One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


9. Chapter 9

I wrap her in my arms, shocked. She sobs -loudly- as I try to wrap my head around this. Okay I know not that hard, Brads...Kidnapped- No she said missing.."Have you talked to the police?" She nods her head then looks at me. "They -s-said it m-might be kidnapping." She starts to cry harder. I can't ask her any more questions. I just lead her to her room. Lie her down and hug her as she falls asleep. I unwrap myself from her and call Trent. "Hey, My... I guess you heard eh?" he greeted  "Yea I heard. When did this happen?" I ask. "Last night some time, I guess he went out for some snacks and never came back." I shudder. Poor Winter. "Why didn't you come home with Winter?" I say a little shocked, Trent is like her big brother. "I was going to but then she told me not to. I don't know why, I just figured she needed time to herself." Or to chew me out. "Shit." I say "Yeah we're knee deep in it. Any ways I got to go, Bye" He says as I hear girl giggling in the background. Gross Trent, gross. I toss the phone to the couch and start to clean. The kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom, the living room.Then there was a knock at the door. I leap to the door open it and find Cam. Shocked I close the door, let my hair out of it's gross bun, strip to my cami, much better. I open the door again, Cam's still there with a confused look on his face. "Hi, umm sorry about  that." I blush and look away. He chuckles then says "So-kay, So.. I was wondering.." He runs a hand through his hair. "Could we- Do you want to watch a movie with me?" He blurts I just smile. He's so cute, like he doesn't know how to act all cocky around girls when dating, Maybe he doesn't. My subconscious shut the hell up. "Sure." I smile take his hand and lead him to my room. "What do you want to watch?" Then I notice the rented DVD in his hands. He hold it up and I read Jason Bourne. "Epic." I smile. But seriously, who rented movies any more... I take the movie from him pop it into my laptop and plug my laptop to my T.V. "All set." I smile then plop onto the bed. He jumps on making me bounce. I giggle and see him smile in return. The opening credits come on, I curl up to his side and watch.

I move my arms trying to find Cam. But the beds empty. I open my eyes and the light burns my eyes. No Cam is not in this room. I quickly look at the clock and see it's 7:30, I'm going to be late! I brush my hair and throw on jeans and a sweater grab my shit and burst out the door and to Winters car. Jump in and speed through everything, needing to get to class on time. Make it to class boring as ever. Where's cam?

Finally when lunch hits I find Cam. He's sitting alone at the back of the caf, as I slowly walked up to him his gaze quickly lifts from his tray and holds mine. "Hey" I greet him as I sit down at the table. He just nods. Odd, shut up subconscious. "Is something wrong?" I ask. He shakes his head, why won't he talk to me? I don't want to sound needy so I just sit in silence with him. It gets more awkward the longer I sit....Maybe I should go. "I got to get back, homework and all...I guess I'll talk to you later..." Jackass didn't even acknowledge that I'm leaving...Then I notice his posture is tense, he is staring at nothing and I realize he's having a blackout. "Cam." I say gently walking up to him slowly. I don't want to scare him and end up like his girlfriend....ex-girlfriend. "Cameron." I say again, He's not coming out of it as fast as he usually does.. Gently I touch his shoulder. "Fuck!" He yells as he jumps and spins me. When the world stopped spinning I realized my hands were behind my back. "Cam, Let me go." I say firmly. I feel him come up behind me and cover my back with his front. "Never." He whispers in my ear. I shake and his grip gets more firm. "Cam, Let go of my hands." I say trying to hide the fear. I feel his body relax. Then he's gone and out the door before I can even say quidditch.

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