Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


19. Happy Bella


I was having a very nice dream . It was just me and Edward , nobody else , I was normal and beautiful just like him . We were in our meadow , we weren't talking we were just enjoying each other's company .

'Bella ' I heard someone whisper , weird because Edward's face wasn't close to mine , he was smiling down at me .

'Bella , wake up my love .' Feather light kisses were peppering my face , trying to wake me up . Normally I would be mad if someone woke me up . But I would love to be woken up like this forever .

I opened my eyes , very slightly . I saw Edward's face just inches from mine , he had my favorite crooked smile on his face .

'Good morning ,' He chuckled while leaning down to kiss me . His lips were gentle against mine , they were welcomed and loved .

'I better get ready .' I blushed as he pressed his forehead against mine and stared lovingly into my eyes .

I quickly got up and grabbed some random clothes and took a quick shower . My hair looked actually nice today .

As walked downstairs I could smell bacon , eggs and toast . I smiled when I saw Edward standing in center of the kitchen , his back towards me and his hands in front of him , turning the eggs .

'That smell good .' I said , he turned around and smiled as he placed my plate with the eggs on the table . He mentioned me to sit on his lap and I nodded eagerly .

'Were did you learn how to cook ?' I asked , surprised by how amazing it tasted , he was better than me .

'Cooking channel .' He murmured , I could feel his lips on my hair , my shoulders his hands roaming gently on my back and my legs . I couldn't concentrate on my food , I just ate what was in front of me.

'Good job Bella ' He murmured while turning me around so he could kiss me on the lips . 'What do you mean ?' I asked as he pulled back .

He mentioned at my plate , I ate everything , he cooked enough for nearly two persons . 'Well , that explains why I'm so full . ' I murmured .

He laughed and took my hand , ' we have to get going or we'll be late at school .' I quickly picked up my bag and my jacket and we left .


I could hear her heart beating faster as we entered the school's property . It wasn't the kind of fast beating her heart did whenever I touched her . She was nervous and a bit scared , she doesn't have to be . I listened to Emmett's mind yesterday and I was surprised what I found there , he feels very protective about her , like she's his little sister . We were all surprised how Emmett reacted the first time he heard what happened on the news , and we didn't even knew her then .

He would be a big brother for her , a protector . Jasper would definitely help with calming her keeping her emotions under control .

Alice would be a best friend for her , Alice already saw it was going the happen and she already thought that way about Bella .

And then of course there's Rosalie , I told Bella to ignore her , like I do . But she can't , she still wonders why Rosalie doesn't like her , why she's so mean to her . I told her Rosalie is jealous of her , it's a part of the truth but I'd rather let Rosalie tell Bella herself when she's ready . I don't like telling other people's story , I feel like I might tell more than they would tell them , because of the mind reading thing .

'It'll be okay Bella .' I shushed her as she was nervously shaking her leg , I took her hand in mine and welcomed her warmth . It didn't feel strange like some other vampires would recall it as , it felt good, to me , it felt like home . Because she is my home .

'I know .' She murmured , still shaking her leg . ' Then why are you so nervous ? ' I asked her , I still don't like the fact that I can't read her mind .

'I just .. ' she sighed and moved her hand through her hair , ' I don't know how everyone will react and I'm scared that they'll start teasing me again .' she was looking at her feet , if I wasn't a vampire I'm sure I would've heard it .

'Bella , do you want us to pretend we're not together ?' I asked her trying to hide the pain in my voice as good as possible .

She looked up immediately ,her eyes wide ' What ! no , of course not ! ' I smiled and touched her cheeks as they turned into the loveliest shade of pink .

Every time I touched her I felt like an electric jolt . I know that's the way Carlisle and Esme , Rosalie and Emmett and Jasper and Alice feel whenever they touch .

I know she's my mate , no doubt about that one . I smiled at her as she looked at our entwined hands.

Just when I was about to ask her if we could leave the car , Emmett's jeep pulled up next to us . Emmett's big smile greeted Bella and she chuckled .

Emmett wave forcefully at her , we could practically see the car moving . Bella laughed harder and waved back . I just rolled my eyes and Emmett mouthed 'Hey Eddiekins .'

I growled and Bella laughed , 'why does he call you Eddiekins ?' , I laughed ' About 20 years ago Emmett kept and kept calling my Eddie , so I said to him , call my everything but Eddie . So he came up with Eddiekins .' Bella laughed and looked at Emmett who winked at her .

'I hate that name .' I added

That's why I love it , my dearest brother –Emmett

I shrugged .

Ugh please Emmett , don't communicate with the human girl –Rosalie

I wonder if she wants to go shopping next week . Oh , we could go to Port Angels! –Alice

I quickly chuckled and gave Bella a sweet peck on her lips .

