Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


18. Edward and Bella


'ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME EDWARD ! ' Rosalie yelled . Her mind wasn't PG-13 . Emmett tried to shush her .

'Don't Emmett ! How could you Edward ! Fall in love with a human ! I don't want to move again ! ' Emmett was trying to hold her back but she was furiously struggling his strong grip on her .

'We won't have to move Rose .' I tried to answer her as calm as possible .

'Don't you Rose me ! She's human , breakable , she's supposed to be our damn food Edward !' I wanted to yell at her but Suddenly Esme , Carlisle and the rest of my family was in front of us . Jasper and Alice trying to keep me back and Carlisle and Emmett Rosalie . Esme was standing in between us facing Rosalie and judging her mind , she wasn't really happy .

'Rosalie Lillian Hale , we do not talk that way about our family .' Esme was talking very calmly but everyone could hear the anger in her voice . When Esme was mad , you feared her , a lot .

Rosalie rolled her eyes and we all held our breaths , you simply do not roll your eyes at your mother , but Esme did not tolerate that at all . 'She isn't family Esme , she 's just a human .'

'Human or not Rosalie , we do not talk about people that way and don't you ever roll your eyes at me again .' Esme said furiously , ' and she is family .'

I had to fight myself not to smile brightly while Rosalie's jaw practically touched the ground . Her eyes were furious but she wasn't going to speak anymore .

You better watch your human girl Edward ,if she tells one person or risks our secret . I will personally end her .- Rosalie

I growled at her and I felt Alice's and Jaspers hands holding me tighter .

'Rosalie don't torture your brother with your thoughts .' Carlisle sighed .

I'm going for a walk I murmured . As I left the house I ran as fast as I could towards my Bella , hoping I could watch her sleep .


I was nervous for tomorrow . School last week was good , after Alice and the other Cullen's defended me , Jessica and her group didn't bully me anymore . Of course they weren't exactly friendly or nice but hey , who cares .

The ignored me most of the time , or just laughed sometimes while staring at me . They "accidently " walked into me but nothing serious .

I'm very grateful for what they did , after that Monday , Angela's boyfriend sat with us and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind . He was pretty cool and really sweet to Angela . I could see they were happy.

Of course I was nervous because I would show up tomorrow at school as Edward Cullen's girlfriend . I was scared of what they were going to say , of course they were going to look and stare at us all week , maybe ever longer . But it would stop after we weren't new anymore .

I'm sure Jessica and Lauren will be mad , I noticed them talking about Edward a lot . They want him , I'm scared of what will happen , but at least I have some friends now .

I was laying in my bed almost asleep when I suddenly heard my window open and close . I think my heart stopped .

I suddenly felt an ice cold finger stroking my cheek and relaxed instantly . I turned around so I could face him and smiled .

I went to the other side of my bed so he could join me . I patted the spot which I cleared for him ' Come on .' I encouraged him .

He laughed quietly and joined me , laying on the covers so wouldn't get cold . I stared into his eyes and I felt home .

I sat up , not wanting to sleep yet . He took my face in his hands and caressed my face , he was touching my face like I was made of the thinnest glass and I would break any moment . His eyes traveled to my lips and his teeth bit his lip . My heart stammered , that was the sexiest thing I'd ever witnessed in my life .

He slowly came closer and I closed my eyes , I could feel his cold breath on my lips and tongue , he tasted delicious .

I wanted to moan when I felt his cold lips touch mine , If I could I would spend my entire day kissing him . It felt so perfect , like we were made to do this , like we were made for each other .

Then he did something I wouldn't expect him to do since he pushed back earlier today when I pressed my lips harder against his . He pressed harder to my lips , molding his with mine . Of course I pressed back and his lips started to move against mine , I couldn't stop myself from moaning and heard him chuckle lightly when I did .

He didn't stop and we continued our little make out session until I felt myself being pressed back onto my pillow , I opened my eyes briefly and I saw him hovering over me . His eyes closed and an expression of pure love and joy on his face . He was still moving his lips against mine when I suddenly heard Charlie coming up stairs and Edward was standing in the middle of the room , away from the bed .

