Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


10. Alice

Hi guys ! I wanted to tell you again that English is NOT my native language , it's even not supposed to be my second one , English is my third language . But I am better at it than my second language . I know my spelling and grammar isn't always right , but this is the best I can do .

Thank you for those who told me ( it means you like it and wanted me to know it ;p ) , I really appreciate it .

So from now on I'll put it up in the beginning of every new chapter .


Previously - With that out I quickly ran after Bella .

When I got out of the cafeteria I couldn't see her anymore . So I followed her scent instead .

Her scent lead me to the toilets , I could hear her cry .

It saddened me that humans could be so cruel to each other . Especially towards Bella , everyone knew what happened to her back in Phoenix , they knew what kind of damage she had , they knew that that was probably going to be one of her weaker points . They knew she still had a lot of work to do .

I just couldn't grasp it that they couldn't understand that , you don't have to like her , I don't care if they hate her but can't they at least show her some respect or leave her alone . Hell , I would be happy if they ignored her , she wouldn't be hurting from that after all .

When I entered the toilets I could hear her sobbing , all the doors were open except for one which was closed . It was the closed one were her cries and sobs came from .

It hurt me , my dead heart was aching for this girl , she would become my best friend , I saw it and she's hurting . So it's hurting me too .

She didn't hear me enter so I gentle knocked on her door . I could hear her heart make a little jump , I probably scared her .

'this one's taken ' she murmured .

She tried to not let me hear the tears in her voice , but of course I did .

'Bella ?' I asked , of course I knew it was her but she didn't know it was me . ' It's Alice Cullen .'

'what do you want from me ' , she was shaking .

'I want to help you ' I replied her calmly , ' and I'm not saying that to trap you into something , I promise it on my heart .' Not that my heart had so much value but still .

I could hear her get up , pick up her bag and slowly open the door . The door only opened for a few inches , I could see one red , teary , chocolate brown eye .

She had gorgeous eyes , I already saw that in my vision . She's just perfect for Edward .

'I'm not going to hurt you ' I said softly as I got closer to her . She inched back for a few seconds but slowly came out of there .

She quickly dried off her cheeks and her eyes with her sleeve and looked at me .

Her hair and shirt was covered with vegetable and soaking wet , her face was pale . I never thought I would find a human who was as pale as us , vampires .

She had dark shadows under her eyes and her face looked bony . She had beautiful long , dark brown curly hair , with some streaks of red . Of course she was too skinny but I knew that would change in a few weeks .

'I look bad , don't I ' she whispered . She was sad , she really thought she was ugly , which of course isn't true . I already saw a vision of her as a vampire , the minute her mother decided that she was moving to Forks .

Thank God Edward wasn't near me that day .

'that's not true , you just look a little tired ' I said while softly putting my hand on her shoulder , I could feel her bone under It which kind of scared me .

'As for the salad and the water , well we just need to fix that don't we ?' I asked her .

I was getting really excited , finally somebody who I play dress up with again .

'Don't bother about Jessica and her little cult ,they're trash . Only living to hurt those who aren't as confident as them .' I said to her and she nodded slightly .

'Everyone laughed at me ' she whispered , ' they're just immature ' I answered her .

She froze for a moment ,' I have to go get Angela ' she murmured as she tried to get away .

' No you don't ' I told her , ' Angela is with my family .'

She froze 'but you don't talk to anybody else but your family ' she said , slightly confused .

I snorted , 'we just don't like those people , but we do like you and Angela ' I explained .

'Would you like to come with me , I can take you to my place and give you some new clothes and lunch . ' I tried to say as light and convincing as possible .

'Euhm , are you sure your parents are okay with that ?' she looked at me with wide eyes .

I smiled widely and took her hand .


She took my hand and quickly pulled me behind her as we quickly walked towards Ms. Cope's office . She looked worried when we walked in and understanding when she saw me .

'Ms. Cope ?' Alice started ,' some kids in the cafeteria did this to Bella . Now I hope you can see that she's not capable of following her classed today . I wanted to take her to my house to freshen her up and give her some lunch . ' she finished with an innocent smile and blinked a bit too much . I tried really hard not to laugh .

