Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


18. Let's get ready

Harrys p.o.v


'Hey...' I spoke softly as I saw Fiona and Louise watching TV in the next lounge. I've had enough with the boys thinking that I'm low life and can't teat girls properly! Of course I bloody can!


'Hey Haz! Where's the rest?' Louise said with joy.


'In the other lounge. You can go and see them if you want!' 


'Sure!' She got up, winking at Fiona once more and left the room, not making eye contact with me.


'...wait! Before you go, have you ever played FIFA or the new racing game? On Xbox?' She stopped as she stood in the corridor, turning round on her heal.


'I practically am on the top leader board! Um...why?' 


'I guarantee it's what they'll be playing.'


'Well I'll just beat their ass! See ya!' She ran down the corridor and swung the door open. I gave a small chuckle before closing the lounge door.


'I've guessed that no one has seen the other lounge then?' I chuckled as I sat next to Fiona.


'I guess so...' 


'No one has shouted at us or anything so must be.'


'Oh' She looked concerned and scared. 'Im sorry if I-'


'No no it's fine! You haven't got us into trouble! It's just like any other day love! So...did you enjoy the show?'


'Loved it! But...I wouldn't want to do it again...maybe just stay in the crowd?'


'What why?' Didn't she like the attention she was getting from me? It's me isn't it...


'It's me isn't it...I'm sorry. I didn't know that you felt outside your comfort zone...'


'Harry it's not you haha!' She started to giggle as I looked annoyed and worthless.


'It is. Why didn't you just give me a death stare? Or not look at me? Not kiss me back? Or blame on me?'


'And why would I do that?'


'Because I'm pressuring you...' 


'Harry...listen.' She took both my hands in hers and looked down at them. 'I don't know who told you that or how you would even think that but...I really really like you. You're not pressuring me, you're not making me do things I won't do and you're certainly not to blame for the badboy.'


'And...I really really too Fi.' We both smiled at each other, making her blush.



'Um...I...I should see the others. See how Louise is.' She lost grip of my hands and swiftly left me alone in the room. I was still sat in the same place on the couch. The red soft material tickled my hands where Fiona held them. Why did I say all that? Why didn't I stop her? The boys were right...I'm hopeless...and I always will be.


Fiona's p.o.v


School. Again. On a Wednesday. Well...I suppose it's better than a Monday that's for sure. It was two days into the week and me and Louise had finally recovered from that night. You know, Saturday Night. Every class I go into, I get a text message from him. Every break and lunch time too. Okay, you might think it would be annoying but not when it's from him. That guy you've always had your eyes on. But...he never told me. Well...asked me so...I kissed him. Big deal?Probably...And almost made out with him until the body guard came in? Big deal? Okay...and he did kiss me and look out for me that a big deal? Is it? I thought it was until I thought about him again. Did he just do those things to make me feel comfortable? Because I was pressurising HIM, not he was pressurising ME? Was it just me? Did he even like me? Did Harry like me? I mean...okay he said he did and all that but...after all of it...he never asked me out. Louise of course knew we were...well...she thought she knew anyway. But...maybe I...I...I'm over reacting. Maybe he has a bad boy on him. Well, I didn't find out that he had loads of tattoos didn't I? Right. And...maybe his story of his relationships was made up, to fit perfectly with mine. Maybe he cheated on the girls as he was popular and rich and that. Not because they were gold diggers. Maybe that was the truth. Maybe. Anyway, right now I'm in English class. Boring! 


'Ok class that's the end of today's lesson! But don't think you haven't got homework! On showbie there will be a file for a upcoming assessment! Now you can pack away and I'll see you all tomorrow!'


Screw the bloody teacher. She didn't know how much stress was on me! Stupid exam. I wish I was just recording for Saturday Night! They don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to school! Well...and it's because they finished school but...oh who cares?! I shoved my pencil case and excersise book into my school bag before rushing out of class. No, I didn't catch the bus, yes I walked but I wanted to get home. I wanted to sort this 'relationship' out with Harry. It always bugged me but I never had the courage to skype him or text him or call him about it. Even Louise kept asking when are we next having a date and blah blah. I tell her we're not dating and she just laughs saying yeah right! It annoys me! I ran to my front door and entered in my pin before unlocking the door. I quickly slammed the door shut and threw my bag on to the floor, before jumping on to the couch and getting my phone out.

*Hey Haz! How was yr day? Fiona x* I texted him. I got a message instantly!


*Alright I guess! Bit boring about u? Harry x*


*Yeah same. Um can I ask you something? No wait...can I FaceTime u? It would be easier. Fiona x* I replied.


'Sorry can't now love but maybe in half an hour or so? And I also want to ask you something too SNAP! :P Harry x* 


Yeah, snap that we had a boring day. Snap we wanted to ask something. Snap that you're a liar. Snap that you're the bad boy, the traitor. The liar. The story teller.

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