One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


10. Chapter 10

"What am i going to do?" I groaned into my pillow. Why does he do this? He tenses and then leaves then  never calls me. Grabbing my hair in frustration I withhold a scream. There wasn't even anyone I could talk to about it, Winter was missing Brad, Trent would kick Cam's ass, and I can't spread Cams secret... I can't. Why was life so confusing? I need a shower... Grabbing my shit and walking there, I hear a knock on the door.  Cam must be here, rushing to the door I rip it open. "Hey My." It's Trent, My heart sank. "Hi Trent."  "Is something wrong? or..." He gives me a funny look. "No, just uh tired. Whats goin' on?" I said shaking my head. "Oh well I came over here with beer" I holds it up. "And a cheesy-ass movie. Wanna' hang?" I laugh, common Trent. "Sure Trent we can chill," letting him come inside I close the door and we plop on the couch after putting in the movie. I pop a cap off a beer and the movie starts. My life is so eventful. Sarcasm intended. Trent throws an arm around me and i curl up against him, needing the comfort. I would wait for Cam to contact me. I would just live without him, For Christ's Sakes I hardly even know him. Yet I feel so connected to him, I zone through most of the movie. Sipping my beer and laughing when required. "Trent, Can I ask you a serious question?" I feel him turn his head towards me. "Shoot" "Well, I- What do you think of Cam?" He tenses a little but tries to cover it up with a chuckle. "Do you want my honest opinion?" I nod my head "I think he's weird. I'm trying to like him though." He holds my eyes for a couple more seconds but looks away when Winter comes out of her room. Her eyes are puffy and red, and her blonde hair up in a messy bun. She glanced at us, then moped to the kitchen. "Winter? Want me to make you something?" She looked at me long enough to shake her head, she grabbed a fruit-cup and trudged back to her room. Trent looked at me quizzically. Shook his head, and popped another beer. "I know." Trent cocked his head at what I said. "Know what?" I said sarcastically. "That I'm not doing a very good job with Winter." Putting my hands to my face, I groan in frustration. Trent stands up, pats my head, he heads for the door, gives me one last look then leaves.

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