'Get in the closet !' I whispered desperately and that very second he disappeared into my closet . I felt like a bad teenage girl , hiding her boyfriend in her closet .

I quickly turned around and closed my eyes when I heard Charlie open the door . I exaggerated my movements and breathing until I heard him close his door to his bedroom .

Luckily for me Charlie had a gift for sleeping immediately wherever he is.

'You can come out .' I whispered towards the closet and a smiling Edward walked out of it . He slowly walked back to me and climbed on the bed .

'Go to sleep my love .' He whispered while kissing my head , I blushed and closed my eyes , surprised by how tired I was .

I fell asleep in his arms and dreamt about Edward .


'Rosalie you need to chill out babe .' Emmet said , Edward had just left the house and we all knew he didn't went on a walk .

Rosalie rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms . I felt kind of stupid for telling them my vision earlier , but I couldn't keep it to myself , this was so amazing .

My best friend was dating my brother , they've both been alone and sad for too long .

'Rose you don't understand the feelings they have towards each other .' Jasper said . Carlisle frowned . 'What do you mean Jasper ?'

'They're feelings , both Edward and Bella are as strong as ours towards each other . ' We looked at each other with our eyes wide open .

'I dare to say their feelings for each other are stronger than ours .' Jasper added .

'That's complete bullshit Jasper ! .' Rosalie yelled again . 'Language !' Esme scolded at her .

'Are you sure Jasper ?' Carlisle asked while putting his hand on Esme's shoulder .

It of course was strange but I already saw it . They are mates ,no doubt about that . We were all shocked that they already had such feeling towards each other especially Bella . It's kind of impossible , those strong emotion only come when you're turned .

'I saw it .'I said , they all turned their heads to me .

'I saw it , Bella's going to be a vampire .', ' When ?' Carlisle asked me .

'I don't know the exact date , but not more than 2 years . She kind of looks the same only healthier , she has her figure back and her face and her body looks like it did before everything happened only a bit thinner but she'll be around the age she's now .' I explained while the entire family was gaping at me .

'I don't understand how .' Esme said , ' we all know how Edward feels about this life , I know for sure he doesn't want that for her .'

'Maybe something will happen to her , an accident or an illness or something like that .' Jasper said .

'How can he do it , kiss her and touch her ?' Emmett asked .

I wanted to answer him but suddenly a vision started in my head .

Edward climbed Bella's house and slowly opened the window to get in and closed it . He stroked Bella's face and she turned around smiling .

She moved herself to the other side of the bed so Edward could join her and he did .He caressed her face in his hands softly and he stared intensely into her eyes .

Then they kissed it started out innocent , lips to lips not moving but when they started adding pressure , they started moving with each other and really kissing each other .Edward seemed to be enjoying himself just as much as Bella .

He didn't seem to have trouble at all , they suddenly broke apart when Charlie went upstairs . Bella fell asleep in Edward's arms .

I squealed thatwas so romantic , I wish I was able to fall asleep in Jasper's arms . They were so cute and perfect together they were sweet .

I looked at my family , they were looking at me , confused for my squealing .

'Trust me Emmett , Edward has no problem at all with touching and kissing her yet .' I smiled widely . 'What do you mean ?' He asked .

'Let's just say they're having a lot of fun right now ' I smirked .

'ARE THEY HAVING SEX ' Emmett boomed , Rosalie rolled her eyes and slapped Emmett's head . 'What babe ?' He pouted .

'I don't know if they can have sex Emmett .' I rolled my eyes at him as he was still pouting .

'They were just making out Emmett and Charlie almost walked in on them .' He laughed .

'Wait , you said you don't know if they can have sex ? How is he going to survive . ' We all rolled our eyes at that one .

'Emmett love isn't all about sex .' Rosalie said , we were all surprised it was her who said it .

'But … ' He stuttered

'They'll be able to do it when she's a vampire Emmett , she's to breakable now and why are thinking about that already , they've been together since today Emmett .' Rosalie was being pretty unpredictable lately , at some points .

I'm wondering what will happen at school tomorrow when everyone will found out they are dating , I want to see Jessica and Lauren's faces


We all changed our schedules , Edward would have almost every class with Bella and those he didn't have with her , I have . It's going to be so much fun .

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