OMFG ! Is that Bella Swan , she's in Edward Cullen's car instead of his family ? OMG , they just kissed , I have to tell Lauren ! – Jessica .

I growled , Bella frowned ' What's wrong ?', I sighed , ' Nothing love , Jessica just saw us and she can't wait to tell Lauren of course .' I rolled my eyes .

Bella sighed deeply and we got out of the car , my family walking close to us . Emmett and Rosalie in front of us and Alice and Jasper behind us .

We were walking with our hand entwined and our arms pressed against each other lightly .

You guys really look great together Edward , I can sense your love all the time . It's cute and sickening at the same time . –Jasper

I wanted to laugh at that one but I kept quiet .


I didn't want to say goodbye to Edward yet , I didn't want to go to class alone . Of course I would have Angela , but she doesn't know everything . I told her that Alice had helped me that day after lunch . And Angela told me what the rest of the Cullen's had done for her .

I sighed as I wanted to walk away but Edward tightened his grip around my hand slightly and pulled me back . ' Were do you think you're going ?' He asked me playfully .

'To class ?' I frowned , he shook his head ,' I'm coming with you , I changed my schedule , we have almost every class together and those we don't have together you'll have with Alice .'

I smiled brightly , I was really happy because everyone was kind of scared of the Cullen's . I was scared of Rosalie most of the time , maybe a little of Jasper too , but he was just so distant , he's nice but seems sad a lot of the time .

He untwined our hands and I looked at him , frowning . 'I don't want everyone to start screaming and shouting yet . You still have to wake up .' He joked .

Everyone would know by now , Lauren can't keep anything to herself and of course she wasn't going to keep this to herself at all .

I could already imagine it , the ugly girl together with the Greek God . They would probably laugh and joke , but I didn't care that much anymore . I was happy with him and his family .

We walked into class behind some others and quickly went to our seats , thank God these table are made for three . Angela was sitting at the left corner of the table , she smiled when she saw me and her eyes widened when she saw Edward behind me .

I sat in the middle and Edward on the right , his hand immediately took mine again . Nobody could see but Angela . She smiled and whispered 'I'm so happy for you , you look good together .' In my ear. I smiled brightly at her and blushed a little .

I could hear everyone whispering and I heard both of our names at the back of the class , but I simply didn't care . I had Edward beside me and Angela on my left .


Bella seemed relaxed and after Angela told her she was happy for us , she was completely relaxed . I couldn't sense a single worry yet . Of course then the talking started behind us , I was happy Bella couldn't hear them .

'Omg , what does he like sees in her ? She ugly and I'm like not . I'm sure she's a bad fuck anyway .' Lauren said while Jessica laughed with her .

'Come on Lauren , back of a bit .' Mike murmured , I was surprised , nobody speaks back to Lauren or Jessica , ever . She raised her eyebrows , ' Excuse me ?'

'Lauren , even you can see they're really attracted to each other , I mean look at them , they're not even touching but there is something that connects them .' Everyone gasped and I wanted to do that too . Who knew that there was actually a brain in there .

'Wow Mike , that's just bullshit !' She sneered louder , everyone heard her this time . Everyone turned around to look at her except for Bella and me .

'Would you like to share something with the class Lauren .' Mister Mason said with a monotone voice.

'Um , yeah ! Mike says I'm not right and I'm like always right !' She was being very fake dramatic .

'According to your tests Lauren , I wouldn't say you're always right . I would say you're not right most of the time . ' Everyone looked at Lauren while laughing a bit , she just snorted and stood up .

'Come on sir , just look at them , Bella is ugly as fuck ! How is Edward even able to date her .' I wanted to jump up but I froze when I saw Bella's face . I thought she would try to ignore it but obviously she wasn't , tears were running over her cheeks and she bit her lips , trying to stop it . I only saw red from that moment and before mister Mason only had the chance to speak back to her I got up and turned around , facing a terrified Lauren .

'How dare you talk about her that way ! .' I snapped at her , ' She's beautiful , smart , kind , caring , loving and incredible , everything you'll never be . Just face it Lauren , you're pathetic , making fun of others that way .' I tried to finish my sentence as calm as possible and everyone was looking at me , wide eyed and terrified .

Mister Mason was smiling at me and went back to teaching , 'eyes on the blackboard people .' he said , I could still hear the smile in his voice .

They looked terrified from him , serves them well , they've been picking on others for too long . Isabella is such a nice girl , she seems happier today . Cullen and her look good together . –Mister Mason

I looked at Angela and she smiled at me .

That was a really nice thing to do .They really love each other , everyone can see that . There's just something in their way of moving and looking at each other . –Angela

I finally looked at my Bella and she was smiling brightly , her eyes were still filled with tears but I could see love and happiness in them . I took her hand again and squeezed it a bit , she smiled and squeezed back .

Today was going to be great .

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