Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


38. Gone


I felt embarrassed , I didn't know what happened but I guess it was pretty bad since everyone apart from Edward had been cowering against the walls . I couldn't handle Jasper's "relaxing" vibes which of course he was sending to me .

I asked Edward if we could go upstairs , I'm glad he agreed so easily because I would've begged him otherwise . I felt everyone's mingled emotions of fear , angst and protectiveness towards their mates.

Of course I'm not like Jasper but the tension and emotions were thickly noticeable in the room , everyone was tense , even Edward .

'God Edward ! Stop being so tense around me !'I growled at him , we'd been in my room for more than twenty-five minutes . Without a lot of talking and some awkward glances and silences . He stopped pacing and glared at me , when I had yelled at him , I noticed him stepping back from me for a bit .

'Edward , please don't be like that .' I murmured while walking closer towards him , I expected him to embrace me , but he didn't . He took a step back and look confused at me .

'Edward , what's wrong , are you seriously scared of me ? You're more than one head bigger than me, how could I hurt for crying out loud ?'

He opened his mouth , 'I don't know Bella ' he whispered , I stepped back . I knew this was coming , I knew he wouldn't want me anymore .

'Fine ,' I whispered , walking out of the door, throwing it back . I could hear the house moving from the loud bang .

Everyone sprung back when I entered the living room , 'Please not you too !' I yelled at them , they backed up again , even Emmett . Emmett the one who's twice as big as me backed up against a wall , because I scared him .

'Why are you scared of me , you don't want me anymore that's it right ?' nobody answered me , they all looked at me like they saw something crazy or weird but they didn't answer me .

I cried out in frustration and ran , I ran as fast as I could . I ran out of there , they didn't want me anymore that was clear now . And if they wanted me , they would've stopped me , they would've answered me .

I closed my eyes , I didn't know where I was going but I just ran . I didn't even know in which direction I was running but this just felt good . I felt free , I didn't have any thoughts in my mind , my mind felt empty , it felt at peace .

I suddenly stopped running and opened my eyes , I stood in front of a house . It wasn't as big as the Cullen house of course but which house was these days . It was an average house , it looked nice , cozy and familiar .

It was the house I'd seen in one of my first flashbacks , it was the house of my father . It was wooden and white , there were two trees in front of the house and a police cruiser was parked in front of the house .There were some stairs to the front door and bushes on the left side of the house .

I could smell Edward's sent around and in the house but his scent was at its heaviest at the big window at the front of the house .

I could hear a man snoring at the inside of the house , I slowly walked around the house at the other side of the house , there was a big backyard which leaded to a deep forest , I couldn't see how far or deep it was , the trees were close and the forest was really dark .

The back door was open , I slowly entered the house and I found my dad , sleeping on the couch . He looked cold so I took one of the thick blankets and spread it over him . Sitting down with crossed legs at the other side of the coffee table which was standing on a carpet between me and my dad on the couch .

He snored a bit , but I didn't mind , I remembered him snoring and being irritated by it , but it didn't bother me right now . I got up as quiet as possible and explored the house , there were a lot of pictures hanging on one of the walls .

Almost all of them were from me apart from one , mom and dad's wedding picture . I saw different pictures of me as a human , happily running around and smiling at the camera , hugging my mom and dad . Me with some people I don't remember , me with two girls , their skin color was a little darker like the skin of one the kids on another picture but the little boy was smaller than the girls .

On the picture we were around five or six years old sitting on the beach making sand castles . I giggled at the picture and froze when I heard Charlie's breathing change as he rolled over . But he just continued sleeping after it .

I wandered around the house , I remembered cooking for him and how my mom couldn't cook . I remembered how I loved cooking , It would keep my mind busy .

After which seemed like a very long time I opened the last door in the house and a strong scent hit me , it took me awhile to realize that the scent was mine , it belonged to me .

I loved the style of the room and I immediately knew where Esme got her inspiration . There were tons of books and cd's pilling up on the desk and the bookshelves . The closet was filled with clothes , I liked them , they looked comfortable .

