Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


32. Family

Sorry I didn't update last night , I had TONS of homework , anyway , I hope you'll enjoy it


I was really happy when Felix and Marcus came to say goodbye to me , I wouldn't have thought that Marcus would though . Everyone said Marcus never talked , but he talked plenty to me , I knew he was different then Aro , I could feel it and see it in his eyes .

All I see in Aro's eyes is obsession , in Marcus' eyes I can see compassion and sadness . It's like he's more human while Aro looks like a monster .

I didn't really mind saying goodbye to them , I was much happier with the others , I only know Edward's name though .

I knew I would see Marcus and Felix again , I was going to miss them a little bit . I liked Felix and there was this big guy in Edward's family whom really reminded me of him , every time I looked at him he winked or smiled , really brightly .

There was this little pixie girl which was like him , except she's more hyper and energetic . There was this other guy with them , he looked pained and stressed . He had blond hair and was tall , he held the pixie's hand and they looked at each other rather intensely . When they stared at each other I felt like I was interrupting something so I looked away .

I turned around facing Edward ,'Let's go home ,' he murmured to me . I froze , sadness washed over me , when he said home he really meant home . The place which ones was my home , I felt sad and mad at the same time . I really wanted to go home , but I didn't even know what it was .

I felt his hand brush gently over my cheek , I looked up and saw him staring at me , concern flooded through his eyes and his brows were frowning .

'Bella , are you okay ?' he murmured his eyes were roaming over my face , trying to find some answers in my expression .

He sighed deeply , I frowned at him ' I hate it that I still can't read your mind .' He breathed in my hair, I frowned at him . He could read minds ?!

'You … You can read minds ?' I asked bewildered , my eyes were wide open staring at him intensely . How embarrassing would that be , if he would've read my mind .

He looked at me sadly , ' don't worry Bella , I can't read yours . I still can't read yours .' He sighed , I looked up at him , 'I'm really sorry ,' I whispered .

I looked down at my feet and I knew for sure that if I would've been a human I would've been crying by now . I felt so guilty , I didn't remember anything about him or about his family .

All of this happened while we were running but we had stopped when I apologized at him . Two of his fingers pushed my chin up .

He looked me deeply in the eyes , 'don't apologize to me Bella.' ,'but …'

'Bella not here , not in the middle of the woods . We'll talk when we're at home .' He whispered at me , the way he looked at me made my body tingle and I didn't even know why .

When his fingers had touched my face , I felt so good , I felt loved and happy .


After Bella and I had stopped in the middle of the forest I almost begged her to wait until we were home . I wanted her to be comfortable , I felt bad when she was surprised by me being able to read minds . I didn't think about it , I just said it .

I forgot , and she felt bad , so actually it was my fault that she was unhappy after all .

The trip was long , but we all froze when we arrived at the airport . We forgot one thing , Bella was a new born .

I think we were even more shocked when she said it didn't matter , it looked like she was almost immune to them .

Sometimes she would stiffen , or stop breathing but she did a great job . The ride on the airplane was the hardest .

She was very tense and I wanted to comfort her , but I didn't know how . We weren't together anymore technically . She didn't remember me at all , only one little vision . I was scared that I would scare her , that she wouldn't want me anymore .

I still felt butterflies when she looked at me or when I looked at her , I still felt the jolt of electricity whenever we would touch each other .

The trip was around ten hours , running and flying . But the trip felt like days , I wanted to talk to her about everything I wanted her to remember me , to remember all of us .

When we finally arrived at our house Bella stopped running and froze looking wide eyed at the house, her jaw almost hit the ground as her eyes went unfocused again .

We all looked at her as we got closer and she smiled brightly .


I froze when I saw the house , it was so big , so beautiful and elegant . It looked over a hundred years old . It looked so gracious and it reminded me of something .

I had a major headache , my mind screamed at me , forcing me to remember something . My sight got blurry and I had another flashback .

I was sitting in a black car with the little pixie girl . I was looking at the big house , my eyes wide open and my jaw hitting the ground .

I was human , I was still very pale and I had chocolate brown eyes . I had a faint blush on my cheeks , and my hair and clothes we're wet and full with vegetables .

'Wow' my voice said , it sounded very different than before . The little pixie girl giggled ' you like it ?' she asked me , she was beaming in her steat .

'yes , it's so beautiful ,it has a certain charm ' I murmured back at her , still looking at the house in awe .

'come on !' she shrieked while pulling me behind her into the big house . She opened the door and let me in .

The inside became blurry as I saw seven concerned faces , I smiled at them . I was so happy I was almost bouncing up and down .

'I remember you little pixie !' I shrieked and I froze when I had actually said that out loud . They all laughed loudly , Alice crossed her arms as she laughed , 'Pixie ?' she asked me .

My smile faded , ' euhm … I euhm … I don't really know you but you reminded of a pixie .' I murmured while looking at my feet .

'Let's get inside , ' the mother of the family said .

We all stood awkwardly in the living room , none of talking or moving .

'Let's sit down ,' one of the men said .

I sat down on a one persons chair as they all sat down in front of me , I couldn't really sit still . There were supposed to be my family , my best friends and they looked like strangers to me .

I wanted to cry , suddenly a hand touched my shoulders , one of his fingers touched my neck by accident and I flinched back as I looked at him . It was the sad looking guy , he frowned at me as he released his hand from my shoulder .

'I'm sorry , I forgot you don't like touched .' He murmured , I shook my head , ' it's okay .'

'Why do you feel so sad , you feel like you're going to cry .' He said , I frowned ,' how did you know that ?' he sighed and sat back down next to the pixie .

'I'm feeling sad because I feel guilty , I know and I feel I should remember you all . I have headaches all the time , my mind is always screams at me to remember , but I can't .'

I didn't realize I had raised my voice , I looked down ashamed , ' Sorry .' I murmured at them .

'Maybe we should introduce ourselves .' The other blond man said , 'I'm Carlisle Cullen , I'm the father of this family . ' His name made a slight click in my head .

'I'm Esme Cullen , Carlisle's wife . I'm the mother of this family .' She smiled lovingly at me and I felt a different kind of glow going through me , it felt like something fell into place .

The big guy winked at me , 'Emmett Cullen , the coolest vampire dude you'll ever meet .I kind of was your best male friend ' he said beamingly .

The beautiful blond girl smiled at me shyly ,' I'm Rosalie Hale , I was one of your best friends .' I looked at her , one of her best friends ? I was intimidated by her .

'I'm Jasper Hale , I'm not her brother , we didn't really have a lot of contact since I don't have the control like the rest of my family has yet .'

'I'm Alice Cullen ,I was your best friend and I'll hope I'll still be in the future .'

All eyes went to Edward , 'I'm Edward Cullen and I was your boyfriend , although I wouldn't use that term , I would use mate .' He smiled at me .

How in the world would someone as beautiful as him fall in love with someone as plain as me ?I looked at their faces ones again , but nothing came .

'I'm so sorry , but I still don't remember .' , 'It's okay sweetheart , it'll come , when you're ready ' Esme smiled motherly at me .

'Do you mind if I take a walk on my own , I would like to progress all of this .' I murmured , 'sure , have fun .' Carlisle said .

I ran as fast as I could and I found the beautiful meadow from my flashback I got back in Volterra . I smiled at myself and lay down , closing my eyes , my mind drifting off .

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