Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


10. Found out



'Ready!' I giggled, tugging on the bed sheet.


'Now!' He shouted. We both tugged at the sheet. The covers flew off, leading with the pillows and more sheets. Harry got all the cupboards pulled out and chucked out all of their clothes.


'Harry! Haha!' 


'What? They are gonna do it to me some point you know!' 


I gave a small laugh until Harry shushed me. 'Shh, I think someone's coming! Shit!' He whispered and got my hand, leaning me to the door. He poked his head out and saw a security guard walking the other direction, but then, his head turned round.


'Quick!' He whispered again, putting his head inside the room.


'Do you think he saw us?' Harry turned off the lights, it was pitch black in the room, but I still whispered in response.


'Hope not.' He answered.


'Hey mate. Fiona.' The guard turned back on the lights. 'Why are you guys in Louis's room?' He chuckled. Wait...I think I know was Phil! The security guard I met before!


'Hey Phil, we were just heading-I mean going to show Fiona my room. I mean-'


'I know what you mean mate. I'll see you guys later.' He carried on walking down the corridor. Thank god!


'That was close Harry!'


'Nah, Phil's good. He knows me better than the rest.' I gave a nod and Harry lead me through the maze. 'Aaaand here we are!' I looked up on the door with the letters H.S. Standing for Harry Styles duh. He opened the door.


'Ladies first.' Gentlemen.


I blushed and walked in.


Harrys p.o.v


Got she was so gorgeous when she blushed. It was so bloody cute! I lead her in and shut the door behind me. But as I shut the door, my ear piece which was dangling from my t-shirts neck flashed. Testing or they wanted to tell me something. Fiona saw it flash and I looked at her.


'Can I take it? I mean I don't want to rude...'


'No no no! Take it! It's fine!' She said as she looked around my room. I smiled and nodded as I opened the door again and shut it tightly behind.


'Who is this?!'


'Woah mate calm down! It's me!'


'Oh hey Phil.'


' is it going? Does she like you?'


'Out of all of us, she likes me the bloody best! It's not bullshit mate! It's real!'


'Well hook up with her then!'


'Phil..I can't just do that...'


'Why not? You tried it with-'


'Those were all stupid mistakes! Worse mistakes of my life! Cheap sluts! different. She understands me, trusts me. Her life is like mine. She's made flipping mistakes aswell! And mate, those were like swords. She told me everything! She respects me! It's like...she knows me.'


'Harry, if you really think all what you have said, she's a keeper. Don't lose her mate. And go easy. Think before speaking. And, for a start...tell her how you feel! She has! Now it's your turn. Good luck! Oh and by the way, the next time the piece flashes, you and Fiona need to get to studio.'


'Ok thanks Phil. Bye.'


Phil always protected every single one of us. Especially me. He was like a brother...or a bit of a dad for me. I mean, I have a dad but I never see him anymore. Never have time. But I always see my mum. She doesn't work as often as dad. I wish I could just have my normal life back, even for one day. Just to see my family and parents. That would be the best.

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