One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


8. Chapter 8

I wake with a shock, Cam is not on the couch with me. I look around and hear him in the bathroom. I grab a glass of water and trudge to the bedroom. Trying to forget the dream, the little boy looked like Cam. But... Why would I ever dream about him, and something that gruesome. It doesn't make sense. I take another sip of the water. Staring at the ceiling Cam walks warily into the room wearing boxers. "Hey." He scratches his head and then lies down next to me. "Hey.." I trail. It's around 1 am according the clock. The situation gets more awkward as we both don't know what to say. I look over to find him staring at me. Confused it seems. "What's up?" I whisper running my finger on his lip. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He looks as if he might tell me what's on his mind, "Nothin' " He says and then turns around and curls into a ball his back facing me. I roll my eyes. Trying to find reason in his actions. He couldn't tell me his life story yet, we barely even know each other...But you feel like you've known him for a lifetime My subconscious chimes in. The bitch. I turn so my back facing his then close my eyes, praying I'll fall asleep. 

But I don't.



You have to tell her you douche... But what if she runs? What if you hurt her? ?What's better her being hurt by you and not knowing why? She'll leave for sure. No... Not yet, this may not even be a permanent thing. You need to get your shit together man. But.. What if, What if. GAHH NO! No more what if's you have to tell her. Tomorrow. Yes tomorrow I'll tell her. How will I start? Oh fuck. I hate relationships, it's so much easier with a fuck-an-chuck. Some stupid blonde bimbo that thinks you guys will be serious but it never happens because you never call her back. It would be bad if you called them back. It would be bad if I called them back. I'm just hoping it won't be bad with Mya....



I get up around sunrise and start to cook breakfast. I'll leave today, tomorrow I have class. Cam comes from the room about an hour after me. Plopping himself on the stool. "Hey." He smiles at me. "Hi." I say a little sourly, still annoyed at him for last night. "Something wrong?" He says looking up at me as I place bacon and eggs on his plate. I shake my head. "No of course not..." I lie. Why are you so angry at him anyway? Go away subconscious. I grip the counter, fighting the sudden rage in me. Why am I so angry? "Yeah, you're pissed about something, tell me." He encouraged. "Nothing is wrong Cam. Mind your shit." I said really rudely. He looked shocked when I looked back at him, his eyes wide and mouth in a a weird line. "Fine, I'll mind my shit." He said in a mocking tone. "Don't Mock me, Cam." I said defensively . "I wasn't mocking you, M. Your just pissing me off. That's all." He says defensively back at me. "Cam, seriously." I just look at him, he gets up strolls up to me. "Seriously what, M?" He is about an inch from my face now. I push at his shoulders. "Go, I'm not doing this with you. I'm angry." He runs a hand through his hair as he takes a step back. "Your angry at me? What the fuck did I do?" He asks, frustrated. "I don't fucking know, because you didn't tell me last night!" I raise my voice. Is this really why I'm pissed? "Well, maybe if your patient and didn't get so pissy about me not knowing HOW to tell you, then maybe I would have told you this MORNING!" He yells at me. I feel my eyes water. No, why are you going to cry. He just stares at me. Then a tear slips, and his face melts. All anger forgotten as he rushed to hug me. "No M... Don't cry." He whispers. Why the fuck am I crying! Man my emotions are pissing me off today. "It's N-Not y-you Cam... I'm just ho-hormonal is all..." I hiccup as I try to catch my breath. He stroke my face and kisses my eyes. "I was... He starts and takes a shuttering breath. "Can we..Talk?" He almost whispers. I just nod my head as he leads me to the bedroom. He sits me down and sits beside me. "As I told you yesterday, My mom was murdered..." He trails. He takes another deep breath then says, "I watched my dad kill her, and it was traumatizing, I went through years of therapy and every now and then I tense, and black out. Remembering what she did to me, and watching my dad, kill her.. and, I end up hurting people...A lot." He looks lost in his thoughts. He watched his mom get murdered...Wow, and it was his dad.... "I have.. Trouble with intimate contact, and relationships." He shudders. I wonder what else has happened. "I just wanted to give you a heads up about...what it might be like if we started dating." He finally looks at me scared. I'm speechless..."What kind of things do you do when you black out?" I ask quietly, scared to speak. How many times have I seen him tense? 3? 4? Did he ever black out with me? He looks away again. "I was in a relationship once, and...I beat her, she... I..." He stops and takes a couple breaths before he continues. "She scared me behind the shower curtain.. I tensed immediately and when I opened my eyes she was....On the floor in the kitchen, bloody, scraped and bloody. I never thought to tell her about me... It never occurred to me that I hurt people when I tensed and blacked out...I haven't had a real relationship since..." He whispered as a tear rolled down his face. Oh Cam..."Did she press charges?" I said shaking, what should I do? I like him, but will I get hurt too? Or will I be able to help him? HE shook his head. "Why didn't you hurt me when you tensed the couple times you tensed with me?" "I don't know, I heard your voice. I just followed it out of the pit called my nightmares." He whispered. I inched closer to him and locked my gaze with his. "I want to be with you. We will try this out. I'm not going anywhere. I promise." He nods his head and i kiss him gently, then with a little more fire. Everything would be okay.


I walk through the doors to my apartment to find it empty. I grab a quick shower and munch on some chips as I finish some homework. *BING*  I look at my phone to see it's from Winter. I shake my head as I look at it. "Heyy where R U @?"  I quickly text her I'm at home. A couple minutes later I hear her storm through the house to my door and then BAM! She's in my room looking at me with her chilling grey gaze. "Hey Winter." I say calmly. "WHAT THE HELL MY.. WHAT THE HELL!" The screams at me. "Relax Jesus. What the fuck is going on?" She shakes her head and I see the tears. "Brad's Missing"

Oh shit.

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