Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


29. Gold Eyes


I went to the garden again , just laying on one of the little benches . I lay there the entire night , listening to the earth living , I could hear everyone in the castle and outside in the castle . I loved hearing humans live , going out , laughing .

Laughing was one of the things I hadn't done since my change , some fake smiles to everyone sure yes , but not a real laugh from joy or anything in that direction .

I searched inside my head the entire night , trying to find answers . My arms were crossed under my head and one of my feet was resting on the rails from the bench .

My eyes were closed , the darkness relaxed me , I felt so alone . I didn't really know anyone or anything . I didn't know anything behind this big castle .

I couldn't find anything in my mind , it was like my shield was hiding everything for me . Like my own mind didn't want to give something away .

I didn't even know what it was like to be human , I knew they were more fragile and looked a bit different but that's all .

I have two examples in my mind , the faces of my mom and dad were haunting my head every single second of the day .

I couldn't imagine what kind of pain they were going through right now , but maybe they didn't miss me .

I've been missing for a little while now , I didn't remember anything before the change but they told me that they found me pretty bruised up and battered . The change itself takes three days , maybe they didn't even know I was missing .

I didn't know anything from my parents , I just knew what they looked like . I didn't know what they were like , what they liked , if they were still together , where they lived , nothing .

I didn't even know where I'm from , they won't tell me . I speak English , so that leaves the United States of America , Canada , the United Kingdom and some other countries .

It weird , I know general things , things you've learned in school . But I don't know what it's like , I don't know which country had which accent .

I had closed my eyes when it was twilight , and I was awoken , if you could call it that . When the morning sun had stroked my face .

I ignored everyone , I didn't talk to them anymore . I went to Aro's training , still pretending that my shield wouldn't work .

I hadn't hunt for a few days but it was bearable , I didn't know how long I could stay here . They noticed I hated it here , good for them , it might be easier to let me go .


'WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS DAMN PLANE IS NOT LEAVING YET !' Emmett yelled to the flight attendance , the woman truly looked terrified and scared to death .

'I.. uhm . th-the plane is not rea-ready to le-leave yet .' The young woman stuttered while looking at her shaking hands , in her mind she praying for someone to help her .

'Emmett behave !' Esme hissed at him .

'I'm so sorry ma'am , one of our family members had an accident and he's just really nervous .' Carlisle explained calmly while Jasper relaxed the woman.

Rosalie took his hand as he sat down , his rage still noticeable on his face . He was really impatient .

When is this damn plane going to leave ! Running would've been faster than this .. – Emmett

He kept on rambling in his head , ' Emmett , this is still faster .' I murmured under my breath to him . We were all getting nervous at everyone's very slowly and relaxed behavior .

Carlisle who's normally always very calm under every circumstance was shaking his leg , unknowingly.

Esme was running her hand through her hair every few seconds , while she normally doesn't touch it.

Rosalie who normally is her silent , confident self was now throwing glances at everyone , looking kind of scared and insecure .

Jasper who's normally really relaxed was the worst , everyone's nervosa wasn't really easy on him , Emmett was dead serious while he's the one making fun of everyone and everything most of the time .

The plane finally left and we were finally getting closer to my Bella .


I was in the garden again , I loved the way the sun made my skin sparkle , apparently humans don't do that . The sun felt nice on my cold hard skin , it relaxed me a bit .

'Isabella ,' I heard Aro call me inside the castle in the usual room . I sighed and got up , taking my time walking to him .

I opened the door and looked at him , not talking . He sighed as Marcus and Caius joined him , giving me a sad smile . I didn't respond , I'm eyes there just as bad as Aro , they won't tell me the truth I'm aching for .

Aro cleared his throat , my eyes came in contact with mine , he flinched when he saw my sadness and madness .

'Isabella , I don't know what's wrong my child .' He sighed while looking at me in despair , 'You have a really powerful shield but it's not working I'm afraid .'

I nodded , 'It's a pity though , we're going to let you go . But in a few days if you don't mind .' I was shocked , they were letting me go ?

I didn't expect that , far from it . I smiled for the first time and happiness reached my eyes , filled my body .

