Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


4. Coma

Thanks to Alice and Vanessa for helping me find the names .


'mom !' I heard Emmett scream . Weird, because no one ever screams in the house , we can hear each other by whispering .

I was downstairs in less than half a second .

My entire family sat around our television , they had paused the news . I gave Carlisle a small nod and he pressed play .

'17 year old Isabella Marie Swan , who went missing 11 days ago , has finally been found . The police tracked her bullies phones and followed them into their school building . They found Isabella in a janitors closet in an abanded part of the school . She was dehydrated , anorexic and at the point of dying . The doctors said it was a miracle the young girl survived .'

Carlisle pressed paused and we were all speechless .

'it really is a miracle ' Carlisle murmured , ' you're supposed to die after three days without water and a seven days without food , it really is a miracle .'

We all looked at him while he pressed play again .

'Five teenagers have been arrested , Rebecca fowley , Vanessa Smith , Matt Benett , Marie-An Duipont and Daniel Duipont . All of them just turned 18 a few weeks ago . They all got 26years for attempted murder and holding back information . This was Ellen Driesen live for .. ' Carlisle turned the television of .

'serves them right ' I heard Emmett mumbled .

I was shocked by Emmett behavior these last 11 days . He was usually so playful and happy but when since he heard the story about Isabella he became quiet and showed so many emotions .

'I mean who could do something like that .' He got up at vampire speed ,' She's just a human girl , she didn't do anything wrong , she doesn't deserve anything like that . How sick are those kids to do that to someone who is innocent !'

He was furious , I could see Jasper was trying to relax him .

' STOP TRYING TO CALM ME DOWN DUDE !' Emmett yelled , Alice flinched back .

'Emmet Mccarty Cullen ! don't scream to your brother he's just trying to help you .' he looked bewildered , I could still see the hatred towards those kids in his eyes .

He looked between me and Rosalie and suddenly he was gone and we heard the door of room shut close with a loud bang .

'He's really sensitive towards these things ' Rosalie whispered , ' he's ashamed of it so he keeps it hidden most of time .'

She was looking down, her feet were nervously moving against each other .

'go comfort him Rose , he isn't feeling well ' Jasper murmured .

With that said she disappeared out of the room and we heard the door open and close ones again .


It's been 3 weeks now , my baby girl has been in a coma for three weeks .

She was still too skinny , they could only feed her with a feeding tube since she's still unconscious .I bathed her every two days .

Her ribs and shoulders bone was still very visible , she gained a few pounds but definitely not enough yet .

The doctors said that if she woke up it's going to take awhile for her to able to eat a normal meal . She won't be able to eat much because her stomach is really small right now . She'll be able to eat a few spoons of soup or a few bites of a sandwich . We'll have to build it up every day .

I decided I was going to send her to Charlie earlier then we arranged it . She was going to move to Charlie in march , so Phil and I could travel around for his baseball but she'll be going whenever she is able to leave .

I won't let her stay here , I couldn't do that to her . Every day she would be at this school she would be reminded of what happened to her , not only 11 days ago but her entire school life .

She always told me that it was bearable , that it wasn't that bad . Every time she came home with bruises or cuts she said that she bruises easily , that is was an accident or that she fell down again .

I don't know why I believed her . Looking back at it now , I realize that I've been so blind . I couldn't even see that my own daughter was depressed and being tortured .

So I was sending her to Charlie , I know she hates Forks . Believe me she doesn't cover how much she hates the cold and the wetness but it's time for her now to go .

I want my daughter to be save and happy , she might even make some new friends .

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