One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


3. Chapter 3

Is he going to text me? When? Why didn't he text me right away? Did I give him the wrong number? What if I did!?! Oh no.... What if- *BING* My reverie's interrupted by my cell phone receiving a text... I warily but quickly grab it and see  that it's from an unknown number, I giggle and open it. "Heyy it's me... Cameron. Just wanted to know if we could meet sumtime, like meet for coffee?" It is from him.. okay deep breath My, no need to sound desperate and text him real fast... wait, why am I even excited... jeez. I delete the text and try to get it out of my mind. *BING*  "It's okay if you dont want to..." Shit why did i look.... Before i can stop myself i respond with "Heyy, ya sure, coffee sounds great! How bout today?" Send. What the hell am I doing. I stick my head in my hands, I'm an idiot. *BING* Woah that was fast... "Ya, that sounds awesome how bout 4? or, anytime that works for you..." I giggle, why's he so nervous? "Ya that sounds awesome, can you pick me up? :/" I wait a couple of minutes glancing anxiously at my phone. *BANG BANG* Someone's knocking at the door? okay.... I get up and open it only to see the blue eyes and wind-blown dark hair around Cameron's face. He smiles and i practically melt, "Hi," I say no more than a whisper. "Hey, umm sorry I didn't text you back.." He's anxious. "It's okay, come on in. let me grab my coat then we can go." I smile at him, a little woozy. I trot to my room, change into my blue jeans a white cami and a pink sweater grab my coat then trot to Winter's room. "Winter I'm going out okay?" I hear ruffling and hope I'm not disturbing her...and Brad. The thought mortifies me. "Ya okay bye!" I hear her scream. I chuckle and run away towards Cam, "Okay let's go" I smile.

"Where's your car?" I whisper staring at the death trap he called a motorcycle. "This is my vehicle of transportation." He has the nerve to grin at me. I give him the evil eye, "I'm going to die if I go on that." I say gesturing towards the bike. He hops on holding out a hand for me. "No way." I shake my head but before I can take a step back he leans, grabs my hand and pulls me towards the bike. I shake my head and go to hope on behind him "If I die, its your fault." I settle behind him wondering where to put my hands, he grabs them and puts them around his waist. I blush. "Hold on tight." He says as he lets go of the clutch and we take off like a bat out of hell towards the road, he squeals around the corner and onto the road running the almost red light. I clutch him hoping I won't die on this machine. I can feel him chuckle. The asshole. I would slap him but he might swerve and then i'd be dead. My hair is behind me blowing with the wind and i can see his shaggy hair blowing too. A little burst of laughter escapes me as we take off towards... where? Where are we even going? I push the thought aside and just enjoy the ride, it's not as bad as i thought. A little exhilarating even. Next thing I know where pulling into a Timmies. Got to love Tim Hortons, I hop of quickly and he does the same. He smirks at me then says "See, That wasn't that bad." I silently shake my head as he leads me into Timmies. "What do you want?" "You don't have to pay for me."  He gives me a look like I was out of my mind. Then moves his hand as if to tell me to tell me what i wanted. I looked at the ground and said, "French Vanilla please." I smile shyly, it's been a while since someone let alone a guy, bought me anything. He grabs our drinks and we sit at the nearest table. "Thank you." I smile at him, he nods as if him buying me a french vanilla was common courtesy. "So, M. What do you want to be when you grow up?" I look at him dumbfounded. "I want to be in a manger position, like managing hotels and such. How about you?" He smirks then says "I want to be in construction, building hotels and such, like owning a business for construction..." He trails off. "How old are you, M?" "22, you?" "25" He smirks and my mouth goes dry, there's something behind that smile, something hidden. "Any siblings?" I ask sipping my french vanilla, effectively distracting myself from his smile. "Yea, 3 older brothers you?" I nod "2 older sisters. I barely see them though. We're like 10 years apart." I smile but it doesn't reach my eyes. He looks at me with sorrow. "I was an oopsy baby." I giggle trying to light this weird mood we hit. He smiles, but it's a pushed smile. "Yea me too..." He trails again, we sit in comfortable silence for while. "So," I ask trying to think of a subject to talk about. "So." He grins at me. "Your death trap wasn't that bad." I smirk. He flashes the oh so brilliant smile again. I melt. "Yea, she's a smooth ride compared to some of the bikes I've had." He says reaching in his memories. "What was your first bike?" "Oh, she was a beauty, dirt bike. But bike none-the-less. She was soo shiny and red until the day i was doing ramps and flipped her into the lake." He chuckles. "You should have seen dad's face, he was serious and he looked like a fish. Then a smile broke through and we all laughed." I grin at his memories. "It sounds fun. Dangerous, but fun." He laughs at the face I make. I push his shoulder but he leans and I hardly push him at all, but i instantly feel his hands gripping my shoulders. Hard. "Cameron, let go of me." His eyes are darker, more stormy now as i struggle to get him to let me go. He's staring at me, but I can tell he isn't here. I stop moving and take a deep breath. "Cameron, you're hurting me. Please let go." i say calmly as i can, he blinks flexes his fingers and he looks ashamed that he just grabbed me. He quickly lets go and jumps back, he looks at his hands as if they were demonic. "Cameron, are you okay?" i ask gently. He just stares then says solemnly "Are you okay?" he glances at me. I just nod. He gets up and walks toward the entrance. "Come, I'll give you a ride home." I get up and walk slowly, the next thing i know i'm on the bike then home. He's gone....Where'd he go?

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