Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


3. Death


Ma'am ? Would you please follow us ' , one of the cops asked, I wasn't really in reality anymore , I was living somewhere in between .

'Where are we going ?' I scratched my throat , it was dry , I haven't talked for a while . My lips were probably white .

'We think we have a trace ' , I gasped ' some of Isabella's bullies are coming together in school today .' He explained .

'How do you know this ?' ,'We've been listening to their conversations for the last 8 days ma'am ' .

Hah they actually believed me when I said the bullying was worse then they told them . Some strong hands put me in a car .

'why aren't the sirens on ?' I asked , being actually curious .

'They'll hear us coming if we do that ma'am ' , I was getting tired of the whole "ma'am" part .

When we got out the car they motioned me to be very quiet , I saw an ambulance team, which made my heart turn around in my chest .

There were more than 25 cops and 13 paramedics . I swallowed quickly and it was the loudest sound in the entire building and it scared me .

We suddenly heard the kids walking and screaming at each other . We didn't hear everything , I could hear a boy finishing his sentence .

'…. She could be dead !' He yelled at the rest .

I yelped , one of the cops shushed me , but all I could see was red , they had my daughter , they hurt her .

I didn't realize I was walking forward until I felt warm hands pulling me back , looking whit wide eyes at me while shaking his head no .

We looked back at the scene , the boy had the girl pushed against the wall , he looked furious .

'get your filthy hands of me ! ' she screamed , while the boy quickly dropped her .

We could all see them getting nervous , their breathing changed . It must mean we're close to my baby .

They all stopped in front of a janitor's closet , staring at the door but not opening it .I could see Bella's bag lying beside it .

I gasped , everyone looked at me , worried .' that's Bella's bag' I whimpered .

'Let's go !' one them screamed .

At his sign everyone started to run towards the kids standing in front of the closet , including me .


'Let's go !' someone screamed behind us and suddenly we were surrounded by cops and paramedics .I could see Isabella's mom standing in the crowd , her eyes filled with hatred and madness .

They pushed us to the ground and cuffed our hands on our back .

'NO ! I don't want to go to jail ! wait until my father hears about this , he'll sue you all !' two cops held her up and carried her outside .

I was yanked up but I didn't say a thing , I kept my head down and followed the cops .

Behind me I heard a blood curling scream and I knew that we were to late .


When they opened the closet I felt to knees and screamed . there she lay , my baby girl .

I couldn't even see if she was still alive , she was wearing her tank top and her shorts . Her eyes were closed and the look on her face was too peaceful .

Her hair was sprawled against the wall , her face bony and pale white . My baby girl was always white , but this wasn't normal , she was dead white , vampire white .

I could see her shoulders bone sticking out of her shoulders , her collar bone was completely visible , from the end of her shoulder to the middle of her chest .

Her hands were thinner than a children's hand , her fingers looked so breakable . Her wrist looked like it could be broken by one single touch .

Her breasts were completely gone , the tank top she was wearing , was to small when she bought it , but she desperately wanted it and bought it to small . Her top was know a few sizes to big .

Her legs were so thin , her knees were larger then her upper leg .

I didn't notice I pulled her on my lap and started sobbing in her hair until the paramedics pulled her out of my arms and started checking her .

They were flashing a light in her eyes and checking her heart beat when suddenly someone screamed.

' There's no heartbeat !'

I think I went into shock in that moment , I couldn't hear anything , Everything was blurry . I fell against the wall and watched while they started CPR .

Her chest being forced to move while air was forced down her throat .

When they ripped her shirt apart and started to give her shock , I couldn't keep quiet anymore .

'Bella ! Don't leave me !' A couple of men were holding me back while I was struggling when someone said .

'heart beat's back .'

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