A strange car pulled up in front of the house and I frowned looking at it , a young man with a darker skin came out and helped an older man in a wheelchair , I knew remembered them , they were from the pictures downstairs .

The boy looked different , his hair was shorter and he was really muscular , his shirt was tight and he was wearing short shorts . He had to be cold , it's Forks ,his father was dressed warm .

The young boy looked like he smelled something gross and he looked up and froze when he saw me standing at the window . I pushed my pointer finger against my lips and he looked down again . I heard them knocking on the door and Charlie waking up to let them in , I froze because I couldn't get out of here anymore until they were gone , maybe through the front window .

'Charlie do you mind if I take a look in Bella's room ?' I heard a young voice ask my dad , I froze , he wanted to come up here . ' Yeah sure kid , go ahead , leave everything in place will you .'

The door opened and someone entered , 'what did they do to you ?' he whispered , I frowned and slowly turned around to face the boy .

'Who are you talking about ?' I whispered , we couldn't exactly talk loud because we were in my room and I was supposed to be missing . 'The Cullen's ' he hissed through his teeth .

I snorted , 'they didn't do this to me .' , 'than who did ?' his brows stood weird , he looked angry and disgusted but also relieved in some kind of way .

'It's a long story , but after I was kidnapped by James a group of vampires called the Volturi "saved" me , if you call it that .' I chuckled , 'anyway after that they changed me and kept me for them , lying to me and all other things until the Cullen's found me .'

He still looked angry in some sort of way , ' would you take a walk with me in the forest ?' I just nodded at him . ' Can you hop out of the window or something , wait three minutes before following me okay , three entire minutes , I have to do something before you come .' I nodded and he left the room , asking Charlie and the other man if he could leave .

After one hundred and eighty seconds I jumped out of the window , leaving everything in place . I followed his scent which was disgusting , how in the world didn't I notice this stench earlier . I ran pretty far , and the stench got worse , it were different kind of stenches .

I stopped when I saw him , he wasn't wearing his shirt or his shoes anymore . He a tattoo on his upper arm he was sweating .

'Why do I trust you?' I asked him when I stood next to him , he frowned ' I don't even know who you are .'

'I didn't change that much you know .' he said , I giggled , 'after I was changed I lost all memory , it took me awhile to remember Edward and his family .'

'I'm sorry ,' he whispered at me , ' I'm sorry to ask but why is the stench here so much worse than in the other part of the forest ?'

He looked a bit guilty and suddenly I noticed we weren't alone anymore , eight wolves surrounded us. 'What's going on , why are there some many wolves surrounding us ?' I asked him in horror .

'Guys relax , the Cullen's didn't change her , she doesn't even know about us .' ,was he crazy , he's talking to some giant dogs .

The wolves turned and hopped into the bushes , three seconds later seven men and one woman walked out of the bushed , dressed in barely nothing .

'What is going on ?' , ' Do you drink from humans ?' The biggest guy asked me , he had short black hair like all of them .

'No , I never did .' he raised his eyebrow and crossed his arms , 'I'm serious , I never did .' Another man , well rather boy ran out . ' Sam they're asking permission to cross the line .' his voice sounded younger than Sam's voice .

'They can't ' he said , the younger boy nodded and ran back . 'Hey Bella how are you ?' one of the boys asked .I frowned at him , 'Yes , I'm really sorry but , do I know you ?'

He laughed ,' ouch Bella , that hurts , it's Embry .' , I tried very hard to remember him but I couldn't , ' I'm sorry , I didn't remember anything when I woke up .'

'I'm sorry to hear that .' Sam said again , 'I'm sorry but why am I here , I'm not that special or anything .'

'We were supposed to see if you weren't dangerous or anything like that , I forgot to mention , I'm Jacob .' he shook his hand , ' Can I leave now ?'

'Sure , I hope I'll see you again ' he took me and a big hug and twirled me around , he reminded me off Emmett .

I was going back to the Cullen's , I was planning on ignoring them . But when I entered the house the entire family was pacing around , nervosa filled the room

.Bella where have you been ?' Edward sighed relieved as he pulled me in his embrace .

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