'You have a beautiful smile .' Marcus said lifeless , 'You should use it more often .' I wondered why Marcus always looks so said , something must've happened to him , a long time ago since I asked Felix a few days ago and he didn't know .

I smiled again and turned around , when the door closed I did my happy dance . I ran up on one of the walls and did a back flip , I laughed .

'Being a vampire's cool right ?' I turned around and I saw Felix resting against the wall and smirking at what he just saw . Felix is one of the only nice persons here , he at least had some personality .

' I wouldn't know .' I said sadly , his smile died as he looked down . His eyes looking at me and at the door to Aro a few times .

He didn't talk because they would hear us , he mentioned me to wait as he ran through the big door to Aro .

'Isabella hasn't hunted for a while , Can I take her to the forest ?' He asked them , I heard Aro say yes to him .

We raced each other to the middle of the forest , since I was still a newborn I was faster than him . I really enjoyed running , I felt free , something I never felt when I was in that damned place . we stopped were there was a big tree trunk were we could sit . His legs were spread and his elbows were resting on his knees .

'They can't hear us here .' He murmured , ' don't you hate it ?' I asked him looking at his face , curiously .

He frowned ' hate what ?' , I rolled my eyes , wasn't it obvious ? ' Being just another little slave from Aro .' I stated .

He snorted , he shook his head , ' Unlike you , I actually like it here .'

'I wish they would just tell me , tell me what they're holding for themselves .' I sighed got up pacing around , I was annoyed again .

'I mean , I don't know anything from myself at all ! My mind keeps screaming at me to remember but I cant ! It's like that stupid shield is holding my memories back .' I almost yelled to him .

'Bella ' he whispered , I stopped pacing and looked at him , he looked guilty and I frowned . ' God , I've been calling your name for a long time now , Isabella . But when I whispered Bella you stopped .'

'So ?' I asked him , I answered on a little nickname , no big deal . ' Well , it might mean that in your human life , you wanted to be called Bella .' I rolled my eyes , I already knew that .

'I know Felix .' , ' how ?' He asked me , I started pacing again .

'It's the only real memory I have , me as a little child asking my parents to call me Bella.' I murmured . Felix sighed as he clenched his fists .

'Aro's going to hate me for telling you this but it's been ages since he read my mind anyway .' He murmured to himself ,' what are you talking about ?' I asked him .

'Bella , I really like you and ..' my were wide open , he looked at me his eyes confused and they widened when he realized what he had said .

'God ! no not like that ! ' He said ,' I like you as a friend Bella , no offense .' I laughed loudly , this was the first time I had really laughed .

'I wanted to tell you where you're from .' He whispered , I was in front of him the same second grasping his arms tightly , 'You have to tell me !' I yelled .

He flinched back ' Bella, little reminder , you're stronger , ouch .' He whimpered while looking at my hands which were pinching him rather tightly .

'Sorry ,' I murmured , 'Anyway , we found you in Seattle , you're original from Forks , Washington .' When Felix said Forks I stopped listening and a flashback came to my head :

As Charlie drove I saw the sign from Forks , the little town and houses .

He pulled up in front of a white house , he helped me getting my bags inside .

'I hope you'll like it here Bell's , I really missed you .' Charlie murmured while looking at his hands .

'BELLA ! Can you hear me !' Felix hands were gripping my arms now , his face just inches from mine , his face looked concerned .

'I'm fine ,' I whispered ,' I saw Forks and my house , and my dad , he told me that he hoped that I'll like it there , that he really missed me .' I looked up happily in Felix' eyes , he sighed .

'I'm glad you remember , please don't tell anyone I told you .' He asked me pleadingly , I bet that if I'd asked him to get to his knees , he would've .

I laughed ,' of course Felix , thank you so much .' I hugged him briefly .

We or rather I hunted for a while before heading back to the castle . We both entered a different entry . When I entered the castle a strange scent suddenly hit me .

They weren't human scents , they were other vampires . There scents smelled familiar to me , I followed it and stopped in front of the big door .

I took a deep breath and opened it slowly , when the door opened everyone turned around . My gaze met seven curious , golden eyes .

YAY ! Exited yet !?

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