Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


5. bullies

Thank you guys for reviewing you really made my day !.

Thank you guys for reviewing J you really made my day !

BELLAPOV (finally ! )





I sucked in a deep breath and moved my eyes under my eyelids . I was snuggled up in a thick fluffy blanket which reached my nose .

It was so warm and comfortable . Something felt wrong about the way I laid , it was like the bed wasn't fitting my body form , weird.

I reached my hand so I could scratch my shoulder and then I gelt how bony it was . Confused I opened my eyes .

I knew what kind of room this was , I've been in these types of rooms more than enough whenever something happened .

I wanted to scratch my other shoulder with my other hand but something was tugging on my hand when I tried to . There was a needle in my hand , why was there a needle in my hand ?

I looked around the room and I saw my mom just a few inches away from me , she was sleeping with her head resting on her crossed arm on the mattress of my bed .

I could see life machines next to me and an IV . The last one made me shiver more than the first one , I really dislike needles .

My eyes darted across the room , there was a television , cards and posters on the wall , a lot of flowers on the table , nightstand and in front of the window .

Why would there be so many flowers for me , nobody liked me .

I froze when I saw the calendar , it was January 29th . It was only December 21st when school ended .Which meant that I would've been here for 32 days !

Confused I looked around the room and I froze again when I saw my bag on a chair . Suddenly everything came back flooding in my mind , everything at once .

How I was quickly walking trying to avoid everyone .

How I was pushed in a janitors closet and how I remembered crying because I was scared and felt so lonely , hungry and thirsty . How I could feel the pain and how I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker every single day .

How everything went black .

I heard my mom take a deep breath and I looked at her , she was waking up . When she met my eyes , I smiled and she screamed , it was blood curling scream .


'Bella! , Bella ! ' I was running after my baby girl but I couldn't get to her , she kept on screaming , asking me to help her , asking me why I wasn't there for her .

When I suddenly shoot up , my head was resting in my arms , I fell asleep in the hospital again .

I opened my eyes and I could see the light peeping under my arms . Crap I slept here the entire night Phil must be worried .

I raised my head and my heart stopped when my eyes met two curious chocolate brown eyes . Before I knew I let out a scream , and suddenly the room was filled with doctors and nurses .

'mom , you okay? ' she croaked , her eyes were filled with worry . That's my daughter , always worried about other never for herself .

I always joked with her that she was born as a 30 year old and got other by the age .

Dr. Reed pushed me aside and went directly towards Bella . checking her vitals and her heart beat .

'Welcome back miss Swan ,' he smirked ,' you had us worried when we found you '.

She blushed , 'I'm sorry ' she murmured . I could see her eyes getting glassy, that was the cue for the doctors and nurses to leave .

'shhhhh , baby girl , don't cry ' I shushed her ,' everything will be alright .

We talked for a couple of hours . I demanded her to tell me everything what happened between her and those bullies , and I was shocked it went from calling her bad names to pushing and punching her , trapping her in the face and in her stomach , making her trip , break stuff , laughing at her .

Spreading hatred and lies , even pushing her head in the toilet . At the end we were both crying and calming each other.

Then of course she wanted to know what happened all these days she was missing . So I told her everything , how worried we were and how her bullies lied .

How we found her and how happy we were when we did , how I stayed with her every single minute she was allowed .

She agreed happily to move to Forks in a week or two .

I explained how she was doing physically , about the anorexia she got how fragile she was because of that . She wanted to look at herself so I helped her up towards the bathroom were stood a full length mirror .

She took of her hospital gown and looked at herself .


I looked hideous , even more ugly then before and I didn't even thought that that was possible . I had no figure , no cleavage . My breast were gone just like my hips . I didn't have much of them before , but I had some .

I could count my ribs , I could see all my bones . I hated it .

Mum pulled my against her chest and I started sobbing , she took the hospital gown and pulled it back on while she carried me back to bed .

I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep .

When I woke up I didn't feel the need to open my eyes , so I didn't move and just listened to my environment .

'she'll be able to leave tomorrow night , someone will have to keep an eye on her . Make sure she eats enough and takes her medicine . Like I said before she won't be able to eat a lot , let her progress it , she's the only one who knows how much she'll can eat .' one of the nurses whispered .

'she'll be living with her dad , we've been packing all day . she'll leave as soon as possible , I don't want her to have to be here longer than necessary . It has too many memories .' mom whispered back .

'I'll write everything on a piece of paper for her dad than . ' the nurse answered back .

When they walked out I felt myself dazing off again .

I have a feeling there are more spelling mistakes in this one , sorry . Like I said , this girl isn't English

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