Ms. Cope looked at me and shook her head , ' who did this to this poor child ' she asked Alice .

'Jessica Stanley , Lauren Mallory , Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley ma'am .' she answered quickly and then snorted , ' I'm pretty sure if you ask them to give you their phones , you'll find the videos of what they did to her on them .' she added .

'Thank you Alice , I'll give you both a note , you'll be excused for today . ' Ms. Cope said while quickly walking towards me .

' Don't worry child , they will be punished for this . I'm sorry your first day wasn't that much fun . ' she said and walked back towards her desk while murmuring 'kids these days , no manners .' Alice giggled and grabbed my hand .

She walked ahead of me and stopped in front of a black Mercedes . And signed for me to get in . When we drove off she turned up the heater and putted on some music .

'Thank you ' I whispered to her .

'you're welcome ' she said excitedly . I don't know why but she was practically bouncing in her seat . When she saw me she said ' I'm so excited , I'm going to dress you up and give you a makeover .' she squealed . I never had a makeover , it couldn't be that bad .

We passed over the bridge at the Calawah River , the road winding northward , the houses flashing past us growing farther apart , getting bigger . And then we were past the other houses altogether , driving through misty forest .

'we live apart , we like our privacy ' she added .

'what about me car ! ' I started to freak out .

'No worries , Emmett will bring it back to your house after I dropped you off ' she smiled . She was still bouncing . How could such a small person have so much energy ?

After a few miles , there was some thinning of the woods , and we were suddenly in a small clearing . The trees held their protecting shadow right up to the walls of the house that rose among them , making obsolete the deep porch that wrapped around the first story .

The house was timeless , graceful , and probably hundred years old . I was painted a soft , faded white , three stories tall , rectangular and well proportioned . The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration . Their garage alone was almost as big as my house .

'wow ' I said , I couldn't find other words to describe it .

Alice giggled , ' you like it ?'

'yes , it's so beautiful , it has a certain charm .' I said still awed by what was standing in front of me .

'come on !' Alice shrieked .

She was already out the car and jumping up and down , I giggled and got out .

She opened the door and let me in . The inside was even more surprising , less predictable , than the outside . It was very bright , very open ,and very large . This must have originally been several rooms , but the walls had been removed from most of the first floor to create one wide space . The back , south-facing wall had been entirely replaced with glass , and , beyond the shad of the cedars , the lawn stretched bare to the wide river . A massive curving staircase dominated the west side of the room . The walls , the high-beamed ceiling , the wooden floors , and the thick carpets were all varying shades of white .

Suddenly Alice's mom and dad walked in . I froze , I was not expecting them to be just as beautiful as their adoptive children .

Doctor Cullen was tall and had blond hair , he had golden eyes just as his wife . What a weird color , I thought to myself . The woman had the same pale , beautiful features as the rest of them . Something about her heart-shaped face , her billows of soft , caramel-colored hair , reminded me of the ingénues of the silent-movie era . She was small , slender , yet less angular ,more rounded than the others.

They were both dressed casually , in light colors that matched the inside of the house . They smiled but also looked worried and confused at both Alice and me .

'Bella , this is my mother and father , Esme and Carlisle .' I shook their hands , they were hard and cold .' Mother ,Father this is Isabella Swan , but she wants to be called Bella .'

When she spoke my full name I saw recognition in their eyes . I sighed , did everyone in this little town knew me .

I blushed when they looked at me more intensely .

Esme walked forward and slightly brushed my cheek with her cold hand . ' Poor child what happened to you ?'

Alice again explained what happened before and I blushed when she mentioned that I had a rough time before this .

' Would you like something to eat sweetheart ?' Esme asked kindly .

'You don't have to do that for me .' I murmured .

'nonsense child , it would be my pleasure ' she replied while smiling .

'just something light please , I still can't eat much ' I said while looking down at my toes and blushing.

'of course ' she replied while walking to kitchen . Carlisle quickly followed her and I could sense they were going to talk about me .

'Come on Bella , I'll give a new shirt , just to eat of course .' she rapidly said while pulling me after her upstairs .

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