , maybe she could hear me .

'Ah , Carlisle my good friend .' Aro said , his body language was honest but his eyes weren't , he was terrified that we would find out . I noticed one of the guards standing next to his "throne" , clearly to protect him .

It was kind of funny though , he was one of the most powerful and oldest vampires of all time and he needed bodyguards .

Aro wanted to shake Carlisle's hand but Carlisle refused , Aro frowned smugly . 'Secrets my old friend?' He asked him .

'Not yet Aro.' He answered back confidently , 'Why did you come Carlisle , I'm happy to see you but seemingly there must be a reason .'

Jasper growled in his head , he could feel Aro was lying , that he was being fake . I wanted to tell him to relax but I couldn't , they would hear me and Aro would know what we were talking about .

'Aro , please don't act like you don't know .' Carlisle said frustrated , Aro fake frowned , visible to practically everyone in the room .

'Carlisle , are you accusing me of something ?'

'Why are you keeping one member of our family here , not telling her the truth about her past ?' He hissed , his back straightened and he looked confident .

I could see the guard getting nervous , they weren't as good in hiding as Aro was . Their minds were protected as well but their facial expression told us enough .

'Aro we know you are lying .' he hissed , I wanted to slap him . Now we had to explain how we knew of course .

Aro frowned ,' why do you think you know ?' he asked curiously . Carlisle's madness had reached its limit as he stalked forward , his back arched .

I'd never seen Carlisle like this , and I've been with him the longest .

Suddenly the shield was lifted from everyone in the room but Aro as two strong looking guards held Carlisle back .

Man , Bella was right , I don't like it here anymore . I hope they'll find out that she's here . She's so miserable .- Felix

One of the strong looking man thought while holding Carlisle , ' Release ,' Aro muttered and dropped him .

'Were is Isabella .' Carlisle slowly said , the anger still noticeable in his voice .

'I don't know what you're talking about .' He innocently said , smirking . Just when Carlisle wanted to yell at him the doors opened again and a small figure came running in .

We froze when we saw it was Bella , she stopped running to and looked at us curiously . She looked breath taking , she was even paler than before , her skin color still creamy .

Her eyes were something between red and gold , the prove she was drinking animal blood which made me really proud . Even without remembering us she decided to be good .

Her hair looked fuller , longer and darker . She looked more feminine and had a bit more cleavage than the last time I had seen her .

Aro looked busted he didn't move , he looked at her in shock . Nobody was moving , Aro and his brothers, the guard and my family were all staring at her .

If she would've been human she would've blushed from head to toe now .

'I'm so sorry for interrupting , I didn't know we had visitors .' She said , her voice sounded so beautiful , it was like the purest and most beautiful melody I had ever heard .

'Bella ?' Emmett whispered , I wanted to talk to her but everything was stuck in my throat . The pain within me was gone , it was now filled with love and happiness .

She froze when Emmett whispered her name ' How do you know my name sir ?' she asked , I and I think my family as well were shocked and hurt at the same time .

She didn't mean to of course , but it hurt me so much that she didn't remember me even after seeing me .


I froze when the big one whispered my name , they all looked familiar and my mind started screaming at me again . I had to remember I had to know them , why am I so stupid !

There was one boy with them , he looked really hurt , he had beautiful bronze hair and golden eyes just like the rest of them . When he looked me in the eyes I felt a warm feeling going through me .

'Bella , do you remember us ?' The blond girl asked me , she looked so beautiful , she was so much prettier than me , than everyone .

I looked at me feet , ' No , should I ?'I answered , Aro smiled smugly as he got up and placed one of his hands on my shoulders ,I flinched back from his touch . Since whatever happened to me when I was human , I didn't like to be touched , it hurt me a bit . 'No , you shouldn't .'

They looked at Aro , furious . I knew I should remember them , I could feel it . Aro tried to guide me away , I ran away from his grasp and sprung in front of the gold eyed vampires .

'I don't know who they are , but at least I have a good feeling about them .' I hissed at him , he looked at me , confused ones again .

'what do you mean Isabella ?'


She surprised us all as she sprung in front of us , hissing at Aro . The vampire part in Bella was pretty scary .

When she looked at me she flinched back , just like the first time I had met her . We had to begin from scratch with her , but it was worth it .

'What do you mean Isabella ?' Aro asked her , I hated the sound of his voice , if he wasn't the big boss around here I would've ripped his head off .

She growled at him , possessively ' It's Bella !' she snapped , I smiled at her back , at least she remember something from her past .

Edward smiled sadly at me , reading my mind .

'Sometimes when I hear a word or a name or see something , I get this feeling , like I should know it . My mind keeps yelling at me to remember , it feels like I have a major headache . But I feel good with it .'

Aro frowned at her , crossing his arms defensively . Is he really that stupid to take that position in front of a new born .

I was surprised she hadn't jumped him yet .' I feel good with them , and they seem to know me .' she growled at him .

Edward smiled when he heard that , we have a shot at this ! I thought to him and he nodded . Edward walked forward , walking towards Bella's back .

He touched her arm gently and she turned around immediately wide eyed . ' What was that ?' she asked us .


I didn't know why , but I was really happy when she explained herself . I walked forward again unknowingly and I touched her arm .

When I touched her it felt like an electric jolt running through my body , it felt like that when I touched her as a human too and I missed it so much .

She turned around to face me , she was really fast . 'What was that ?' she asked me wide eyed . I smiled at her as her eyes suddenly went unfocused , like Alice' when she got a vision .

BPOV Sorry for all the changing ;p

When Aro had talked back to me , I suddenly felt really protective about them , I didn't even know who they were but I'd never felt something that good before . I felt safe , wanted and loved . All I ever felt here was coldness and darkness .

When he had touched me ,I felt an electric jolt running through my body . It was the first touch I can remember that didn't hurt me , that felt good . The feeling made me ache for more , it felt familiar in a way so I turned around and when my gaze locked with his I froze and a flashback invaded to my mind again .

My human self was lying in a beautiful meadow , the meadow itself was perfectly round and beautiful flowers were everywhere .

My head was resting in the boys lap , he was caressing my hair and my face softly . I could see he was a vampire , and I wasn't . When I opened my eyes I could see they were chocolate brown . As I opened my eyes I smiled brightly at him . I looked so happy !

He smiled back and bend down to gently kiss my cheek . I watched my cheeks getting red and my heartbeat beating faster .

'Bella ? are you okay ?' The boy asked me again , his eyes were worried and I couldn't pay attention to anyone else .

I didn't know his name , I didn't know anything from him apart from that memory , but I did remember it .

His hands were touching my face worriedly and lovingly , 'I remember ,' I whispered to him .

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